okay folks know here we are and we had a

very busy day traveling and trying to

make some pretty awesome selections here

have some pretty amazing orchids I don't

know how well you can see all of the

orchids but we did quite a shopping

spree if I can get in there and show you

some of the orchids and here we are

folks on the other side as you can see

some pretty amazing finds yeah some

treasures in here so I'm gonna go ahead

and take these orchids out we're gonna

meet in the back yard and I'm gonna show

you exactly how phenomenal this hall

really is hey there everyone and here we

are in my orchid garden thank you guys

for hanging out with me I know it's been

quite a while since I've seen you last I

want to say almost a bout a month but

you guys know a month ago I did start my

eBay career adventure selling orchid so

I've actually had my hands full and as a

matter of fact we just did an orchid run

which I've had to do like every week

because I practically sell out of

everything and if I don't go every week

I will have nothing to sell okay so

today we did our organ run it takes me

about an hour up there an hour back so

that's two hours and I normally spend

about 3 to 4 hours so we're talking

about a good five to six hours of

selecting the orchids because I dues

hand select each and every one of my

orchids so that's like a full day's

worth of work then of course I have to

actually picture them I have to do the

write-ups and then I have to post them

and then later on tonight I have to

package up seven orchids to be prepared

to ship them off tomorrow as well as

work my full-time job so that's how busy

I've been but I've actually wanted to

film a lot sooner than this but either

I'm running a mud

again trying to get my business underway

or the weather has not been cooperating

properly with me either so that's why

it's been taking so long but I have to

thank you guys so much that you guys did

not forget about me and I am still here

rest assured that I am NOT going

anywhere so you guys want to know how

has my orchid adventure been and has it

been worth my while I really have to let

you guys know it has been absolutely

worth my while unimaginable I would

never have believed how successful it

would have been of course like I told

you guys I have to do a run like every

week because I sell out and I sell out

because of you guys and because of all

of the orchid lovers out there that want

to get a great deal and also want to get

great orchids you guys have joined me on

my eBay adventure and I thank you guys

so much there have been several of you

on my youtube channel that have

contacted me also on eBay and have

expressed and let me know that you guys

are also following me on my eBay

adventure so I definitely thank you and

appreciate you guys so much I am also

very privileged to be able to deal with

some very professional very credible

orchid growers and orchid nurseries this

particular batch that I got today I have

to tell you comes from a very well

notable orchid nursery that has a very

professional name within the orchid

industry not only are they orchid

growers they're orchid sellers and also

orchid hybrid dizer have been in it for

years and years and years and years and

did I mention and years and years and

years so indeed I am shopping at one of

the most well noted orchid nurseries and

at such a great deal that I'm capable of

providing these orchids to you guys at

such a great deal as well now

unfortunately I am not capable of

sharing that information in particular

of where I shop at only because this

nursery is very low

very private and do not wish to be in

the limelight they have actually

expressed that to me

in person and I have to tell you I've

tried and tried and pleaded to try to

film at their orchid nursery of which as

you guys can see I haven't done it yet

so that should tell you just how private

they are and because they are so private

I have to respect their privacy but I

can tell you they are very professional

have healthy healthy orchids and have

also hybridized some pretty amazing

orchids as well and what kind of orchids

have I received oh my gosh some pretty

amazing orchids I've had in droves I've

had species thousand hybridized fowls

I've had Bulbul films I've had a ran

thise I've had van des I've had

Dendrobium I've had countess C times

I've had every type of Orcas you could

probably think of just for you guys and

I really wish that I filmed some of the

Orcas that I got because again amazing I

can't believe some of the orchids that

have passed through here some work is

that I really had to battle it out and

fight my way through because I don't

even have these orchids or if I do have

those orchids these orchids like

quadruple the size I mean amazing I had

a phone Lina that was about Oh cute and

it had about five blokes and I don't

even know how many spikes it had and it

was just so beautiful and guess what I

had to really my husband had to get it

out of my death grip but you guys know

what I am dedicated to the cause I am


I did sign on for this and I said I

wanted to go ahead and start my business

so that I can make a way for some of the

many other things that I want to do in

the future truly dedicated devoted to

this cause I'm willing to do whatever I

have to do and if it's seeing some

pretty amazing orcas and knowing that I

can't keep them that's what I have to do

folks anything that you want in life

that enough folks you are willing to do

whatever you have to do sacrificing

disappointing yourself and pushing

yourself to your fullest and greatest

potential and again if there's a will

there's a way and I'm gonna find that

way folks so committed to the cause I'm

gonna provide you some amazing orchids

speaking of amazing orchids

enough with all blah blah blah let me go

ahead and show you exactly some of those

orchids now okay and here we are this is

all of the orchids that I found in an

orchid nutshell as you can see here and

