Event Marketing Ideas: Sell Out Your Event in 5 Days! 😎

hello you beautiful people in this video

we are going to show you exactly how we

sold our atomic on 2019 tickets and

pretty much sold out within the first

five days it was absolutely mental we

only expected to sell about 40 tickets

in the first week it may be a hundred in

total for the whole event like in the

whole nine month period of promoting the

damn thing but you know what over 280

people bought a ticket in the first five

days mentally you guys are amazing thank

you so much so we wanted to share with

you exactly what we did so if you're

thinking about putting on some kind of

event that do keep on watching but

actually there's lots and lots of sales

tips in this video too that you can

apply to or anything you're trying to

sell hey we're under in Pete and welcome

back to our channel where we make

marketing unborrowed

recently we announced that we were

putting on a very first live event or

conference atomic on and we had the

craziest week other art labs is the

thing we were so nervous that nobody

would want to come that we completely

maxed out the promotion and boy did it

work by the time this video comes out we

don't think we're gonna have any tickets

left so if you do wanna come then make

sure that you get on the waiting list

for next year and if you are coming then

let us know in the comments how excited

you are

prize for the most excited Empress don't

tell them that our promotion actually

mean well we've broken it down into nine

things that we did that we think really

helped to get those ticket sales

moving let's do that

there one is that we launched it based

on demand this event wasn't a full stub

in the dark we actually surveyed our

atomic members recently and in the

question that went something like is

there anything else that Tommy can do

for you a whopping 25% of people said we

want an event 25% of people unprompted

asked for an event Wow now you might not

have a membership site to do this with

but the key is before you launch

anything make sure where there is that

demand make sure people actually do want

to find out who those people are because

those initial small subset of people

give us that initial traction to run

with it

- brandy baby oh yeah branding is so

important when it comes to selling

anything including an event depending on

how competitive the events face is in

your industry the brand can be the main

differentiator we wanted to make sure

that atomic horn stood out with the

design of it so people got a sense of

what the event was going to be like

because if you are in your warned you

have got literally nothing else to go on

you've got no photos you've got no

videos people are looking at the design

of your sales page and making that

judgment of what this event is all about

so we put a lot of time into not only

the colors the themes the logos the

design the pictures but also the

experience of buying after the sale more

on that later 3 is to sell your speakers

or if you don't have speakers sell

whatever people are coming to the event

for we have some well-known people

speaking in our industry but don't ever

assume that people know who your

speakers are and don't expect them to

just move tickets just because you have

a name so tell people why your speakers

are bloom and awesome and more

importantly why you've picked them for

your event the fourth thing we did was

to pre-launch we told people about the

event way before they could even buy a

ticket for it we were teasing them and

all you have to do is pre-register for

our pre-launch email list I'm gonna do

the exact

thing for next year too it's not just a

year one tactic because this is your

buzz period this is when you get people

excited you want as much excitement

built in my initial pre-launch period

that when you launch it's crazy you want

to come out of the gates with a bang not

a whimper whoa the first thing we did to

mean that crazy buzz explored was to

have amazing flash sale with a

discounted ticket price next year will

we do this crazy week-long flash sale

we're actually gonna take the full week

completely off because you're not gonna

get anything else done in that time

experimental in this flash sale it

should be all hands on deck we want you

to utilize every single marketing

channel you have Facebook Twitter

Linkedin Instagram resurrect Google+

blob meerkat Bebo MySpace that still

going everything you possibly can set

the price so that people are getting a

good deal and set a short no more than a

week window that they can get that price

in a sixth thing is to capitalize on

that buzz your ticket holders are the

main people that are gonna share this

far and wide all for you make it super

super easy for them to share we simply

created them excited for atomic on a

branded gift that they could just click

to tweet and share on social that's so

so easy for them and next year we're

gonna make it even easier for them and

even better and even better yeah and

this took the hype and excitement to a

whole another level when people started

to show it so you shared it thank you so

so much it was absolutely heartwarming

to see everyone talking about it and

raving about it and ah it was just a

breeze emotion that was also that was


thank you also don't forget about your

lovely speakers and number seven is to

actually make it as easy as possible for

your speakers to share here's the

question that you need to ask Lou we'd

love it if you could help us promote the

event in this time period your flash

sale so what can we do or what can we

create to make that as easy as possible

for you so yes create the standard

speaker graphics for them but basically

if they have an audience and they want

to promote it you gonna do anything and

everything that you can that they need


it's bespoke email campaign like wrote

for them whether it's Instagram designs

made for them whether it's been on their

Facebook live as a guest whatever they

want what everything needs to be their

father and bonus tip here if you've

nailed all the other previous points in

this video and the speakers are gonna be

way more likely to share the event

because it makes them look good if the

event looks good hello Utley number

eight is email promotion email marketing

shifts tickets it's as simple as that

and our sales Speight on the days when

we send out an email to promote atomic

up but here's the secret sauce because

you are doing a flash sale that almost

gives you permission to do it more

emails more email promotion than you

normally would without people getting

too annoyed because they know it's only

for that set week in the flash sale week

Monday to Friday we did three emails

when I'm one day one on Wednesday one a

Friday and we could have potentially

even done more now after the second

email on the Wednesday we got one or two

complaints from people that said were

emailing too much about it which almost

puts off sending that email on the

Friday but we didn't we thought about

her and we segmented the complaints out

and we sent the email again on the

Friday and actually on that Friday we

sold more tickets than we had on any

other day so sell with your email list

maybe a little bit more than you feel

comfortable with is the lesson that up

ninth is actually something to do prior

to selling those tickets and that's to

build up your audience and reputation

believers it is way easier to sell stuff

when you have built up a loyal audience

and a following with valuable and useful

content and if you want to know about

how we approach that how we build an

audience and especially if that bit

about pushing yourself on those sales

freaked you out a little bit if you want

to know how to sell and not in a douchey

way then you might want to check out our

free online workshop content marketing

decoded it is free webinar just for you

you can check it out in the description

and it'll teach you all those things

thank you so much to everyone who has

supported us and helped us put on this

event it's our mission to make it the

best digital marketing conference and

those attendees of Heather

beam - we canon lens so so much from all

the speakers but we're also gonna have a

lot of fun so we are super super slow

you see you that in March 2019 if there

are any tickets left or if you are

watching this sometime in the future

like we might be gearing up for atomic

on 2029 who knows who knows go and check

out atomic or don't code at UK to see

what is happening I hope he start that

demand in turn 829 really delicious

what were we thinking back in 2018 I've

been Andrew he's been on Jia what was

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think he's the same time next time in

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