How to Sell Gift Cards safely and at the Best Price (Amazon, google play, iTunes, Steam, Xbox, etc)

hello guys this is Jude and in this

video I'll be showing you how to sell

any get cat fast and at the best price

without the risk of fraud gift cards

like Amazon gift card or go play exposed

iTunes eBay simulates just mentioned and

I will show you how to sell it on the

redeem platform this videos actually has

secured to the video I did on the

reading platform we I walk to the

platform show you how to use the

platform talked about the advantages or

why you should do your shopping using

get cats and finally did a demo where I

bots get cards Amazon gift card and I

apply to my humble my accounts so in

this video I'll be showing you how to

now sell gift add on the redeemed

platform if you need to watch the video

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checking out our older videos so let's

get started with the redeem platform so

get start sorry how to visits the

platform and create some accounts I also

left the link for you to subscribe so ye

to create some accounts in the

description below so once you're logged

in this way you're gonna see you can see

the gift card are available for sale you

can buy any of this and more and let's

take a look at the Amazon gift card

section by clicking this Amazon because

what I actually want to do is sell a $50

Amazon gift card you can see these are

the gift cards that are available for

sale so if I want to save my own gift

card I also come to this place and click

on sell here

this because I was Christmas over before

so you have one pork butts one is ack

ack ack written over here to serve i get

cat walk is if i have a lots of kick hip

cut away myself I can have them on any

desire sheets and opportunity to the

platform the emboss is if I wanna create

an offer to sell using the telegram

boards or the be deemed platform and to

the ground balls so again I use this one

so so my Amazon gift card I click here

and choose Amazon then the amount is $50

yeah not my reads I my rate is how much

I wanna sell so the maximum is 94 and

the minimum makea 40

so in other words hot how much do I want

to get for the Amazon gets cut that is

the read means how much fought for what

percentage do I want to get on the

Amazon gift card so the this percentage

I saw there he is actually hates it be

cents let's go about the platform so if

you check Amazon $50 gift card since a

20% so if you are buying your gets in

its win City sends you as a buyer for

this possibly get scared it gets in a

20% discount so since I want to sell my

I can only sell my car really fast

sriracha's arches 79 so that's the

person by Famicon gets hit 2 into 1

percent discount currently we deem does

not charge we deem district is platform

within the hodgepodge transaction

charges because of the current corona

virus pandemic period though starts

charging general tradition cherries

after the corona virus error appears of

pandemic type so after some I read here

that is for each 100 card I want to get

$79 so um since I have $50 card I'm

gonna get set to 9.5

zero dollars from a gift card

then delivery instance or delayed what

this means that I'm going to upload my

cut right now so that when somebody

feels our order I buy the card in Italy

but delayed is if somebody requests to

buy my card I will then have to upload

my car so I prefer to use instance for

right mind you redeem asleep it's a flat

form but it didn't such a way that he

can't there's no dead nobody can be

defrauded there's written about it

so I'm reformed this is your H 2 hours

from whatever I saw him leave this arts

two hours reformed pure is number of

minutes a buyer has to confirm a card

our reports an issue all right so I'm

giving my buyer about two hours so

actually confirmed with the card is all

right top of car eco deficit I am

wearing a physical card so here I end

Sadiq had number

but as my card number then image

receipts image this is optional if you

don't have it no problems in habits you

can upload it I have the image so let me

go ahead and upload it so upload a cat

image also have the cutting edge now if

you don't have this no problem is not

compulsory that your habits cash or

credit as payments okay

I prefer to use cash in other words

what's when I bought this card Deb I

would cash or credit

so cash so once I'm done I click create

an offer so that is it

let's get back to this platform then

let's get back to the home page and

refresh to see if my offer is there so

yeah just look true my user name is Jude

ward so I just look for Jude ward here

yeah this is it here just create zero

minutes ago through the drug gift card

so my buyer will get it in 20 cents deal

oh my card so for $50 category my card

is on top because I'm given the best

rate here so this is 8 what I will do

