How to sell an oppressor mk2, (GTA V tips and tricks)

hey guys what's up welcome back to

another video now in this video I will

be explaining basically just how to sell

your oppressor mark do I did get a few

comments about it just how to do it

really and I thought well instead of

explaining it to seven people once I

might as well just make a video on it

just to give a bit more content you know

might help a few more people out all

right so what do you want to do well

first this is the annoying part you

basically have to spend money to sell

your presser not kidding you will need

to own a Terra which is of course the

note don't wanna do that which is the

place where you upgrade equip weapons

onto your oppressor door that

specialized vehicle workshop so

basically by the terabyte especially

this workshop and we had to sell it so

that may cost you a million dollars yeah

you kind of spend a million dollars to

get one point for 2.2 million and I kept

them how much is back really hanging I

will show you quickly destroy my club

yeah it's really really stupid but yeah

you have to actually spend money to then

Cypress I don't know why you'd sell your

oppressor though it's not the smartest

of moves I mean it is a one-off well not

one offs cuz there's a mark one

that is one of the better cars well cast

Jesus Christ it's one of the better

vehicles in the game because I study God

if he shoots me it's one of the better

vehicles something another one I've said

to God not good it is on the better

vehicles the game please God don't sell

it I had a mate that did that and we

used to fight all the time

me and him used to fight all the time

with cycle you know the oppressors and

going around and doing all the missions

and they sold it and it got boring like

killing him was the easiest thing in the


like seriously he'd be driving along

trying to shoot me I'd go bang

dad he's he's gone but it's just so easy

for missions you know doing oh that's it

it just makes so much easier so I don't

know why people honest I don't why I

don't know why so many people want to

sell it you know if it was one person oh

yeah you know you're gonna get some

different vehicle or something I don't

know but that's reverse never more than

you know two or three people like Jesus

you know a bit more of an interesting

saying anyway so we'll park it here

actually I was parking over here

yeah no yeah no thank you

why are the cops on me I did not think

so basically once you've run over a

bunch of innocent people it's now stay

back I need it stick it there we go

Oh cops nevermind we'll be back in a


oh yeah another quick promotion to the

oppressor why it's so great because you

can do this

see why would you hang on over his head

around the side here do they go in the

building yeah they did

barely got there now if you haven't seen

my trick on how to fight 130 miles an

hour and getting boost back continuously

go watch a video cuz it helps a lot um

while I'm escaping the cop cops and

might as well go and do something oh oh

they said no oh god I didn't do that

after a long while of walking around the

building realizing that the entry is

literally around the other side the

building and being not wanting to do

that I decided to leave now back to what

we were doing

now as weary approach what we were doing

at the FIR in the first place you will

want to come around the right side I'm

going to assume it's the same for

everyone you come around the right side

and you're pressing back to in this you

know I took I think that's not all of

the other confusion you have to wait til

something up the top Darris gone well

maybe something up the top can be there

and you just press the right d-pad

anyway and it'll send you in without

telling you I don't know but a lot of

people were telling me oh I can't get in

why isn't it letting me I have no clue

okay you can't like I don't know your

circumstance I don't know what you

haven't done like and I so basically

once you are in here we want to not do

that you'll want to hop on your bike

just the workshop in yourself

and 1.6 with missiles it goes

engine block that's cool yeah there's

some cool tunes and whatnot in here

things look cool that looks horrible

I see a lot of people getting the like

these types of camos and whatnot why I

don't know I mean some people like it I


weapons I get here the weapon prices you

run a machine gun it cost you 750 bucks

you want the M cheese it'll cost you two

hundred seventy-five thousand

you want missiles direct use cheaper

just because the load n doesn't mean the

more expensive they are actually cheaper

they're like two hundred thousand or

something so yeah the cheaper than the

explosive empties these versus mgs are

actually so good I'm not even going to

lie I'm what's this changing all right

no ok you can mix my tres

hmm that could be handy something I just

found out with a flare gun

if someone shooting missiles at you

shoot a flare gun at them and the

there's a chance that they will end up

shooting themselves if you should close

enough and they shoot a missile at the

same time I'm not kidding I've seen it

done before and I didn't know a flare

gun did that as stupid as that sounds I

honestly didn't know always changed it

to this by the way anyway so yeah that's

it's quite simple how you sell the press

so it's nothing nothing too interesting

except you have to spend like a million

dollars so that's really the only

problem I think it's really stupid to be

honest because I mean I guess GGO for

rocks I was just like ah who would want

to sell on the pressure and I'm doing

the exact same thing but you know as you

can see you need to spend money to be

able to sell a vehicle that's the part I

don't get yeah anyway let me know what

you think of this down in the comments

in a better way that they can or could

have done it because I know there are

quite a lot get off my bike

while I'm in this car might I'm not

signing you down that much it's not let

me off my bike it's not letting me find

fly for it either

oh all right

sleep well I guess we're gonna end the

video here I'm gonna have a nice ride

this this truck and I'll see you next

time have a good one