Why I don't sell artwork on Amazon Handmade w/ Lachri

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today I am going to be talking a little

bit about why I do not sell artwork on

Amazon handmade hi I'm Lisa the artist

behind block refine our recently on one

of my really old videos comparing my

experience with Etsy and eBay someone

who said that they wanted to hear my

opinions on the Amazon handmade option

so I looked into this briefly when it

first came out and I read a lot of not

so appealing articles so keep in mind

I'm coming out this from an angle of

things I read not my own experience but

the things I read are enough to

definitely make me not interested and I

can't cite my sources because it was a

while ago I haven't read anything lately

but I haven't heard anything positive at

all the first thing that you want to

realize when you're selling online is

ideally you want people to buy from you