How I Made My Online Store FREE In 2023 (DONT USE SHOPIFY!)

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what's up you guys i am the ceo of

baddie cool and today i'm going to teach

you guys how to make a free store

completely free you do not have to pay

any monthly fees or sign up or give your

card information this is literally like

if you're wanting to test your handmade

products you want to test a drop

shipping store you want to test just

literally anything this is the way the

only thing that you do need is just a

good way to promote which through tick


tick tock literally promotes it for you

i haven't posted in like

two weeks you get to this point where

like you don't even have to post tick

tock will keep showing your post it

almost like snowballs and you don't even

have to really be on a like tight post

schedule to get views and to get people

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