How to SELL on Facebook Marketplace SAFELY During a Pandemic!

hi everyone its Lindy welcome back to my

channel today I wanted to talk to you

about how to sell safely on Facebook

marketplace during this pandemic so as I

have mentioned in previous videos

selling locally is a big part of my

reselling business model and almost all

of my local selling is done through

Facebook marketplace a question that

I've been getting a lot over these last

couple of months from all of you guys is

am I still doing local sales because

this pandemic is going on and so I

wanted to create a dedicated video

discussing how exactly the pandemic has

affected my local sales and what I am

doing to make sure that I keep myself my

family and my buyers safe during the

sensitive time this last weekend was

actually the first time that I have had

one of my local pop-up sales in over two

months so I'm not going to go into a lot

of detail about what a pop-up is for me

I did a video all about it I'll link

that up here

I had discussed how I made almost $1,000

in two hours doing one of my local

pop-ups using contacting direct clients

for that pop-up sale rather than doing

like an open sale like someone would do

with a garage sale but that pop-up sale

that I had this last weekend was my

first time having multiple people

actually to my house however I have

still been using Facebook marketplace as

a way to do one-on-one sales and so that

is what this video is about because I

want to give you guys all of the tools

that you need to conduct one on one

facebook business safely so if you're

not currently using Facebook marketplace

to conduct any reselling business I do

highly recommend that you give it a try

there's a lot of things going on with

Facebook right now that leads me to

believe that in the very near future

there's going to be a lot of opportunity

to make very good money using Facebook

so before I get into some tips on how to

conduct business on Facebook safely I

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platform okay so now let's say you're

