OOH Works for Restaurants | Lamar Advertising


influencers are powerful in the

restaurant industry sometimes those

influencers are in your own back seat

head of home advertising is a constant

reminder reaching consumers in the right

place at the right time be top of mind

to influence hungry customers at the

moment they are driving around in search

of that perfect spot to dine out of home

advertising is perfectly positioned to

reach restaurant goers and has a

built-in audience it's powerful alone

and plays well with other types of

advertising - in fact out-of-home can

amplify the reach of mobile campaigns by

three hundred and forty percent let us

at Lamar Advertising be your media

partner our experienced sales reps will

meet with you and learn where we can


tell us about your marketing objectives

and let us go to work our designers will

then take your restaurants objective and

solve it with a creative execution they

are experts and visually telling a story

our data will guide your lamar

representative to place your ad in the

right place to reach your target

audience you can't afford not to put

out-of-home in your media mix contact

Ilham our media consultant today