now is to wait for someone a buyer to

come fulfill this order one is

authorized with field I will come back

to finish this video all right all right

guys the offer husband field I received

a message on my what's are saying that

offer has been filled with immediately

send notification by email and to your

whatsapp number all right so let me

check to check that's I click on end

click on sell then if you look at this

side where I have any you can see and I

have thirty nine point five zero dollars

that is the amount I sewed the card for

so this is how you sell your gift card

on redeem the question might have not is

so how do I withdraw this money Hydra

habits into my bank accounts so what I

do is to click on any to do that then I

have two options I can apply it to my

redeem credits redeem credits like I

said in my first reading video is where

you buy Bitcoin underwritten platform

then I can also apply it to my Bitcoin

wallets and I think you should know is

that so we drop it coin I have to pay is

zero point zero zero zero zero points

zero zero zero five Bitcoin as the

mining fee that is a bit controversial

on V this amounts since this is correct

current Bitcoin rates here this amount

is about four dollars so if you subtract

four dollars from City 9.50 that into

house it's five points 1 6 so this is

the amount I have available to withdraw

I can choose to withdraw parts of it or

all of it so I may withdraw all of it

then the next name enter my Bitcoin

wallet address now redeem provides it

defaults Bitcoin wallet address for me

so if you create an account with redeem

you have a Bitcoin wallet address you

can do a teaspoons that will address or

we draw it to an external address so I

choose to withdraw it to an external web

address in this case I'm going to use

Luna if you want to create an account

with Luna the link is in the description

I also I also did a link to my review of

Luna and how it works so I click on

wallets on Luna and go down to receive

do not allow you to create to label your

wallet addresses so I live here at one

reading so I just got a copy

let her address go back to reading and

so the wallet address here then enter my

two FA two-factor authentication and you

cannot withdraw unless you enable your

two-factor authentication to do that you

come up here we have a username click it

click on accounts then when you get to

our accounts you click on security to

see how to enable it so I go straight to

my Google Authenticator and get out my

my two FA

so I also have to check my image confirm

withdraw so I go to my email address on

my phone so I have confirmed the

withdraw on my email through my phone so

what I do now is to go to my look okay I

see how 4.3 to 0.32 left maybe I maybe I

could decadent withdraw this so I have

an three that's five point one six

Dola was a BTC Center my quality lemon I

check my dough now my lean over let's

check if it's received

so there is an incoming transfer now

alright and this money is transferred

over to zero confirmation i whitley

confirmed and I would change it from

there so these zero points what I meant

to receive is zero point zero zero four

or five but see what they turn the

miners fee has been taken out of it

which is zero point zero zero zero five

that is why I have zero point zero three

five one nine coming in so let me wait

for this to be confirmed then I'd come

back to show you how to convert this

money to an IRA and have it straight

into your bank account so the Bitcoin

has been received and confirmed as you

can see here so what I do now is to go

I'm a convert it's an error so I can

have it's my bank account to do that I

go back to home then click on exchange

and I click on system settings click on

a value click here and so I want to sell

put everything in

it's about fourteen thousand two hundred

and it's in their place an order offer

so what I do is go back to my wallet now

click on home click on the wallets so

happens my narrow well let's if you are

in USA or Europe your sheets you should

see a USD or EUR oh well that's here if

you in South Africa you see a a round

wallet here some in Nigeria that's why

I'm seeing a now I wallets so I click on

withdraw and select my bag and saw the

amount so once we draw all of it

notice optional click on next my

withdraw a chart is two hundred error I

click on confirm and so my through

factor authentication code from from my

Google Authenticator

don't so what in five minutes I should

receive this money in my bank accounts

so this is how you sell and withdraw how

you sell your flip card and withdraw the

money to your bank accounts so I think I

should do one more video on how to

redeem another another gift card on

redeem so watch out for that video and

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