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what's up guys it's Maxine here welcome

welcome back to my channel if you

haven't been here before my name is

Maxine if you have been here before what

I do I'm so excited to be shooting this

video because I do get a lot of you guys

asking me how I saw my clothes online

and I just thought that I would share

that information but I've been doing

this for the past two and a half months

I have gained a little more insight a

little more knowledge about this and I'm

just I just want to share it and you

know just when I hope somebody else put

some money in their pocket or somebody

else start their business doing this I'm

going to be showing you guys how you can

use your social media how you can use

other platforms to sell your clothes

turn it into a business or just make

extra money so bring out your notebooks

bring out your phone if you're using

something else to watch this video and

just take down notes

I think I'm spilling gems in here it's

not to say that I sold out of everything

no I think but I did manage to saw a

significant number of stuff because now

and I'm looking at my clothes and I'm

like there's so many things I used to be

here that I just not here anymore

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this December so I'm just gonna give you

a little background of why I started

this and how I started in basically the

reason why I started this was because I

think I said it in a video before but

honestly I saw that video and I was like

where was my energy like I was so I

don't know what was going to it was

basically a point in time where I had

decided that my channel was going to be

about fashion it just did not like what

was in my closet anymore I felt like my

style had evolved so much it had changed

so many things that I just did not have

and so many unnecessary things that I

just did not where I needed to rebuild

my closet and I'm still in the process

of doing that it takes a while

especially when you're not buying

everything at once

almost almost completely from scratch

and so I just took out everything that

just did not serve me anymore and so I

just have the bread idea of you know

what I'm gonna sell but I started

noticing that some people so that I

follow in the States or in the UK they

have Poshmark they have what's it called

deep hop and they have you know these

platforms to sell their clothes and so

as a sec okay where and I just create a

page where I can just solve all of this

stuff and see if anybody actually buys

and whatever money that I get from it is

going to go directly to rebuilding my

closet yeah that is pretty much the

background of why I started this people

have different reasons for wanting to

solve their clothes online for some

people they might just be trying to make

some extra cash and get rid of stuff

other people are trying to turn this

into a business but buying and reselling

it could be pretty large it could be

brand new but just buying and reselling

clothes I'm going to talk about both

sides of the coin regardless of whether

you're trying to build a business off of

it or not these tips work either way so

yeah let's get into it

so if you are not trying to turn this

into a business you can consider selling

to other stores online that I and so

pre-loved clothes or pre-owned clothes

this might be a little bit tricky

because some of them do not buy clothes

from customers at all some do but if you

do manage to sell to those to sell to

those shops most like they're not going

to offer you that much money for them

because then again also for them it's a

business they're trying to make profit

so they're not gonna buy it for over

that much because then not lose money

out of it you know the biggest place to

search for these stores is Instagram so

if you know any thrift shops or that

sell online in your city or in

your country check them out and ask them

if they do check if they have shouted

out any other stores that might do the

same thing and then just ask them if

they do buy from customers you don't

know you never know you might be lucky

another way is by getting them to solve

for you and this is the same as the last

one not all of them self with any

customers if you are going to ask

somebody to solve for you you should be

willing to have them take take a

percentage of the sales that they make

for you because if this is a business

they are using their marketing and a lot

of the times their pictures they're

using the community that they have built

it's their business so if you're asking

them to solve for you you should be

prepared some of them can say to you

that ok just send me five good quality

pictures on a white wall or something

and I will post these on my story or I

post them on my feed and see if anybody

wants to buy them some of them might do

it for free some of them might want a

portion of it if they do want a portion

of it either give them that percentage

or don't waste their time because again

like I said this is a business don't try

to get people to do stuff for free for

you otherwise do you so I think one of

my biggest tips when you're entering

this sort of business is to do your

research you can't just watch one

YouTube video and then say that ok I'm

gonna go start it now you need to do

research on everything every single

aspect of it it could be a research on

how to market it could be a research on

what clothes people are wearing right

now it could be research on what

platforms are best to sell it's better

to know more than you need then to know

less because then you go in knowing

exactly what it takes a tip on when you

are choosing the clothes that need to be

sold be honest and be realistic be

honest with yourself look at the item

and see if I don't want this who is

going to want it ask yourself what is

