How To Sell Brand Name Products on Amazon (Legally)

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so how do you resell brand-name products

on Amazon legally hello YouTube I'm

Trent dear submitted back in September

of 2016 I started selling brand-name

products on Amazon and since then I have

sold 3.7 million dollars worth of

products in today's video I want to

share with you the correct process for

legally selling brand-name products on

Amazon today's video is a part of a free

series of videos that I'm producing on

how to grow an Amazon business like mine

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are a lot of different ways you can sell

products on Amazon the three most

popular methods are retail arbitrage

private label and wholesale now if

you're not familiar with the difference

between these three methods you will

find a link right down below to another

video I created that explains them in

more detail for now all you need to know

is this with private label you aren't

reselling brand-name products you're

just selling your own branded products

that you probably bought off of Alibaba

with retail arbitrage you will be