How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners (A Complete, Step-By-Step Tutorial)

hey guys Stefan here from project life

mastery comm in this video I'm going to

show you exactly step by step how to

sell on Amazon and how to build a

profitable online business using the

Amazon website I'm also going to show

you how to private label a product so

that you don't have to invent something

that's brand new you can essentially

find a product that's already selling on

Amazon and find a supplier or a

manufacturer that's already making that

product and then you put your label your

design your packaging on that product

and then send that to Amazon and then

Amazon will essentially do almost

everything else for you Amazon will

handle the fulfillment for you they'll

store your inventory in their warehouses

they'll ship your product they'll handle

all the payment orders in the processing

they'll help market it and sell your

product on their website they'll also

help do the customer support for you as

well which is pretty amazing so this is

an amazing business and this video is

part of a series that I'm going to be

releasing that's going to go in a lot

more detail on exactly how to sell on

Amazon and share into you all the

logistics all the step-by-step processes

and procedures to setting up your

product so that you can sell it on

Amazon and if you don't have a product

I'm also going to share with you how to

find profitable niches markets and

products that you can sell how to find a

supplier how to market and sell your

product on Amazon as well so I've got a

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this video we're going to get started

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through hell Amazon works and how you

can get started selling on

let's begin in this video I'm going to

show you how to sell a physical product


seong calm through Amazon FBA now this

video is going to be an overview of how

Amazon works and I'm gonna briefly kind

of show you how it works in the

processes to get set up step by step on

how to sell on Amazon and how to start

making money from Amazon however I'm

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process but for now I'm going to give