I did find quite a few well hey that's

being a little too modest right more

than quite a few here I think I got

close to about 50 orchids and some are

in the back so yeah about 50 orchids

here and I'm gonna go ahead and show you

some of the ones that I got I'm not

gonna actually go one by one as you can

see I have way too many to go through

and we probably be here all day but I

will highlight on some of my favorite

ones and the ones that I have been so

privileged to be able to find today and

we're gonna go ahead and get this orchid

party started off with this very

nice-sized - cata sedum if we take a

look at those very phenomenal blooms

right there you will see a nice

coloration a very deep burgundy and also

that nice Alba green also you'll notice

some spottings in there as well but the

highlight of this orchid I have to say

are the bristles right on the lip area

definitely very nice can you see it ah

easing is the texture of this cata sedum

again this is very nice size and as you

can see in full bloom with one of the

spikes but if we take a turn right here

you will also see that it has yet

another spike producing with the nice

blooms right there or the nice buds and

soon they will also be in bloom as well

and this is a cat a cinnamon oh wise

amber am a OS awarded and this is cross

also with a cat aceton pili adam SVO

blood red what a beauty right here quite

an exclamation point making a statement

within the cat Leia community

what a gorgeous color we are seeing

right here a blending of beautiful

beautiful sunset colors you are seeing

magenta you are seeing red you are

seeing burgundy you are seeing orange oh

my what a blending in her artistry quite

a beautiful orchid and also very

fragrant now although this orchid is not

as flashy as the first I am telling you

this is not an orchid to be ignored for

even though she does have a subtle charm

she does have a way of working herself

right into your heart and you have to

take notice of one thing right here she

is quite a big and healthy runing gal

and check out all of those suitable

right here she is huge and she is

massive and let us not forget to mention

that she is also shaving so the blooming

party will not stop a massive orchid so

again even though she may be subtle in

her beauty that beautiful lavender blue

is quite striking and you can't help but

to take notice of her beauty as well and

this hue

Phalaenopsis right here is a very nice

size as you can see very nice leaves on

this one and you can also see that this

has one two and also three spikes two in

bloom and also one coming into bud right

there very nice

beauties right here and let's take a

closer up look on the balloons very nice

blooms if I do say so myself about three

and a half inches right there look at

the coloration look at the extreme

patterns and also this is a sequential

blooming orchid so you can expect bloom

after blooms on the same spike for

several years on this beauty and will

you check out the very hairy tongue on

this one how absolutely adorable is that

- adorable and here is one of the highly

favored Phalaenopsis this is actually a

ballina right here definitely well noted

for its very fragrant fruit loop type of

blooms and also is a sequential bloomer

and I just want to take a look at these

gorgeous humungous leaves they are so


can you see how huge these leaves are

just quite amazing let me lift this

plant up for you look at that indeed

quite a nice blooming fragrant orchid

right here and this actually has two

beautiful spikes let's take a look

closer at the amazing blooms so

beautiful and coloration right here

you're seeing that Alba green also some

whites and a very deep magenta purplish

color right there so beautiful is this

valina and as beautifully fragrant as

well indeed

this is one of my favorite Phalaenopsis

species and just in case you wanted to

know exactly what this Phalaenopsis is

this is a ballina crew

Blue Boy and right here is a very

beautiful primary hybrid with two

well-known parents the ambulances and

also the Kerner survey and as you can

see in the actual blooms you can see the

traces of both parents in their

coloration and also in their extreme

patterns very beautiful and this

cataleya in particular is a Rinko labia

Kat Leia young Kong son number 16 and I

am told that this is a very popular

orchid because it has huge blooms and

not only does it have the huge blooms

but within each sheet it should bloom

about three in that very huge cluster

now the blooms are colored green at

first but as the bloom ages it starts

turning a nice very beautiful yellow so

I can't wait to see the blooms on this

so whoever is the lucky winner of this

beautiful cataleya you guys are gonna

have to show me and just to go ahead and

show you the measurement in comparison

to this coffee cup that I have right

here the my orchid adventure coffee cup

the mission never ends well if you take

a look look at that that's the size of

this cat Leia so just to bring it into

reality of how big this cat Leia right

here is and coming up next is this

threesome right here these are prolific

bloomers and Spikers as you can see with

each plant having about three to four

spikes each and multiple buds and blooms

as well so definitely this can be

prolific bloomers if they are good and

healthy and well taken care of so let's

take a look at this one and see exactly

what it is it is a Phalaenopsis Carnot

Survey chat laid cross with a sibling

ten and twelve now these two orchids

right here actually are

the same type of orchids even though

they have their differences because

these are actually grown from seedling

so therefore that is why they are

actually different in some ways this is

a Phalaenopsis de tres piss classic

Moonbeam cross with a Curnow Survey

variable chat blade orchid classic ruby

and I bet you guys will not believe it

when I tell you that I did receive

another I ran thise Ramos a'right here

and as you can see this one is like

