How to Execute Options Trade with

welcome to ICICI drag calm investor help

videos in this video you will learn how

to execute an option straight at ICICI

drag calm log on to you ICICI

account using your username password and

date of birth or your pan card number

choose F and O from the drop-down menu

and click on login now before you get

started the first thing you must do is

to alot funds for trading under F and O

on the left hand side panel click on

allocate funds

let's allocate rupees 20,000 click on

submit you can modify allocation or even

deallocate unused funds at any time next

you can add contracts under my

favourites click on my favourites on

left hand side panel currently there are

no contracts in favourites click on add

to my favorites in the FN o select

contract menu on top click on option

enter nifty in stock code choose call

option and click on select contract this

page displays all the available

contracts let's select two contracts

using check boxes with strike prices of

seven thousand eight hundred and seven

thousand nine hundred and then click on

add to my favorites press ok now these

contracts are added to your favorites

you can directly choose to buy or sell

your contract from this page

let us select seven thousand nine

hundred call contract click on buy you

will be taken to place order page you

can view your limit from here on this

page you will find details of your

contract such as option type contract

details auto-populated for instance you

can see the current price of your call

option here you can check further

details from get quote here you can

check the last traded price they open

day high percentage change etc you can

also see the best five bids and offers

the top sellers and top buyers and their

prices now going back to the place order

page enter quantity under auto validity

there are

two options day or IOC let's choose day

order next choose the order type market

order or limit order in a market order

you buy at the current market price and

in limit order you buy at your desired


let's select limit order suppose you

want to buy a 2ds 91 lets into that

amount now enter the price you have in

mind we also have a margin calculator

here it is used primarily when you are

selling an option first and then buying

it now click on submit you would be

taken to F&O order verification page as

a good practice verify each and every

detail such as contract details or the

type quantity last traded price and

estimated order value then click on

proceed to execute you order the next

page indicates that your order has been

sent to the exchange now with that you

will have placed your first trade in

option segment now that you have

successfully placed an option trade

click on order book under fnot segment

and then on option to check your order

status or modify or cancel it if it's

not executed order book gives you

details like your action order status

price at which you had ordered and your

quantity open to be squared off from the

trade book tab on top

choose option and check the trade book

details these include the exact price at

which your trade was executed and the

value of contract the brokerage and

taxes are added the next day of your

order execution here you can see your

order has been executed you can also

check it from the open positions page

here you can square off your position or

view the profit and loss on it by

clicking on PNL on position you can see

the profit or loss on the position you

can also square off your position click

on square off under actions enter

quantity you are placing a day order and

specifying a limit price you can quickly

check get code or the best five bids and

offers from here specify the limit price

and click on submit click on proceed to

confirm your order your square of order

has now been sent to the exchange now go

to order book on

hand side and then open option page you

can see your order has already been

squared off you can verify this from the

trade book as well this can be seen from

portfolio page as well go to portfolio

click on FN o and then on option click

on View details you can see your

purchase price and selling price

ICICI Direct has many useful products

under F and O for instance option +

allows you to pay lesser margin as

compared to options for intraday trading

it comes with a cover SL TP feature

whereby you can limit your losses by

specifying stop-loss ICICI direct also

offers tools such as f + o at fingertips

to provide you with sharp insights on F

and o trading it scans the F&O market

and helps you zero in on the most

suitable trading opportunities explore

these products and turn your option

trading highly rewarding that's all for

now hope you enjoyed watching this video