you an overview in this video because

really this video would go on for hours

if I try to show you everything step by

step ok so here I am on Amazon calm now

Amazon is probably knows the

multi-billion dollar online retailer

they have millions and millions of

customers that use their website and buy

from their website they have millions of

credit cards already in their system on

their website and so when someone wants

to buy a product on it you know they

just have to press one button one click

it's actually called a one-click Buy

which is actually a patent that Amazon

owns and so Amazon is just a great

opportunity to sell any product out

there because there are a huge search

engine of millions of customers that are

searching for products that you can tap

into and make a lot of money from and

the great thing is Amazon can also do

all the fulfillment for you as well they

can hold your product your inventory at

one of their fulfillment centers they

can ship your product do customer

support for it and they just take a fee

a cut out of that and but really they're

doing most of the work for you which is

great so it's an amazing platform to use

if you want to get started to sell a

product online and make money from it

now I'm also big on private labeling a

product which I'm going to explain a

little bit about in this video and

future videos as well private labeling

essentially means that you're finding a

product that's already selling and it is

already a manufacturer or supplier

that's already made

getting that product and you're putting

your logo your packaging your design on

that product and selling it on Amazon so

you don't need to invent the product you

don't need to try to come up with

something brand new all you have to do

is find what's already selling on Amazon

and find a supplier that can make that

product put your logo or your brand name

on it

ship it to Amazon and sell it on their

website and market it and promote it so

that's an overview but I'm going to walk

you through the steps of this now right

here is one of my favorite pages on the

Amazon website and I'm going to have a

more in detailed video coming to you

soon on how to find profitable niches

and markets on Amazon but this is the

Amazon best seller list and you can just

you know write down this link here if

you'd like this is basically showing all

the products that are selling on their

bestsellers on Amazon there's really

millions of products that are selling on

Amazon but these are the bestsellers and

it's divided into different departments

or categories so if I were to give you

an example in the sports and outdoors

category and sports and fitness you can

start to see all the top products that

are selling in this category if I want

to go a little bit more narrow let's say

to yoga I can go a little bit deeper now

there's so many categories as hundreds

and even thousands of categories on

Amazon and you can dig around and see

what's selling but just to give you an

example in the yoga category yoga

equipment these are the top products

that are selling this is the top 100

list of the top yoga products that are

selling on as you can see you

can scroll through to the top hundred of

them now you can see that these products

are already selling and let's say that

you decided that you wanted to sell a

yoga mat as your product and you've done

the research its profitable all this

sort of stuff and you know you can look

to see these products how they're done

and everything but let's say you decided

on a yoga mat what you'd want to do is

do a search on Amazon go to all

departments here and type in yoga mat

now I want you to think of Amazon is a

search engine it's a number one paid

search engine in the world people come

to Amazon to buy stuff

totally different from Google or Yahoo

or Bing people go to Google because

they're looking for free information a

lot of the time but on Amazon it's very

clear that they're there to buy

something they're looking to buy a

product or be some more research on a

product and their credit card is already

linked to their account so when someone

types in yoga mat they're looking to buy

a yoga mat and ideally the higher up

that you can rank your product and have

it here on their website the more money

that you're going to make from that

product so as you can see for yoga mat

there's a lot of different products that

are available different colors different

designs you know the products have their

different prices Amazon reviews for each

of the products as well you know all all

different types of products and some of

these markets such as this I mean

products you could be on the fifth page

of Amazon for it and still be making a

lot of money from it now ideally you

want to have your product show up and

market it and promote it so it's high up

on their website that's what it's going

to lead to the most money that you're

going to make from your product but

really it doesn't have to be in some of

these markets because they're so big now

let's say that yoga mat was a product

that you wanted to sell okay you've

determined this is a profitable market

you're passionate about it you want to

build a brand on this as well the next

step is to find a supplier that is

already making this product for you that

you can you can put your logo your logo

your label on and private label it and

then ship it to Amazon and sell it one

of my favorite ways of doing this and

again I'll have another in-depth lead

video on this is using the website here at Alibaba they have

millions of different products and

suppliers that you can find products on

so if I were to type in yoga mat and you

can type in almost any product you're

going to see all the different products

here that suppliers are making that are

yoga mats you can look to see all the

different designs that they have the

colors the material just so much

information here and let's say that you

decided on one of these products well

you can then contact these suppliers and

find out the price how many orders units

that you want to order as well

you know some cool different designs

here so many different colors so let's

say you decided on well just go to the

number one one okay let's do this one

here okay so this one here the price of

it is anywhere from two to ten dollars

per per yoga mat and they have a minimum

order of 500 units well you can order

from this supplier let's say it does

cost you five dollars you can order a

hundred units okay which will cost you

five hundred dollars for those hundred

units you can have your logo put on it

select the color everything you want for

this product and order this from the

supplier from China you know usually

when you go overseas you get your

products much much cheaper than in the

United States however you can still find

products in the United States as well

but let's say you decided on this one

they're essentially going to you know

put the logo you know whatever product

that you want they're going to ship it

to Amazon and then you're going to

create an Amazon listing for your

product similar to what these guys here

have already done now a lot of these

products here that you're seeing are

just private label products you know I'm

sure you can find a lot of these

products already on Alibaba and find out

who their suppliers are so this is a

very common process that a lot of

sellers use is just you know deciding on

a product that you want to sell finding

the supplier that's already making it

decide on the color the feel the look

the design of it put the logo on it ship

it to Amazon set up a listing and start

selling it

oops let me fix that so it's a pretty

straightforward process there's

obviously more logistics involved than

I'm going to walk you through but that

those are the main ones just the overall

concept of this of how you can get

started doing this now some products are

very inexpensive to make you know yoga

mat might not be the best example but

you know people often ask me do I need a

lot of money to get started selling on

Amazon and the answer is no you know one

example I was using in another video is

a sleep mask and some of these products

as you can see cost as low as 20 cents

even ten cents to make per sleep mask

well if you go to Amazon and you type in

sleep mask

some of them are selling for 1213

dollars eight dollars twelve dollars so

if you're getting your product made for

20 cents you could order a thousand

units of a sleep mask let's say for $200

ship that to and sell it for

twelve dollars

that's an amazing profit margin now of

course there's going to be some shipping

fees and some Amazon fees with that as

well but the profit margin is still

really really good anytime you can have

a 50% profit margin or better that's

pretty amazing usually I always aim for

a minimum of 30% but ideally 50% profit

margin and of course the more units that

you order from a supplier the cheaper

you're going to be able to get them and

the better that your listing is the more

reviews that you have you know the

higher the price that you can sell your