most and least likely to so there like a

variety of factors for this it could be

what's changing right now what people

are wearing right now whether it's good

or poor quality all of that comes ties

into what clothes you should choose to

actually put out if you have something

that's poor quality that has like a hole

here being but it's not that being just

don't even tender little sort of like

give you a bad image

this person sells really poor quality

stuff from the get-go

then also ask yourself is it in style

and if it isn't in solid being fell at

some point for example there's some

trends that died down years ago and they

have not made a resurface and you might

have something like that a lot of people

are very conscious about what they buy

on life you need to understand who

you're selling to and get to that part

in a bit if it's highly updated chances

are it's not going to sell and then

another thing that you need to consider

is what season is it is it winter is it

summer if it's summer are you trying to

sell a big coat a lot of people are not

buying winter clothes during summer and

somebody might pay it but there's a low

chance of somebody actually buying that

just then you can opt to keep your

winter clothes for when it's approaching

winter then you can sell to people but

otherwise for now if it's summer just

don't do it my next tip is to take and

use high-quality pictures of the items

that you're selling and taking a blurry

picture of something that's like laying

on the bed it's all wrinkled and all of

that there is no use because a lot of

people will see it as it is so if it's

like that they'll be like oh that's not

interesting as opposed to having it up

on a hanger it's clean or all angles of

it are showing and include a picture of

you in it because people also want to

know how does this fit so so yeah my

next tip and this one is very important

identify and find your target market and

build a community with them you need to

find people that are willing and

interested in buying your pre-loved

pre-owned or old clothes some people

prefer buying stuff brand new and they

would never want to buy anything

secondhand so there's no use marketing

to them rather your target market should

be people who do usually buy pre-loved

clothes you will see that on the

Instagram if the post like I got this

drifted or for example this is not

saying that I should you should go and

poach people's customers but look at

other stores or look at other pages that

also sell their old clothes with their

pre loved clothes look at whether they

have customer appreciation highlights or

whether they have people commenting or

whether they have the followers just

check out their followers a lot of the

times those are people who are mostly

interested in buying second-hand clothes

also don't go to your friends if it's

just your friends then that's not

necessarily a customer base it's just

you selling stuff to your friends and a

lot of the times your friends are just

not your target market maybe they would

have want to borrow something but they

wouldn't actually you know buy something

off of you and especially when you're

selling your own stuff find people with

similar body types it's you meaning same

size same body shape around not same but

very similar because those are gonna be

the people who are mostly interested in

purchasing from you if you are a size

small you cannot try to sell your

clothes to somebody who is a size medium

or a size large they're not gonna win a

back my next tip is to use multiple

platforms so don't put your eggs in one

basket and just only post a new

circumstance I can feed this again

depends on whether you're trying to make

it a business or not if you are trying

to make it a business then I highly

recommend using multiple platforms if

you are just trying to saw your close to

like a small group of people then stick

to that small group of people but then

I'll talk about that a little bit don't

limit yourself to Instagram stories and

Instagram feed and what's up there

plenty of apps that you can sell your

stuff on here in South Africa start with

Instagram that is one way to build to

build your brand awareness or shop

awareness we just let people know that

you I'm selling feels like if you want

it utilize stories utilize the feed try

to get shoutouts from other stores that

do the same and obviously also shout

them out you can also try to post on

gumtree and say you're I'm selling

killer clothes some people buy in bulk

so they were actually coming buy all of

your clothes if they are obviously if

they are what they are looking for

they'll buy all of your clothes again


and you probably get less out of it then

if you were to Solomon to stuff

individually if you're okay with that

then go for it like I personally when I

started this started posting it on my

student portal on my university website

on the adverts within like the first day

of me posting on the student portal I

literally got five people messaging me

and out of those five people I sent like

some of the stuff that I have a lot of

those five people one of those ladies

came and actually bought two items you

can also try to use Yaga WWE yogurt coz

this one is a little shaky it's

definitely like it's a it's a

marketplace for pre loved fashion it's

literally what it says on the website

some people don't trust it yet some

people might not trust your store they

don't know you

so I'll just say that Yaga on its own

that it's not like don't only use that I

can't don't put your eggs in one basket

you can also try Facebook marketplace

that's another place where people go in

my beloved fashion equalling by a brand

new fashion so try all of that and see

what works out for you try and see which

platform you make the most sales on my

