How to 'Sell to Close' Stock option on Scottrade

hello this is a Nick from review outlaw

calm today I'm going to show you how to

close or sell to close a stock option so

I purchased TripAdvisor stock about two

months ago purchased it for six hundred

and fifty dollars one call option at a

closed or strike price of 6750 recently

just shot up so I want to close out my

option or take the profits on that so

Scot shade I'll show you how to do that

you're going to go to trade let me go to

options you type in trip and you're

going to click sell to close you're

going to choose the date which is a long

option so I did march eighteenth and

we're going to look at the price here

that I have and then it's going to tell

me here the range seventeen to eighteen

so I just have one it's a call option

you of course you want to limit it so it

doesn't go up too much and you can

choose your timeframe too so now we just

have to figure out what price I want to

sell them for that you have the bid

price and the asking price here so you

could or I could basically when you they

have something called buying on the bid

and selling on the ask

that's a option if I if I do that price

I'm more likely to sell it but if I

don't choose that price and show

something higher for example I could do

that I would just risk potentially not

selling the stock and if it goes down in


you know I might lose the transition or

the sale altogether so I'm going to just

pretty much sell it put the limit price

ads but I ask because I'm happy with my

profit there so put that in so I put my

limit price in here make sure it's limit

order limit price 1840 put until a

cancel and we don't have to do all and

run such as just one call option so now

we just verify all the data and we're

going to review the order you look at

commissions and fees look at the price

we're going to get back so all-in-all I

tripled my money from like 650 up to 18

so I'm super happy with that if we get

that price and now we're just going to

place the order and then we'll just wait

on the confirmation if that goes through

if the price did dip a lot I could

cancel that transaction and change my

limit order but I'm gonna leave that for

you know most of the day and just see

how it plays out all right if you have

any questions feel free to leave in the

comments and please give me a thumbs up