Best Sites to Sell Products Online in Malaysia [2020]

if you want to start your e-commerce


and you're just wondering what is the

best site to sell your products

online this video is for you

if you are wondering what is the best

site to sell to your products

is it amazon or is it ebay

or in malaysia we use shopee

or lazada or even you think of alibaba

by the way alibaba

is more b to b platform now you want to

know what b

to c and b to b marketing you can check

out my this video

all right now if you're wondering all

this platform which one is the best one

for you to start the answer is

not even one of this yeah

let me tell you why the best size

or the best web store is your own brand

site or brand new app store you see do

you know why

you see there are two ways that you can

start your e-commerce business

one is to tap on the e-commerce platform

like malaysia we have shoppi lazada or

you can use

amazon using fba program

it's a good place for you to start but

there are some condition that you

understand not everyone can be

successful in this e-commerce platform

first thing you want to start your

e-commerce you must

understand why people goes to this

e-commerce platform and purchase

right so you're not sure just go try

and start purchase first before you

start your e-commerce

store right i always tell my students

the first criteria to start your

e-commerce business

means that you must become an e-commerce


purchaser so that you understand the

floor and so on

so the people who goes to this

e-commerce platform

like shopee lazada they are more

like a bargain hunters so when they go

there the website is designed in such a


people can click and then can sort

and find the things that they want based

on pricing based on best selling there's

a lot of criteria depends on what site

that it goes to

if you have a unique products

or your pricing is very competitive

by all means go to these each combat

platform the good things people love

about this e-commerce platform

because they throw in a lot of money

like millions of dollars

to to advertise and bring traffic

to the platforms so when you listed in

the e-commerce

platform you have traffic

but unless you your product like always

say you have your own

brand yeah that is fully recognized

and you have your product pricing

which is very competitive or you have a

very unique products that

nobody else has but people are looking

for it

okay so in that sense you can sell

pretty well in the e-commerce platform

now i will bring you to the e-commerce

platform and i'll show you

another reasons that i personally don't


about this e-commerce platform now we

are in

one of the malaysia e-commerce platform


so when comes in is like this now it

will scroll down

imagine you are the consumer you just

scroll down

and the system is pretty smart it will

suggest for you

the products and so on so let's say for


i i want to look for something

or even get nothing to do i just scroll

and it will just keep loading right so


when i see while there's so many of this

heat temperature let me just click on do


and take a look at one of the products

okay now we're in the product page

so we have these products

okay infrared thermometer which is

one of the popular right now popular


so it's selling at 66 ringgit now

you scroll down okay now i just want to

show you

this product is sold by the

code mall i think hopefully i'm

pronouncing correctly yeah

now on the side here

you can see sponsored products sponsored


are most probably is advertised by

another company let me open up just to

test it out

to confirm

okay now we're at that

new products okay also a thermometer

but it's electronic lcd thermometer

similar things thermometer one is


one is electronic now you can see this

is sold by someone else

home pro promo okay

and it's only like 1690.

