How To Safely Buy/Sell RS Gold

so you've come to a decision that you

wish to either sell or buy gold in the

beautiful game that's your enscape good

for you well I'm here to educate you on

how to do it safely and ban free at

least in theory I can't guarantee that

just by following these rules you will

never get bad the truth is the cualquier

you are about the chance of being banned

the more reckless you get and in turn

that translates into more bands

trust me I know from experience and this

guide will be talking about the

runescape side of things how to not get

scammed on PayPal or by some random guy

Dmitri who supposedly has 1 billion

Elly's and you can totally trust him

we're not talking about that we're just

talking about moonscape so keep that in

mind if there will be enough demand for

such video I can definitely work on that

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should let you know that background

footage has literally no meaning in this

video and has nothing to do with the

video itself it's just used as

background footage alright let's get

over some points you should keep in mind

the account that you use don't you think

is kind of fishy when a little free with

five minutes a plate I'm suddenly

Stanley 100 plus million worth of gold

yeah it's pretty obvious what you're

doing there bad boy I'm not saying that

you should should use your main account

you Lea shouldn't but you should be

using meals instead but at the same time

put a little bit of effort into your

meals don't have them little free have

some quests done skills level friends

made etc to try and make it seem as

legit as possible and buy skills done I

don't just mean kill chickens for five

minutes actually going through some

fletching cooking or whatever just be a

little bit more active on choosing a

reliable seller should always try to

choose a seller with high reputation

since that lowers the chance of you

getting banned and scammed at the same

time your options are either heating up

the forums for some community new

members or using a gold selling website

I personally use a website called

probate as calm if you'd be interested

in checking the mouth check the code at

the top right corner or the link in the

description of the video

Trading junk over when doing a

transaction you shouldn't just give off

your goal for nothing you may be getting

money behind Jagex is back but they

don't know that all they see that you

just gave away 100 mil to some random

view of you just met that's why I

personally always thrown some junk along

with the trade beat a few rooms lobsters

or anything really it can literally be

anything as long as something is in

there it's good

this obviously hasn't been confirmed but

I think that it could lower the ban

rates since the trades don't seem a

sketchy no more don't get me wrong

they're still sketchy as but at

least there will be a little bit less

sketchy the trading location to be

completely honest I'm not sure of the

changes anything at all but the place

where you do your trade could be

deciding faith of your precious mule

account trade somewhere that's populated

but never trade in the GE or top flop

which bank since those are the most

common places where real work trades

take place so just try to avoid that

hiding your real IP concealing your

moles place of origin can be very

beneficial in many ways one of them

being that they will be able to trace it

back to your main account as easily in

general is good practice to use proxies

fairly cheap ones check the cod at the

top right corner or the description of

the video and the last thing that I'll

mention in this video and being members

I know that many won't bother but if

you're really serious about minimizing

your risks of being bad then you should

have your account members and trade with

your accounted members worlds since

Jagex has so many free-to-play seveal

worth trading then you might just slip

through this is by no means necessary

potentially overkill but hey if you want

to keep your account as safe as possible

you got to do what you got to do that's

all the tips like a ping cough thank you

guys for watching let me know what you

caught a video in the comment section


I do appreciate all feedback be it good

or bad for the best gold selling website

than the cheapest proxies and any other

links I mentioned in the video check the

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they'll be it for today thank you all

for watching and being here I'll see in

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