Selling Origami Owl Online – How To Sell Origami Owl Online – Origami Owl Designer Selling Tips

hi everyone brain blaze here welcome

long to this video hope it finds you

doing well out there would you like to

learn how to maximize the origami our

compensation plan become a top earner in

the company and start recruit lancelin

with a lot more leverage and a lot less

effort in your business if so stick with

me in this video I'm going to reveal to

you 3 insider secrets the top earners

actively implemented tubalove to thrive

in network marketing organization in

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everyone pick up that phone again you're

going to learn how to filter out time

wasters tire kickers complainers and

energy drainers so you're only actually

attract into your business pre-qualified

people that are excited motivated and

ready to look at and join your

opportunity and bite into your product

line you're going to learn how to

leverage the power of the internet in

this digital economy and start

systemizing and automating your business

that you can create that time freedom

too many reps end up creating another

job for themselves in this industry

you're going to learn how to get crystal

clear on your ideal customer where to

find them how to attract them and how to

sell to them online and you're going to

learn how to profit from the 95% of

people who inevitably say no up front

that you can build longevity

sustainability and cash flow into your

business strategy step 1 guys is taking

full control of your own lead generation

top earners don't rely on anyone or

anything outside of themselves for their

success they take full responsibility

for their not waiting for magical

duplication in the downline or overspill

from an upline it's great when it

happens but you don't want to bank on it

so you want to take active control of

your own lead flow you need a constant

flow of and you need new leads every day

new prospects to be exposing your

business opportunity and your product

line to because really in this

hyper-competitive marketplace

you've got to realize the warm market of

tapping into friends family coworkers

it's okay but it has a finite life span

because these people may have there may

be trust in that relationship but

there's no desire they're not actively

seeking a business opportunity are the

Jamiel product line so this puts you

into the role of a salesperson you have

to sell them and why it's a good idea

and people don't want to be sold with

the power of the Internet you can

actually position yourself in front of

people that's already looking for you

the sales process is so much smoother

with a lot less friction when people are

actively seeking out you and your

information and we're going to teach you

how to get the front of the right people

number two guys is the development of a

new set of skills top earners understand

that this is like any other business

profession and requires the investment

of time energy resources to acquire the

necessary skills that makes you magnetic

in the marketplace you don't become a

brain surgeon overnight just because you

bought some medical tools or read a book

you've got to get your feet wet get in

the game acquired the skills that make

you valuable in the marketplace because

what differentiates you and makes you

stand out amongst all the noise and your

competitors why should somebody join you

in our Gami own as opposed to anybody

else you've any other distributor you've

got to know the answer to this and

you've got to know how to deliver your

unique selling proposition and your

value into the marketplace which is

going to magnetically attract your

prospect to you because you can increase

their chances of success this is known

as the traction market and we're going

to go into this in depth in our bucha

number three guys is to have a clearly

defined set of goals and take motivated

daily consistent action towards the

accomplishment of those goals it's not

what you do once in a while the counts

it's what you do consistently and

persistently so you've got to get

crystal-clear and what you want and why

you want it because it's not all smooth

sailing success is not a straight line

you're going to be moving through your

own learning curve failure is simply

feedback you're learning what's not

working you're readjusting your approach

and attacking it again so you've got to

have a clear enough reason of why you

want this big enough compelling enough

reason whose life is going to be

infinitely greater when you do succeed

what contribution what legacy do you

want to leave start visualizing that

life that you want to be living on your

own terms without having a dictated to

you by a boss and a paycheck this

financial freedom this financial

sovereignty and independence this is

what you're fighting for you so you've

got to remind yourself of that and

network marketing is the vehicle that


to do that it has the leverage it's a

much better model than the broken

business model of trading time for money

in a job a jail be the charting of the

broke people are fast realizing that

that system is broken and no longer

works that this is a better vehicle a

better way so guys I hope you got some

value that you can take away from this

and apply to your origami owl business

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