next tip is don't compare yourself to

other people they might have already

built a tribe of loyal customers and you

might still just be starting out and you

don't really know especially don't try

to compare yourself to people who have

been doing this I feel like social media

a lot of the times is a popularity

contest sometimes they can be a

celebrity or an influencer or somebody

who's really social media popular post

something and say I'm selling this and

have somebody paid right away a lot of

people are not buying the product but

they're buying the name behind the

product their banner name basically like

for example if Kylie Jenner was to come

out and saw her clothes

hella people would ban by the way

actually the Kardashians are doing that

right at the moment they have a website

and forgotten what it's called

I've seen some influences literally pose

like influences with over one hundred

five hundred thousand followers post

guys I'm selling some of my own clothes

and I'll post ten items and within an

hour they posting sawl sawl sawl sawl

sawl sawl sawl people are buying the

clothes I belonged

the influence to say that I bought

something that belonged to the

influencer or people are buying a

specific brand that they would love to

buy but they cannot afford and that

influencer has that specific dress or

specific pair of pants that they want

and now that influencers selling it for

a fraction of the price of the actual

pants they're gonna wanna buy it because

that sort of thing doesn't come up all

the time they might have or anything

like that on the website now that

influence is selling it you know do your

own thing stay in your own lane go at

your own pace okay another tip is don't

be afraid to switch up your strategy if

something is not working for you don't

give up right away you know a lot of

people do not make do not have a lot of

success in their first year of doing

something sometimes even their first two

years of doing something some people

have a lot of success within the first

three months again you can't compare

yourself you might try to model the

strategy of people who have who have

done the same thing on who I doing the

same thing and they seem to have a lot

of success in it model don't copy we see

when you're copying somebody completely

think outside of the box if you make

most of your sales by posting on

Instagram stories and all of a sudden

it's not working anymore after maybe

made five sales switch up your strategy

if you are used to posting feed post

post okay

there's this product this is how you can

set it for example let's say you're

trying to sell a pair of paper bag gray

shirts go on Pinterest try to style them

yourself people like that sort of thing

utilize videos utilize pictures utilize

those photo albums on Instagram so now

we're gonna move on to pricing pricing

is something that I guess people do

differently I'll honestly say that the

biggest thing is to be realistic again

that comes with quality it comes with

this style

it comes with whether it's trending or

lie because it is secondhand so a lot of

people come online to buy second-hand


because the a B cannot afford like to

buy a bunch of new clothes whatever it

may be so be they're coming there to buy

something secondhand because it's

supposedly cheaper so if you're over

pricing your stuff then they're not

gonna wanna buy from you nothing got

robbed people

don't rob people they say for example

went to a shop and rewards a dress for

150 grand don't go on the internet after

you've won at five times and then try to

sell it for 200 grand again people see

and kind of give you a bad name as oh no

this person is not trying to rob people

as I know at the end of the day you are

trying to make profit but it's not the

same as buying a bunch of stock I'm

going to sell it as your own next thing

is how you can accept payments make sure

that you use a very secure method of

payment and by the way make sure that

you receive a payment before you even

deliver you even go and deliver

something there are many ways of getting

paid you can get cash sent again I said

you can use EFT you can use a wallet

stay away from shabby paying apps like

PayPal I hate people like it's very easy

to get paid but the person can easily

get a refund because they only release

the funds to you once that person

confirms that you should receive the

money so if they say that no I never

received my item whatever they're

getting their money back and that time

you've already sent if possible make

sure that you made your main method of

receiving stuff as cash payments a lot

of the times the first people that you

do buy that you do sell to are going to

be in your city so you guys can meet up

and transact obviously you just have to

charge them even 10 or 20 Rand to get to

where they are the last thing that I'll

talk about is delivery I've only ever

used mics for delivery and I was also

receiving something you can use paksy

which is going to a pet store and then

they package it for you and then they

sent it out for the standard parcel I

think it's fifty rent and makes for the

standard parcel I don't even know if I'm

pronouncing that right irony for the

standard parcel in 99 grand those good

and reputable choir companies with low

rates because you're gonna be having

your customers spend a ton of money on

premiums unless they want to get

something overnight then they will

obviously have to make a plan to pay for

the delivery but again also try to

utilize personal delivery again you

might have to try to them or you can

just do free pickup I did a number of

free pickup actually I hope you guys

enjoyed this very informative video I

hope I might have helped you if you want

to start something or if you're doing it

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