How to start an account selling bussiness (updated version)

goal farming is not the only way to make

money on runescape

you can also train and sell accounts

this is an in-depth guide on how to

start in a counselling business

we will cover three types of accounts

max takers

ironmans and one defense pures first let

me cover

some tips before you start make sure

that you use a proxy you can find the

link in the description with the proxies

that i use and recommend

also do tutorial island manually because

it has very high

band rates as well as witch's house make

sure that you do that manually as well

all right so let's start with poor


there are a few things that every poor

needs first they need a nervous

accumulator mitral gloves climbing boots

bare head and some decent stats

let's talk about each of them

for meter gloves you will need some

quests which are all supported by

stealth quester

and a few skills which we will talk

about later on

for bear head you need to complete

mountain gutter quest which is also

supported by stealth quester

and have level 20 agility

for the ava's accumulator you also need

a few quests which you can bought

as well with style questor and some

other skills

all right now that we know the

requirements let's start creating our


you will need to complete a bunch of

quests i will leave here a list

with them in the correct order



once you're finished with the quest i

suggest to train your studs

at raw crabs because sand crabs are very

watched right now

and many people used to train there so

you can also get reported from

legitimate players so to train your


ratcraps it's the way to go now the next

thing that you can do is build staking

accounts for this method you also need

to complete a few quests in order to

access nightmare zone and to get the raw


and you also need some scaling done for

that as well

i will place here a list with all of the

requirements that you need in the



you can also get your stats up to level

60 at raw crabs and then you can switch

at nightmare zone at nightmare zone i

take a break every two dreams

for around one hour or two and i leave

the accounts on a server to run 24


for the first two or three dreams at

nightmare zone i suggest to use

protection players so you will need some

prayer parts

and then you can switch to absorption

potions when you get enough points

now for the last method that they

recommend is to trade 99

fire making hardcore iron man accounts

for this method you need

1 to 46 woodcutting you also need 1 250

fire making

you need around 500 cakes which will

take you from

1 to 35 tiving you need the warm clothes

and you also need around 1 kgp to buy a

house in remington so that you can get

construction xp

as well and you need some extra gp to


also a steel axe


now to train fire making i suggest about


five or six hours at wintertime and make

sure that you include a lot of breaks in


to sell your accounts i will place here

a list with a few marketplaces

hey this is not the bot thank you so

much for watching until the end

to learn my full approach to botting

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