you see here another sponsored let me go

back to

the original one so when

we must understand the consumer behavior

when we do the e-commerce so while they

scroll down

so this guy is wondering should i buy

this or

hey there's something also digital

electronic easy to use

it's only like 1690. hey another one

9.99 well this one is too expensive

too expensive too expensive 129. wow

so you see it will go through there

now sometimes if they click this and

they will go to this page

then they'll take a look at something


right so as they scroll down they look

at it and they get lost and then they

forget to go back to your

your page that's also a possible

okay now as this scroll down they'll go


and read everything and

this is something that i don't really

like or i hate

yeah now people who view this item

also view this is it this is how much

this is 66 ringgit as i scroll

down lazada also advertised someone else


come on this is only 29 29 31 there's so

many choices

so let me take a look right so they will


and then they'll go to the some other

people's shops

okay you can see here this is another

shop called

tronix 29.99

and it has like 290 plus

ratings compared to the original

here it doesn't okay you got only 35


so most probably what do you think

would would you buy this one or

would you buy this one 29.99

right the things looks pretty similar

but it's by someone else

okay so if you're smart always when

you you frequently buy from all this

lazada you always scroll down here

and see the suggestions see there's

another 25.99

so this is something that i don't like


having in this platform imagine i'm


money advertise i bring people to my

shop online and as they scroll down

they they end up buying products from

someone else

now we have this experience when we

first started off we

we use shopee and we sell

our products and as we follow

with one of our potential customers she


us that she already asked the husband to

buy for her

and anna with trace there's no purchase

at all

so we know that they most probably buy

from someone else

when you're in these type of platforms

the problem is that because this

platform doesn't belongs to you

it belongs to like lazada or shoppi or


and the customers that you acquire

doesn't really belongs to you

it belongs to them because as you

register lazada

shoppie you know they have your emails


every day they were sending emails about

all the promotions you don't get to


sometimes your sales will go up

sometimes it goes down but

it it's not under your control so

i personally don't like something that

is not under my control

that is why i propose use your

personal web store so your next

option will be your own e-commerce store

now your in e-commerce store is

something like for example let me show you

okay this is our example uh

so when you go you can see

all the products

and all these products are adidas

products of course

yeah so then you can go in let's see let

me take a look at

mains what are the men's products

so you can see all this okay

and you can choose because adidas has so

many of the products

let's say for example our shop shoes

so you click on the shoes and

let's say okay i've got this slice

see this is usually this is

this is the personal brand web store

it is so much high class

so called yeah premium compared to

shopee lazada you see usually personal

brand store is like

compared to a boutique branded store


to like tesco giant all these

supermarkets so

lazada shoppie are more like supermarket


but if you want to build brand for long

term sake

that personal brand store is a must for


okay now you can take a look here and

you see you can also may

also like these these this some other

product but the thing is

these are all your own products you see

so it's not someone else

whether they buy this red one black one

or white one

it's all becomes your adidas sales okay

now this is another one

one of my favorite brand lululemon yeah

so this is a little brand store

you see so you have products and in your

brand store

there's plenty of space you can talk

about your stories and

and build trust and a lot of things can

be done

then this is ikea see

it's on sale right now let's go shop now

all these are so called personal brand


when you click on one it's nicely


and and if you know how to design well

your personal brand store

it will help in your sales okay and has

a lot of


and similar products so you can see the

flow right you might also like

yeah you will have all this but these

are all your

own products so no matter the customer

go buy

this one or this one or this one or this

one or your main product

or they get lost in your store and

whatever they buy

is still the sales for you is it so

that's why we love the personal brand


and as it comes in to our web store

it's easy for us to build relationship

and build trust with them as well and

when they buy

we collect all this information

including their emails

especially and we can send them


to get them keep coming back to our

brand store

you see so this will help you over

long term but in the beginning you may

not have traffic

then we need to strategize how to use

social media ads to bring your customers


your personal brainstorm and for long


it's actually cheaper that way okay so

now i hope you understand there are two

ways you can start

but the choice is totally up to you you

see now

good thing about malaysia e-commerce

platform like shopee lazada

to open a store there it's totally free

of charge

so what are you waiting for you see so

if i were you

i will have my own personal brand store

that i'm focused on driving

then i will also list my product in

shopee lazada or whatever store i can

find which

i don't incur a lot of costs because my

product photos

copywriting everything is already ready

for my own brand store

i can just copy over for my e-commerce

platform this is like you open

different different shops in different


so that people who go to e-commerce they

may find you they'll go to

you also promote your own private stores

so it's everywhere

so don't get me wrong that i'm all for

own branded store but doesn't mean that

you cannot have

your product selling on the e-commerce

platform too you must know your


and how you want to grow your business

so before you really start you must have

a solid business strategy

and how to start your e-commerce


with a long-term vision now if you need


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