Where to Recycle Electronics: How to Recycle Old Electronics


Americans are getting better at the

basics of recycling you know paper

plastic and aluminum cans but when it

comes to electronics or e-waste most of

us don't know exactly what these items

are much less how to recycle them think

about things that either have a battery

a power cord or they require a power


Richard Copeland of Republic Services

has a few tips on why we recycle e-waste

and how to do it first up protect our

environment from toxic materials

electronics by and large have got

hazardous materials inside you're

talking about things like lead and

cadmium and beryllium and other

substances that we really want to make

sure are properly handled and disposed

of those chemicals can wreak havoc on

our soil and water supplies and number


anything with a lithium-ion battery can

be a fire hazard so it has to be

disposed of properly

when they are ruptured or broken either

in one of our compactors or at one of

our recycling facilities oxygen and

lithium-ion turn into a fire or the

worst case they explode you'd be

surprised to know that even something as

innocent as one of those light-up

birthday cards can be a hazard I've run

over this with one of my forklifts gets

to oxygen and this little thing will

catch fire very quickly we'll wrap our

list of electronics recycling with where

to drop off your e-waste reputable

retailers like Best Buy or Target are

known in many parts of the country to

accept electronics waste Best Buy has a

site with info on the wide range of

items they accept while target focuses

on smaller electronics like cell phones

which contain a literal gold mine for

every 1 million cell phones that are

recycled properly you're gonna catch 35

thousand pounds of copper you're gonna

get about 772 pounds of silver and 75

pounds of gold out of those 1 million

phones richard says most cities will

also accept be waste they may have a

quarterly or

annual event think of like a parking lot

at the Municipal Building or in high

school on a Saturday Earth 900 is also a

great resource to find drop-off

locations for electronics and batteries

up in our recycling game by putting a

waste in its proper place