How to source and sell branded products online

hi I'm Sarah and in this video I'm gonna

explain to you why you can't you sell

her to buy extremely popular branded

items like Apple iPhones Louis Vuitton

handbags alrighty - and Mikey shows

however I'm gonna explain to you how in

spite of this fact you can still use

these extremely popular brands to make

you a lot of money with sale ho and

either your online store or your offline

store now when it comes to these

extremely popular brands like Apple

iPhones iPads Samsung phones though as

Vuitton handbags beats by dre headphones

fitbit's lots of people want to buy

these items to read from the

manufacturer at wholesale rates and then

to resell them and I understand this

because oftentimes the demand for these

sorts of items is extremely high and can

even outstrip the supply and so it makes

sense right if you had a way to be able

to buy these items - really from the

manufacturer surely you'd make a ton of

money unfortunately it doesn't quite

work that way lots and lots of other

people have had this exact same idea and

they try to do this to the manufacturers

of these items are very very selective

of who they will distribute their

products to and who they will let resell

them in many cases they will only allow

brick-and-mortar stores to resell their

item and this is for a couple of reasons

the first reason is because it lets them

control and protect their brand and the

second reason as it lets them control

the price coming back to the example of

buying Apple iPhones to be able to do

this you would need to contact Apple

directly and to apply to become an

official Apple reseller for their

products some of these include needing a

business license and also requiring

general liability insurance certificate

in the past they were so strict that

they actually required you to have a

minimum order of $100,000 the same

applies for other popular branded items

if you wanted to sell Nike shoes you

would have to become an official

distributor for Nike shoes so

unfortunately you can't you sell her to

find extremely popular branded items for

wholesale rights there are however other

great ways that you can utilize

salehoo's suppliers to make lots of

money off of extremely popular branded

items idea number one find a liquidator

one way that you can make money off of

Soho and branded items as to use Soho to

find Liquidators Liquidators are

middlemen who require stock very cheaply

through closeout sales and when other

stores liquidate their stock oftentimes

these include branded products in new

condition and they will then resell

these items to other stores for lower

prices sometimes Liquidators will sell

items individually and sometimes they

will sell it in bulk Lots Liquidators

can be a fantastic way to pick up

branded items that are great for

reselling however keep in mind that

while this may be a great way to pick up

discounted branded items for reselling

the supply for this is not guaranteed so

when you're going to be working with

Liquidators you need to take advantage

of the great deals as they come and here

is a big tip when you're working with

Liquidators the best way is to be

flexible with the type of items that

you're willing to sell don't come at it

from the perspective that you're just

gonna sell one particular type of item

so don't think you're just gonna sell

iPhones and speed take a look at a

liquidated stock and then pick the best

items on your list to resell when using

sell here to find Liquidators don't look

for specific products like iPhones when

using the cell who's search engine

instead use a cell who's search engine

to filter results to show just

Liquidators in a specific category so if

you were interested in looking for

Liquidators that might have iphones you

should look for Liquidators in the

category of electronics once you've

found your Liquidators for these

categories say upstate with the catalogs

and look out for crazy deals that you

want to take advantage of idea number

two find suppliers that will sell

accessories for popular branded items

another great way to utilize cell ho to

make money from popular branded items as

you sell hoes who find suppliers who

will sell accessories for popular

branded items and to be honest we

strongly recommend that people sell

accessories rather than sell the items

themselves the reason being that as a

distributor of the physical hardware you

will usually only have tiny profit

margins sometimes as low as one to five

percent and when you take into account

the time and effort it takes to sell an


with profit margins like 1 to 5% you'll

actually be making a loss most

distributors of popular brand items like

iPhones or beats by dre headphones don't

actually make money off of those

products because the profit margins are

too small instead they make the money

from selling accessories accessories are

wildly profitable with many sellers

making at least 100% profit margins to

up to 500 percent profit margins per

sale so for iPhones the real gold is in

selling cases batteries and headphones

for people's iPhone and there is a huge

demand for accessories just taking the

iPhone Apple have sold over 500 million

iPhones worldwide there is a lot of

people that need an iPhone case and

finally suppliers who sell accessories

for popular items like iPhones is really

easy using the seller search engine all

you need to do is to use the cell host

search engine function and just type in

directly what you're looking for for

example we have over 20 results that

show up if you type an iPhone case so

don't be discouraged if you have been

planning on selling actual nike shoes or

Louise Vuitton handbags and see if take

advantage of the low-cost Liquidators

and the low-cost manufacturers and

suppliers of accessories in the cell who

supplier catalog