imagine selling on your very own show in

your hometown at a venue you've probably

been to so many times before seeing your

own favorite bands it's an achievement

that is incredible and rewarding for any

musician in this video I will be giving

you five proven techniques for selling

out your next local show and being the

talk of your town trick number one is to

make a Facebook event a Facebook event

creates a hub for your gig where people

can start discussions interact with your

posts share the gig to their own friends

to their own timeline the very first

step to selling out your local show is

to get your friends and family to attend

these are the people that already love

and support you so they shouldn't be

very hard to convince Facebook makes it

simple to personally invite your own

friends list to the show within the

Facebook event include as much detail as

possible in the description like the

venue address or the time of the show

most importantly include a link where

people can buy tickets make it super

easy for them so they don't have to go

searching themselves a band from Leeds

called MRSA cans have completely nailed

the art of the Facebook event as you can

see in my example over here they've

included as much detail as possible in

the event which makes it so easy for

people to take action every few weeks

you should post an update or share a

video link to the event page anyone who

collect attending or interested will get

a notification which will be a subtle

reminder to them that the show is coming

up without sounding too promotional

trick number two is to invite the press

this is great for media exposure and

networking plan ahead 6 to 8 weeks in

advance and send emails to any local

music writers bloggers radio DJs pretty

much anyone who talks about music in

your town give them the royalty

treatment and put them on your guest

list for the show ask them if there are

any opportunities for an interview or a

guest law in the radio or a show preview

before the big day arrives not only are

you hyping up your show to new faces

you're also getting the support of well

known and trusted people in your

community which will give you a

credibility as well maintain good

relationships with these press people

even after the show

/ and thank them for their help in

promoting it you never know what

opportunities they can provide for you

in the future and it's always good to be

gracious in the music industry tip

number three is busking you can attract

new people to your show by playing a few

cues can't say acoustic you can attract

new people to your show by playing a few

acoustic tracks on your local streets

it's a really unique way to show people

what's to come one band that does this

incredibly well is a yorkshire band

called King no.1 but ahead of their UK

tour they took to the streets of some

cities they would be playing in and they

started busking and selling tickets on

the spot put up a sign with your show

details and share where you're at on

social media so your current fans can

come join in on the fun as well trick

number four is to make a video

everybody loves video a survey from

HubSpot showed that 90 percent of people

were more likely to make a purchase

after watching a video and that applies

to concert tickets as well

a cool promo video for your show just

might be the reason why someone makes

the decision to click the link and buy

that ticket videos are amazing because

they show off personality people are

visual they like sight and sound they

don't just like to read text off the

screen all the time your video should be

short and sweet you can go the simple

route and just film yourself talking

about the show or you can go all out

fancy and do a compilation of your past

live footage show people what they can

expect either way video is an incredibly

powerful tool to get your message across

and get people listening to you trick

number five is to spread flyers let's

not forget about our tried-and-true

old-school techniques and yes we're

talking paper bet you haven't heard that

word in a while a promoting a show in

person is just as important as promoting

your show online print off some

high-quality professional little flyer

cards that are informative and eye

catching and leave them at places where

on your typical fan would hang out we're

talking bars pubs restaurants art

centers record shops the list goes on

and on all you have to do is

sometimes you can leave some fliers

there for people to take and most people

will be happy to say yes if it fits in

with their vibe those are my five proven

techniques for selling out your next

local show be sure to send me a message

on Facebook if you use any of these

because I love to hear your success

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I have 101 tips in there for you to try

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watching I'll see you on Thursday