perfectly comfortable with listing on

Facebook marketplace what is the best

way to safely conduct business in my

opinion the absolute safest thing for

you to do is to avoid cash exchanges and

do porch pickups or drop-offs that is

how I have personally been choosing

to remain as safe as possible when

conducting business during this pandemic

as we know money cold hard cash is

extremely dirty enough without factoring

in this nasty virus that has been

plaguing our globe we didn't worry

enough about where that cash came from

we're even more worried now so the best

practice is really to avoid cash

completely one of my absolute favorite

things that Facebook has enacted over

the last year or so is Facebook pay

primarily because not only is it

instantly deposited into your bank

account but there are no fees associated

with taking funds this way yeah that's

right no fees you get to keep 100% of

the money that the buyer pays you direct

to your bank account and I honestly have

no idea how long's Eero fees is going to

last but let's take advantage of it

while we can shall we setting up

Facebook pay on your end as the receiver

or setting it up on your end as the

buyer wanting to transfer money to

another person is also really super easy

you didn't have to even jump through the

hoops of knowing your routing number and

your account number you could seriously

just link it up using your bank debit

card truth be told I didn't even have it

set up before somebody sent me money I

had actually received a notification in

my facebook messenger that someone had

sent me funds I didn't even know how to

link my card but I received an alert

that there was funds waiting for me and

it actually prompted me and walked me

through the entire process of linking a

debit card and the minute I linked that

debit card the deposit was

instantaneously in my bank account so

now from the buyer side I actually have

my app pulled up right now from the

buyer side if you've been communicating

with them via facebook messenger all

they have to do is hit the little plus

sign and then select the little dollar

symbol and they can enter in and amount

after they select the amount that they

want to pay you then they

would hit pay or if I is the seller and

wanting to request funds to the buyer

I would simply do that same thing I

would hit the dollar sign and I would

select my dollar amount and then I would

hit request which would prompt the buyer

to complete the transaction on their

side and it is as simple as that it is

all completely instantaneous but let's

face it not everybody wants to sign up

with Facebook pay and I have come across

several people that don't have it set up

nor do they have the desire to set it up

and so there are two other options to

avoid using cash if they don't have

facebook pay the first one being PayPal

they can send you funds through PayPal

by using your email address they can

actually just send you money themselves

or if they don't know how to do that

you can request that they send you money

in PayPal which is very similar to

generating a very quick invoice you just

simply hit request in PayPal and you

send the request to their paypal email

and they can pay you from there or you

can use the functionality of PayPal dot

M e slash your user for instance mine is

PayPal dot m / Lindy Glen so if somebody

doesn't have Facebook pay and they would

rather use PayPal I just simply send

them the link of PayPal dot me slash

Lindy Glen they can click on it and

submit a payment to my PayPal account in

an instant and then the final way to

avoid cash is to use the square app so

now this one is actually my least

favorite to use if you're not in person

with somebody I do really love using the

square tool to do payments whenever I

have a pop-up sale because not everybody

wants to use cash

I actually prefer that they use cards

because it's a lot easier for me to

track but square actually has this

little device here it's a little tool

this is actually

a scanner tool that you just simply plug

into your phone you just plug it into

the port of your phone and you can just

swipe cards on the spot I love this tool

I actually use this if I do in-person

sales like I mentioned with a pop up you

can find these on Amazon I believe

they're ten dollars I'll go ahead and

link it below so that you can find it a

little bit easier but you do need to

find the square reader that actually

goes with your phone like I have the

iPhone X I can't use a standard port

reader because I don't have an auxilary

port I just have the the little spot for

charging I don't know what it's called

it's it's this one it's it's the

whatever that one is so you do need to

select your reader that is compatible

with the port on your phone but I'll go

ahead and link one down below just so

you can get an idea of what they look

like and there are around ten dollars

but if you don't have a reader you can

actually type in somebody's card number

manually using the square app so the

square app is completely free however

they do take a small fee very very

similar to PayPal I believe it's two

point seven percent plus a twenty five

or thirty cent per transaction fee not

exactly sure if I'm being honest but so

when you open up I'll show you right

here when you open up the square app you

would just simply type in the dollar

amount that somebody is paying you and

if you had the card reader you would

just simply type in the dollar amount

like this and then just swipe the card

and the transaction would be all

completely automatic but if you don't

have the card reader what you would be

doing in this sense is you would simply

tap on charge and you would say manual

credit entry which is the second one and

from there you would just type in all of

the numbers on the card now the reason

why I don't like to use this as an

option is because that's

an extra level of trust that the buyer

has to actually type in their card

number through Facebook which if they're

willing to just manually type in their

credit card or debit card number through

Facebook why not just link up Facebook

pay and then there's also this level of

trust of are you as the seller going to

delete that number or are you just gonna

take it and run so I don't see how

somebody would be more willing to do it

this way versus the other two ways I

just talked about but it is an option

nonetheless to use the square reader it

is a good way to avoid cash and those

funds are directly deposited into your

bank account but it is not instantaneous

like it is with Facebook pay or PayPal

it actually does take a day or two for

those transactions to be sent from

square into your bank account and then

it might take a couple more days of

processing with your bank so definitely

not instant but it is an option if you

cannot or the buyer does not want to use

Facebook pay or PayPal the sqaure app is

another way to avoid using cash when it

comes to doing local sales but a benefit

to not having those transactions be

instantaneous is that Square will end up

sending all of your sales in one lump so

if you do happen to have a pop-up like I

like to have or if you have several

local transactions in a single day which

is typically what I do it's very very

rare that I will just have one sale in a

day there will usually be several so

rather than having a whole bunch of

transactions come into my bank account

and over the course of a day it's all

lumped together and so what Square will

do is they will lump all of your sales

together and generate a report for the

day and then they will send you the

funds in one lump so I actually like

this square does it that way rather than

you know a sale here a sale there and

having them just drop in one at a time

into my bank account I would rather have

it all up together which is exactly what

Square does so when you completely

eliminate the need to exchange

cash for goods that's when it makes

pickup or drop-off a lot more conducive

to this whole pandemic situation that we

are all currently dealing with because

when the transaction is completed

electronically then it's just a matter

of getting the goods to the buyer so

depending on your living situation what

you're comfortable with if you live in

an apartment if you live in a house if

you live in a rural area that's when

it's up to you to decide how exactly you

want to give the goods to the buyer so

depending on the situation for myself I

do conduct a lot of business with the

same buyers over and over again that's

why I have a client list that I deal

with I talked all about that client list

in one of those videos that I've linked

up here so if it's a repeat client then

I have at my house they already know

where I live they come to my pop-up

sales they've bought from me over

Facebook marketplace several times I

will just simply ask them to let me know

when they're going to stop by and I will

just leave the item in a bin on my porch

for them to pick up they as the buyer

appreciate that because it's completely

contact free I don't have to see them

they don't have to see me we don't have

to worry about exchanging cooties they

can just pick it up off of my porch or

if I don't know who they are and they as

the buyer are a little uncomfortable

with coming to my house I can simply

arrange to drop it off on their porch

when I am out running errands and we've

done that several times before too

they've been a little bit uncomfortable

with coming to my house because they

don't know who I am so I just let them

know give me their address and I'll drop

it off on their porch when I'm out

running errands and that has always been

perfectly fine with buyers so if

somebody is wanting to meet or if you

are wanting to meet in a public place

the absolute safest way to maintain

social distancing is for you to actually

leave the item on the hood of your car

and then sit in your vehicle from there

when the buyer arrives they can simply

get out of their vehicle pick up the

item off of the hood of your car while

you sit inside that is what truly

ensures that there is no contact it

maintains the most physical distance and


are separated by a car door and of

course if you have been unable to

complete the financial part of the

transaction electronically let's say you

as the seller wanted to only accept cash

or the buyer wanted to avoid all

electronic transfers and just pay you in

cash it would be at that time the buyer

would leave the cash on the hood of your

car and remove the item and then you

would be able to exit the vehicle after

they have removed the item to get the

cash just make sure it's not a windy day

and if it is a windy day make sure to

have a rock or something nearby so that

they can leave the funds on the hood of

the car and then of course make sure to

use hand sanitizer or you could even do

something like have a baggie and you

could actually pick up the cash with the

bag and close the funds in the back and

then you could sanitize it as necessary

if you were worried about the virus

being spread through the cash and now

some of these things might sound really

extreme you know leaving money on the

hood of a car putting things outside

leaving it on the ground and sitting in

your vehicle and watching somebody pick

up the merchandise and leave cash and

then picking up the cash with a baggie

you spraying it down with Lysol I know

that it all might sound very very

extreme but we have to also understand

that some people live in much more

populated areas and so spreading that

virus is a real concern for people I do

live in a very rural area where there is

not as many people in a small area so

the virus doesn't seem to be spreading

as much where I live there are very few

cases and we are all still taking proper

precautions by wearing masks and

limiting the number of people are in

stores and I don't even think that we

have any restaurants that have an open

dining room yet we are still taking

precautions but there are areas that are

very heavily populated and so those kind

of precautions might sound strange to

some people but

to those people living in heavily

populated areas picking up cash with a

baggie or making sure to sit in your

vehicle while a buyer takes something

off the hood of your car that is

essential for safety even though there

is a pandemic going on right now we can

still conduct local Facebook marketplace

business as safely as possible and I

hope that these tips gave you some ideas

on how to be even safer out there right

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