How to claim an Oregon Football student ticket

hey oregon students my name is tanner

and today i'm going to walk you through

the process of claiming a student ticket

for football on

before you've done anything just make

sure you have your student ticketing

account set up to your id number

this is going to be different if you've

previously purchased tickets from before enrolling here

you're going to have a unique email

address and password that's linked to


student id and just to make sure you

have this set up just go ahead and

log onto the system way before the

ticketing actually starts just to check

and make sure you're good to go

at this point you see i've actually

logged on to the website and i've

encountered an issue i'm sure many of


have run into while trying to claim a

football ticket the server has actually

become overloaded with requests and it's

automatically redirected me to this

please hold page

and this page is going to advise you not

to do anything except wait here and

that's probably the worst thing you can


what you're going to want to do is click

back on your browser

and return a and you're going

to click once again on the buy tickets

link in the upper left hand corner

by doing this what you're doing is

essentially jumping out of line

and getting back in line again instead

of waiting there and

by doing this you're going to be able to

get in quicker than anyone who waits and

tries to refresh that page

if you stay on the please hold page and

just keep hitting refresh

what's happening is you're refreshing


not your spot in line but you're

refreshing the page that says you're not

going to get in

and what you need to do is just keep

making fresh attempts to actually get

back into the server

and the only way to do that is to go

back to and click on the buy

tickets link

if you wait there it eventually it'll

let you into the flow but chances are

the tickets are all going to be gone for

your class

as you can see in the clock in the upper

right hand corner we

are past my classes distribution time

which was five o'clock

and i'm still having trouble getting

into the system but don't give up yet

just keep

trying like i am going back to buy


and then you're gonna know once you're

in because

you're gonna see a different page then

please hold the

the address is gonna begin ev10 i'm not

sure what the rest of it is but that's

how you'll know when you're actually in

the ticketing system

so like i said just keep trying to uh

go back and hit buy tickets until it

lets you in

all right you see i've made it in here

i'm already logged in so i'm going to go

ahead and go to the student tickets tab

click claim student tickets the button

for your class

football tickets and then go ahead and

head to the event

at this point you're going to add the

quantity of tickets you like hit add to


and just one because you're just one

student i'm going to enter the captcha

hit continue

and if you've made it to the page where

it says your shopping cart you've

had a ticket held so you just need to

finish the checkout process

let's go ahead and hit checkout you're

going to click a little box that says

you agree to the terms and conditions of

the transaction of the tickets and go

ahead and hit submit payment

just go ahead and wait a sec at no point

once you're inside

hit refresh because you're going to get

kicked out of the server again

just you just have to be patient let it

all work

and then you see here you get your

confirmation page i had to take it at it