How to Sell High Ticket Online Personal Training (GROW YOUR FITNESS BUSINESS FAST)

you can have control or you can have

growth but you can't have both


so why high-ticket well there's 10

reasons to offer high ticket sales all

right how many online coaches in the

room online fitness coaches are a cool

how many people want to become an online

fitness coach ok cool anybody not

interested in online fitness coaching at

all not a problem

it's just a business model it's just a

business model alright you'll still be

able to take a look way a lot of

information from this presentation if

you have a brick-and-mortar if you're a

gym owner whatever you do this will

apply to you so don't so now I won't

zone out good here we go we're gonna

crank these reasons out number one is

we're gonna move from generalists to

specialists what's a generalist a

generalist is somebody who's got the

profile on their Instagram page on line

fitness coach a specialist is fat loss

expert for busy parents with three kids

under five who help them lose fat with

inter ketogenic intermittent fasting is

that specific that's a specialist who

wants to earn a generalist income a

generalist doesn't make much money

a specialist gets paid top dollar so

we've got to become the go-to person in

your space you cannot come in this

gameis I'm just going to try and get a

piece of the pie it doesn't work like

that you're going to get crushed by your

competition if something is worth doing

is it worth becoming number one or

number two if you're not prepared to

become number one or two as a specialist

just tap the panic button and leave

right now it's it's gonna be too hard

you're gonna put your family through way

too much stress it's just not worth it

you've got to decide that we're going to

the top it's gonna be number one or

number two that's it

alright the way you can do that is by

becoming a specialist we're gonna move

from flavor of the week programs to

flagship programs what was my flagship

program back in 2006 when I launched my

online business anybody know skinny guys

savior was my nickname by the way you

know who gave me that nickname myself

you give yourself the nickname you give

yourself the crown nobody's going to do

before you know nonsense muscle-building

I sold that program for three years


no nonsense muscle-building that was the

only product that I had one rode into my

world one road it wasn't mixing it up

every single day of the week depending

on what the latest trend was we're gonna

move from chasing dimes to chasing

dollar bills anybody feeling like

exhausted chasing maybe ten dollar sales

fifty dollar sales hundred dollar sales

it's brutal

I get it it's hard how about chasing

dollar bills we're charging 200 500

$1,000 a month we have one guy charges

$2,500 a month for weight loss coaching

do you think his value is any different

than any of your value his value is the

exact same he just knows how to

communicate it better write that down I

need to learn how to communicate my

value better I need to learn how to

create the problem bigger than it's

actually being displayed that's how you

get paid top dollar not because of your

value okay that's a big myth

all right reasons four to six move from

Klein dictated chaos to coach directed

curriculum anybody hear me talked about

this recently most of you guys let

people come in and tell you what they

need we got girls in our coaching

program and you know god bless them they

they come in and they've got 20

different guides

I'm exhausted on the call and they've

got a different one for every girl they

got training the training without

nutrition nutrition but then without the

training I'm not you just need one

program and what we teach our students

how to do is create 12 months of

coaching it's a template and it's for

one specific person and now it's coach

directed curriculum so it's like been a

nice hypertrophy max program which was a

multi seven-figure program we promote it

for over four years which is twelve

phases twelve different muscle building

phases and everybody started on phase

one and everybody went through this is

how you scale one-on-one coaching not by

actually creating a personalized

coaching program does anyone really need

a personalized coaching program write

down no the answer was no nobody needs a

personalized coaching program nobody

you're not a therapist all right you're

a coach

you guys know the difference my dad

taught me this he's in the back a coach

looks into your pass a coach looks into

your future unless you're a therapist

you don't need a personalized coaching

program for anybody you need phases

write that down I need a phase based

coaching program we need to move from

complex to simple funnels complex is

where you've got three upsells and then

you know it starts with a quiz they go

to three different landing pages

depending on their body type then

they're going to go to another page and

then they're gonna get put into a custom

follow up sequence and then at the end

of the fall up sequence they're going to

get taken to a survey and the survey's

going to find out why they didn't buy

them they're going to get put into

another funnel but you got to put a trip

wire from to make sure they're qualified

and then you need tracking on every

single email so that you're getting

revenue attribution I did it for three


you're gonna kill yourself that is a

business model and there are individuals

out there who are crushing it with that

I was not built for that that is not my

game I try to play that game and I got

beat up you got to figure out what game

you're going to play so you're gonna

play the complex funnel game there's

guys who have masterminds who will teach

you that it's not wrong you just have to

know what game in my plane we play this

simple game

anybody like simple here meets my

goodness alright my people we're gonna

move from checkout page to hi take a

closer all right we're gonna move people

from your account

Instagram social media and were going to

get them on the phone and we're gonna

close them instead we're gonna give you

the number one power the number one

skill you need right Xander Xander this

is how his students are crushing it

because they know how to sell all right

they know how to close all right they

know how to win people over they know to

overcome objections we don't time for

that today

but they get people to commit no more

confusing activity with productivity

when you're doing high ticket coaching

you don't need a lot of people in your

coaching program to see if it's growing

all right so it's really easy to know

which activities are gonna move the

needle put money in your bank account

verjus stuff that just exhausts you

number eight we're gonna move from red

shiny object syndrome to singularity of

focus can I give you the most powerful

question you can ask every single day

every single hour

of the day when you're tempted to do

something you're not sure if this is the

best use of your time would you be

interested in that I paid a lot of money

from a business mentor who taught me

this one question and he said this I

just realized I had notes right here so

this is gonna be better now he said this

whenever you're unsure if you should do

something ask yourself this one question

if we don't do this will it prevent us

from moving forward if we don't do this

will prevent us from moving forward if

my goal seven figures a year do I really

need the clothing company is not having

the clothing company the thing

preventing me from getting to seven

figures I bet it's not I did a clothing

company last year I lost $40,000 waste

of time complete waste of time

we built a supplement company you guys

are going to get a try today and I just

got the ROI on everything that's gone in

its embarrassing I'm not even gonna tell

you all right how much time and money

went into this stuff to never move the

needle if it looked like it was moving

the needle because people are buying it

but we didn't when we looked at the data

it was very depressing alright so ask

yourself this question if we don't do

this today will prevent us from moving

forward and that's the question you must

always answer to ensure you're actually

focused on money was that helpful is

this helpful by the way you guys gained

some insights straight in simple math

and path to multi five-figure months

we're going to do this with you guys at

the end and finally we're going to get

you guys for moving to Ayanami

conversations to us and we how many of

you always talk and I and me it's

exhausting the longer you talking ime

the more it's a reflection of you

wanting control of your business and

well we've learned that in your

businesses you can have one or two

things you can have control or you can

have growth but you can't have both

who wants growth top the person on your

right and say you need growth alright

tap the person on your other side and

say let go of the control bro or let go

of the control sis

let go of the control sis let go of the

control bro alright here we go here the

five ones what we have found is that if

you want to multiply you've got to

simplify I'll run through them with you

first the five ones are one audience one

program one conversion tool one traffic

source and one year did anybody just

take a big sigh of relief about good day

all right so what's the one audience

we're going to figure this out for you

right now this can apply to whatever

you're doing right now