How To Sell Tickets Online — Selling Tickets On Stubhub, Ticketmaster And Co. | #227

today's question comes from Tony and

Tony and his buddies are selling tickets

online so basically they built this

small business where they buy event

tickets for tickets concert tickets and

then they resell them at a higher price

on other websites and now Tony's asking

if I have any tips on how to sell these

tickets online

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here's what I would do I would use

Facebook ads and YouTube ads to drive

traffic and get sales so let's start

with Facebook what do you want to do on

Facebook is target the specific fans of

the artists in the country where the

concert is taking place so Facebook

allows you to actually target many fan

pages so you can target every fan page

but if you go to audience insights and

that is a tool provided by Facebook you

can search for the artist page and you

can type it into the interest field and

if it shows up in the drop-down menu if

you can select it it means you can

literally target the fans of that artist

and then all you have to do in your ads

is select the country where the concert

is taking place you can even narrow down

geographically if you want to and select

the actual fan page of that artist and

maybe related fan pages of similar

artists and music genres in that ad and

then run those ads

to those people and drive them to your

ticket resale page I've got a friend who

works for a music management company and

he actually manages artists and books

their shows and make sure you know they

fill the shows and this is the exact

process that they use so they literally

use Facebook Ads they target the right

people just like I described the fans

the communities of those artists and

they sell out these shows like crazy

like they make millions of dollars and

they completely film and sell out these

concerts on YouTube what you want to do

is create a video ad about the event or

about the concert and incentivize people

to buy a ticket so you know this is a

bit more advanced because someone has to

step in front of the camera and actually

talk you could also do like a PowerPoint

presentation but I don't think that

would work that well you can also do

animated explainer videos but that's

going to cost money and also I don't

think they're going to do that well

ideally just have you or your body in

front of the camera speaking about the

event or the concert and telling about

the tickets and that's all it takes and

then what you do with your video ads is

you place it only on specific videos by

that artist so for example many artists

get a ton of views on YouTube and they

monetize their videos so that means you

can show ads on those same videos so in

YouTube there's something called

placements meaning you can select exact

videos where you want your video ad to

appear so you can literally select all

the music videos of a particular artists

that have monetization enabled you can

then narrow down by only choosing people

in a particular country

and then you can show your video ad

hyping up the event the concert and

pitching the tickets you can show that

video only on those selected videos of

that artist you can do the same with

sports events you can select similar you

know sport event broadcast replays and

stuff like that so depending on the

event and the type of ticket you have to

be a bit more creative but you get the

idea use Facebook and YouTube video ads

combined to drive traffic to get

awareness and sell those tickets