product for as well okay so that's a you

know you don't need a lot of money to

get started with this as I mentioned

every product is different and in some

future videos like I said if you're

subscribed I'll show you my process of

finding profitable niches my criteria

and what I look for in selling a product


so that's the process of finding a

supplier finding a product that you want

to sell in order to sell on Amazon

you're going to have to set up an

account at Amazon seller central here at

seller central you click on

register now you could set up an account

now I always always recommend you start

selling on in the United

States because that's the biggest market

on Amazon you can sell of course in

Europe Canada South America Asia all

over the world if you want however the

biggest market is going to be on so I that's where you're

gonna make the most money I always

recommend people to start there even if

you don't live in the United States you

don't have to I live in Canada there's a

lot of sellers on Amazon I live all over

the world so you don't have to live in

the country I don't think there's any

restrictions based on where you live

anybody can sell on in the

United States so you're going to want to

set up at seller central in

order to sell in the United States

you're going to have to ship your

product your inventory to Amazon's

fulfillment centers

in the united states and they'll give

you the locations for that as well if

they're handling all the fulfillment for

you if you want to sell your product in

Canada or United Kingdom United

Kingdom's by the way is the second

biggest market that you'd want to get

into after after the United

States so you do the UK next and in

parts of Europe like Germany are big as


Canada is probably one of the next ones

as well after that um but in order to

sell on tho on those platforms you'd

have to go to a different website that

they have in stellar central and you're

going to of course have to ship your

inventory to that location so if you

want to sell in the United Kingdom

you're gonna have to ship some units of

your product to the United Kingdom

fulfillment center if you want to sell

in Canada you're going to just set a

ship some inventory to in you know in

Canada their fulfillment centers there

as well okay so that's a little bit more

advanced but again I do recommend this

starting with in the United

States now to set up a seller central

account you can either set up selling as

a professional or as an individual okay

I believe as an individual I've never

done that but I believe it is free

I think Amazon they did they do take

their cut of course a certain fee but I

do recommend selling as professional

everyone if you actually are serious

about selling on Amazon you have to sign

up as a professional it does cost

$39.99 per month you get your first

month free and they take some additional

fees as well and it's well worth it

because it's giving you the ability

number one to sell on Amazon's website

to tap into as I said the millions of

customers that they have all the credit

cards the one-click buy they handle your

fulfillment you know so you don't have

to ship your products they hold your

inventory at their fulfillment centers

they have their team their staff ship

your product any time someone buys it

they handles all your payments you know

they pay you every every two weeks they

allow you to advertise on their website

with Amazon ads and set up promotions

and coupon codes there's a lot of

amazing benefits so like I said the

first month is free but you know of

course if you are serious about selling

on Amazon you're going to

as professional and paid the monthly fee

thereafter that okay but you can really

sign up for a month free and cancel if

you don't get your product set up in

time or you change your mind so you know

that's something that you're going to

want to only do once you've decided on

your product your supplier and you're

ready to start selling now here in

seller central you know there's a lot of

features of the website and I'll

probably do another video more in detail

on that but on inside seller central

you'll be able to set up your product

listing and your product listing is

essentially you know exactly what you

see here so when you click on the

product you know you're going to be able

to put in your product images or

graphics here you can either hire a

graphic designer to create this for you

or hire a photographer to take pictures

and put that up or you can do it

yourself you know you can take a picture

of your product but the the product

image is very important because that's

what's going to get people to click on

your Amazon listing and want to know

more about it and want to buy it in

order to rank your product on Amazon you

want to make sure you have the keyword

in the title so yoga mat that will help

people find your product excuse me

find your product when they search for

it you want to make sure that the title

is uh has the benefits that features the

product and really sells it Amazon

reviews of course is very very important

and then it comes to marketing and

promoting a product there's many many

different strategies for that that I'll

probably release in some future videos

as well but just know for now that

Amazon reviews are very important and

more reviews you have the more that your

products are going to sell so being able

to acquire Amazon reviews is a very

important piece you can select the price

the listing price sale price to the

product as well like I mentioned you

want to make sure you have a good profit

margin at least 30% to 50% but ideally

50% with your product and as your

product sells more and more and you have

more reviews then you can actually

increase the price of the product so

usually at the beginning you might sell

your product for a little bit less than

your competitors just to get sales and

to get some reviews and to get it ranked

but then once it is selling then you can

raise the price as well

here's the product description features

and benefits you can throw in here as

well you know we have a lot of awesome

strategies marketing strategies on how

to do an awesome job with this such as

offering bonuses you know free pdf so if

they're buying a yoga mat you could

offer in you know a PDF or an e-book or

a video on some different yoga exercises

that they could do you could throw in a

money back guarantee which is another

great benefit or bonus as well some with

some products we've done we've offered

like you mentioned that 10% of proceeds

will go to a certain charity that's been

the effective benefit and feature so

there's a lot of cool things you can put

there if you come down product

description is very important you want

to make sure that sells the product you

can offer different promotions discounts

especially on bulk orders so if you want

to have a discount that if they buy two

they'll get one free or they buy five

like with my products a lot of I sell

supplements and a lot of my customers

that buy five bottles at a time in bulk

and so it's a great opportunity for me

to increase the value of my sale and

offer them a discount also and it's a

lot of cool things you can do on Amazon

like you could even offer have a product

a product insert so when people buy the

product you can have a little insert

that goes along with it that maybe has a

coupon code for an additional product

that they can buy and if you are in a

certain market like yoga any market you

want to think about building a brand so

if you're in the yoga market you'd want

to think about having additional yoga

products such as yoga blocks yoga towels

yoga straps yoga mat cleaner for example

so that you can you know promote and

market to your existing customers that

you're acquiring and just build an

entire brand out of this business

Amazon best seller ranking here is

important it's telling you how well a

product is selling based on its category

which is awesome and there's just I mean

there's just a lot of great stuff in

there's really so much to it that I

won't have time to go into in this video

I mean there's so many ways to market

and sell on Amazon it's just a really

amazing business it's an amazing

opportunity for anybody to get started

making money online and building an


business so you know this is just a

quick overview of how it works I'm sure

you have a lot of questions I'm sure you

do because there obviously there's a lot

more to it there's a lot of you know

logistical things that you need to know

and that's why I'm going to be releasing

some more future videos for you guys to

kind of share more of the process on how

to find profitable niches markets how to

find a supplier how to negotiate with

the supplier how to get the cheapest

prices how to set up your product

listing how to price your product all

these different men how to market it

promote it get Amazon reviews these are

all things I'm going to be sharing with

you guys in some future videos so if you

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