quadruple the size of the other one that

I had and believe it or not this

actually has two plants that are growing

from one stock area but in here there's

actually two separate plants that are

growing and that is why this one in

particular is so huge so you are

basically going to get two plants in

this one and both of them are at a nice

size and this actually already has two

spikes I actually have them wrapped

around because as you guys can remember

when I did a video on my last one that I

had I talked to you guys all about how

wild and crazy the thread-like spike can

be so indeed they can become quite

massive and this one in particular has

two spikes that are almost 4 feet long

so yeah this one is in the running with

the other one and this is a sequential

bloomer so you're gonna find this

blooming one after the other the

gorgeous frosty creamy green

semi-transparent blossoms that are so

beautiful and if you guys have not seen

that video I do truly recommend it just

click right here it's going to show you

how fab that orchid was and how fab this

orchid will be as well

so indeed oopsy-daisy didn't mean to do

that but it is quite heavy again this is

a massive orchid right here especially

for the type of orchid it is so that is

the Ramos ax around these and indeed

quite a beautiful beautiful orchid okay

so this orchid right here is ginormous

ginormous this actually stands about

almost two feet tall

that's how ginormous this orchid is and

I want to go ahead and take a close look

at the bulbs and ask you guys what do

you think it is what type of orchid do

you think this is because to be honest

with you I was quite shocked to find out

exactly what this was because again this

is just so cute and so massive with the

Bulls just ginormous just as big as the

plant itself it definitely matches its

size of this orchid so I want to tell

you guys this right here is a


believe it or not folks believe it or

not looking much like a Sailaja knee or

with the leaves somewhat of a cat Leia I

mean it will fool you if you don't take

a close look and what I love most about

this one in particular this will

actually bloom multiple spikes and they

are sequential blooming spikes

I think they'll bloom about five to

eight gorgeous blossoms because the

coloration is a nice combination with

the orange and the yellows and then the

red striations throughout so indeed

quite a beautiful and unique star-shaped

looking flower this one right here will

bloom quite awesome indeed and let's go

ahead and take a look at exactly what

this humongous Dunga bulbophyllum is and

I went ahead and placed my MOA my orchid

adventure coffee cup right next to the

boba filum because I just wanted to show

you in comparison to how huge this plant

really is so let's go ahead and take a

look at exactly what this is and all

righty then that right there is what it

is wish me luck on this one

this is a bulbophyllum Sula we see I

cross with a bubble filum eco no labium

at least that is what I'm hoping that it

is well you see it right there so

you know exactly what this humongous

Dunga Huang the beautiful of a specimen

size Bobo filum is and I have to tell

you what a treasured find indeed and is

one of my favorites along with the

earrin thiis Ramos's definitely some

great things coming through here as you

can see and this one in particular is a

gigantea hybrid and gigantea indeed as

you can see with the humungous leaves

that it has and if we take a closer look

at the bloom you are gonna notice that

nice crackling featured pattern on this

definitely beautiful magenta color and

just a gorgeous bloom and here is a

Phalaenopsis that is interesting the

colored and patterned as well this one

in particular is a Phalaenopsis jung-ho

princess gild

cross with a meld Erland valina aged and

this one right here is a wall kiriona

variable tipo orchid and as you can see

looking closely there are so many new

growths on this and if you guys know

while kiriona you guys know that these

are very feisty and Hardy growers and is

why these can become specimen size

orchids and no time but good thing about

this orchid is the fact that they are

compact growers and they do grow closely

to the medium below so indeed they're

not going to get too huge in regards to

their height but again this can Bush up

rather quickly and give such a beautiful

display of their cataleya blooms and

will you check out this blooming beauty

right here with an abundance countless

of blooms what a Phalaenopsis blooming

display for sure and if we take a look

over here you're also going to note that

it does have a spike that is also coming

into bud over there so indeed quite a

beautiful display on this Phalaenopsis

and let's take a look just

exactly what it is if I can pronounce it

wish me luck

this is a Phalaenopsis a quistis

variable cyan no coulis and it's

Martel's blue cross with a Phalaenopsis

Equus trous variable cerulean Sedona I

also have these beautiful complex

hybrids right here and the most

fascinating part about them not only are

the blooms beautiful and fragrant but

these also have some very attractive

foliage to match as you can see the

greens are coming through but you're

seeing quite a heavy overlay of a

beautiful burgundy maroon color

definitely adds that specialness to the

orchid having these attractive foliage

to accompany these beautiful fragrant

blooms and this is actually a felon

OPS's king in forever love crossed with

a tention baby smile crossed with a

teeing Shin champion crossed with a

teeing Shin golden rose Hong Kong yeah I

would have not try saying that ten times

real fast cuz it is not possible but

indeed some beautiful Phalaenopsis and

there you have it folks that is my

orchid ebay wrap in an orchid shell

thank you guys so much for hanging out

with me but I do have to ask you what

Orcas were your favorite in this

eBay hah let me know let me know what

you guys want to see on my eBay channel

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