How to sell list Tickets on Stubhub 2018

okay selling tickets on StubHub this is

the beginner's guide to selling tickets

on stub so the first thing you're going

to do is you're going to type in the

artist or event you're going to from

here you're going to see what date okay

alright this is pretty straightforward

it's all pretty straightforward but if

you haven't done before

maybe it'll pull something out of the

video so we're going to click enrique

iglesias don't ask me why it's Henrique

it's just I have a thing for moles okay

let's just leave it at that

so all tickets we're going to say fort

okay so we're gonna go to sell tickets

excuse me top right

sell tickets how many

tickets do you have let's say we have


preferences usually you could just let's

say you're listening to if you saw in a

group of two it doesn't break up the

ticket so they'll always keep them in

the two so you don't need to specify so

we're going to say edit these

preferences though because we're doing

four so sell any quantity but don't

leave me with a single ticket so all my

tickets together so I'll be accrued

before I tour so multiples of two which

would probably be the most common I

don't know why you would want to limit

it to four it doesn't make any sense to


so okay so you'd sell multiples of two

right straight forward are you ready to

deliver your tickets let's say say yes

and see what happens there and our

barcode so on this event

you know purchased through AXS they give

you there's a number Barca that you just

plug in and it does everything digitally

nothing else to do it can get their

tickets right then let's just say you

you know have an event that they're

releasing the tickets to the show five

days before which is pretty common

they're going to say ready to deliver

tickets no of course you're not so you

own your barcode dates by nine thirteen

this is very important all right so nine

thirteen the show is on the 15th so

that's two days before you're getting

five days ahead that should be no

problem but make sure you have them by

that day otherwise you are responsible

for the money that person spent on the

tickets okay moving along

so we'll say no eyeliner barcodes by

this day okay great

section so we're going to say a lower

orchestra it's a front orchestra

and then it'll give you you know

whatever you're looking at so it's it's

for Cairo and so it's a D Orsay

see you know for argument's sake is one

autofill consecutive seats it's pretty

self-explanatory it's just two is easier

just to type that whatever click it one

two three four next okay continue so now

this is a kind of an important part

pricing your ticket this is I think sort

of new to StubHub in the past year where

you're going to get more pricing info

and you can see tickets pricing that is

sold so actual real world prices so you

know first you need to do is go to zone

okay that's what I would prefer doing on

the top left you're going to click the

zone that you're in okay so it's going

to be front Orchestra down here so I

already have tickets up here go figure

this is been a pretty rough one to sell

for I will say as you can see my current

tickets have been up for a hundred and

thirteen days there's still two months

to the show so I don't doubt that

they'll sell you're talking about a

small gain right there but anyway we'll

get into all that stuff in the other

video I'll have a link below so we're

going to say see you could kind of get

an idea here low to high oh say high to

low okay so okay you get some idea ten

tickets buh-buh-bah so so listings this

is actually more important you could see

what people have actually paid in

reality for the tickets as opposed to a

lot of there are a lot of delusional

people on StubHub who have it up for

ian's $1500 and you know they're 15 rows

back and there's no way and how again

I'm not right what people do it they

don't check their tickets and maybe it's

something I don't know maybe they're

using some logic that I'm not privy to

but anyway so you could you know get a

good idea on the pricing here you know

your different options first high to low

filter not going to be using that so

yeah that's that I'm going to go into

more pricing on the next video you click

click the link below but this is a topic

that needs further explanation but for

right now we're going to go to list

thing okay so price for ticket I want to

say $500

okay so like for tickets you'll get 1800

so they're taking off 10% as I mentioned

another video and that's it five on a

per ticket okay so now you're going to

go to create listing which I'm not going

to do because I don't have you will also

have to have a credit card just in case

you flake and actually don't have the

tickets they will charge your card the

price it costs the buyer for the tickets

so be careful that payment method they

will pay through PayPal or you know a

bank account or hey if you're really

charitable you could just donate why you

would do that I have no idea just how

Steve Jobs about donating it so that's

always a no is the answer okay so that's

about it a nice quick video on putting

tickets up on StubHub check my other

videos linked below and those will be

more of a help if you're looking for

more in-depth and stuff thanks