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a crazy tip here for you guys

on how to maximize your profit on your

galaxy opals

or any other cars that are on bid all


so i did post my lonzo ball and my jr

smith because i did see their prices go


um i didn't post jamal crawford or blake

griffin because

this these two prices did not go up i

know lucas price did go up on let's

still hold on to him because i feel like

he's going to rise to 350k

um so i might have to sell these in the

next week

maybe maybe this sunday but he went up

jr smith is way up and lonzo ball went

up all right guys

um i'm gonna tell you guys my method

right don't ever just

post if you decide to post a card up

that you inve you're investing in

and you see the market is rising make

sure you check

the prices of that card in the auction

because sometimes during the day

the prices go cheaper than the morning

time and sometimes in the at night

the prices go a lot more expensive than

the morning time so definitely

make sure you see what what your cards

are actually going for right now

and you can get a good idea like what

yours might go for

so for example let's say i want to post

up this heater right

i'm gonna look up hiru see how much he's

going for right now and

uh he's going for 220k damage shooting

contract let's see this refresh if he


any higher

so honestly if i sell my for 220 i'll be

happy with that that's a nice little


um that's about what what's a 40k profit

if i sell my for 220 consider i got mine

for like what 160.

so the next thing is let's say yeah okay

man i'm gonna i'm gonna sell my card


so especially for me i've noticed in the

evenings i feel like cars go for more

after a market crash when the market

starts rising you

kind of notice that like morning times

in the evening times the cars go for

more expensive i don't know why

but um so let's say i do want to post

them next thing you're going to do is

you're going to scroll to the

the four hour mark all right the reason

why i'm telling you this you do not want

to post your card

up for sale when especially if it's on

bid if it's a buy now

it doesn't matter if it's a bid like

this uh

hiru turkulu you have to scroll so far

our mark make sure you're not posting

yours with a whole bunch of other ones

that are bunched up together like 10 of

them you know

all in one minute because you know man

if that happens to you man you're not

going to sell your hedo for nothing or

any other card you're trying to post

so let's see if there's any uh hidey

turquoise that were just recently posted

and three hours and 55 minutes time to

post guys

so i got that nice gap it's a five

minute gap guys

it's a perfect gap this hero is going to

sell for a good price

and that is it guys very simple the best

method on how to maximize your profits

on cars that are on bid

especially galaxy opals like that go for


over 100k um so now i got hidu i got jr

smith lonzo ball

now let me tell you one thing it doesn't

work all the time and the reason why i'm

telling this guys right now

when i posted his lonzo ball guys let me

show you he's at one hour 55 minutes

when i posted his lonzo ball uh this


ball he was uh and

he's got he's with a damage shooting

contract my lonzo ball is probably gonna

go for like 140.

but anyways how much was he who's that

one hour 54 minutes okay

okay so i did the same method with lonzo

ball make i made sure that they're not

bunched up

so i can maximize my profits so as you

can see like midday they're not going as

expensive but in the evening i know that

his price will rise like in the evening


um one hour 54 minutes right so see here

one hour 54 almost there

wait was it one hour 54 minutes

how what was it at

i'm confusing myself one hour 54 minutes

okay okay we got it this time man i'm

like confusing myself one hour 54

minutes okay let's go

so we so we posted lonzo ball at one

one hour like a couple hours ago

when i posted him let's get to this

first and explain guys

there was literally none posted for like

a couple minutes just like uh

just like the card i just posted the


so as you can see right here when i

before i posted mine

i saw this one right here it was one

hour 44 minutes oh i'm gonna i'm gonna

post my card

right then right after i posted it this


this someone posted before me when i was


this one this one and then i posted mine

and these two right here the one hour 54


and mine they're gonna be going at the

same time so that's my whole point guys

sometimes it won't work because you

can't predict if someone else is posting

the cars at the same time

but it will definitely give you a better

edge on you know than just posting it

randomly without even knowing

how many cars are on the auction you

know what they're going for so

just letting you guys know it doesn't

work all the time as far as

like for example let's go back to this

hero let's see if there's any posted at

3 hours and 57 minutes

let's see if someone did that because

obviously i i don't know

until i actually check right now so

let's see

because when i last checked when i

posted the one posted this heater there

was none

in the past five minutes posted so three

hours and 57 minutes probably gonna be

three hours and 56 minutes but we'll see

right now quite a few heroes

um i don't know why in the evening time

though cars go for a lot more

it's kind of weird come on

any day any day three hours

all right so you see someone did post

one right after mine

i mean this card only has a diamond shoe

which is complete trash

so i think mine's gonna go for quite a

good price um

so yeah definitely use this method to

maximize your profits

on any cars that are on bid that go for

more than 100k

um yeah this is probably one of my

biggest tricks that i

told my friends about and i wanted to

kind of let you guys know about if you

don't know about it definitely

use this helps out a lot you can

definitely make a lot more empty if you

are like

literally the only card posted in the

next five minutes like

there's there's definitely gonna be

people over bidding on your card so

definitely use this method anyways guys


thank you so much for coming out

checking out my channel guys

just a cool little tip on how to help

you guys out and maximize the profits

and uh yeah that'll be it for the video

guys thank you again so much for coming

out have a good one peace