How to Sell Online for Free | Can it be done?

all right so you want us all in line but

you don't really want to put a bunch of

money into it can you sell online for

free I'm gonna answer that for you right

now hey guys if they lead welcome to our

channel hustling so you can also find me

at hustling stolen Instagram I'm pretty

active on there and today I'm going to

talk to you about where you can sell

online for free so obviously most of us

want to save money when we're selling

online we don't want to pay fees if we

don't have to that's more money in our

pocket but the problem is most of these

websites cost money to run so it's

really kind of hard to find somewhere

where you can list items online for free

but I did a bunch of research and let me

tell you what I found so I kind of found

websites and they kind of fit in two

different categories the first category

and the most common category are

websites that you can list for free so

there are no upfront fees you can list

as many items as you want but there is a

fee once you sell an item so I think

this is great because you're not it's

not costing you any money to get these

items up and listed but you do have to

pay a fee in the end but there's no

money out of your pocket if nothing is

that was great so that's the most common

true free websites I only found one

that's purely online that's free for the

sellers and the rest of them are kind of

where you list online but sell locally

so I'll go over all those for you right

now so the one and the only website that

I found that will let you list items for

free and sell items for free is a

website called vintage it is an online

fashion website more people resale

clothing bags shoes stuff like that and

what's funny is I actually used to sell

unvented like I want to see in like

2013-14 I don't know it was where I was

selling before I I don't know if it was

before posh Martina or I just sold there

instead of Poshmark but I did yes I used

to sell unvented I stopped because sales

were great there so I just I don't know

I stopped but they don't charge their

sellers any fees they actually charge

the buyer so I don't know if that's why

it's not as popular as let's say


or Macari or ebay but it

is free so if you want to give it a try

you can give it a try they do have a fee

where they charge - I think bump items

but they don't charge you a fee if you

just want to list the item so what they

turn to the buyer is 70 cents plus five

percent of the transaction which is

still a pretty low fee but the buyers

ping instead of the seller so what you

sell the item for you sell something for

20 bucks you're getting the whole $20

the buyer is just gonna be paying a

little bit more than that for fees and

shipping or I forget I will link to all

of these places down below so you can

sign up a few of them are referral links

and you will get some money or credit

when you sign up under me no pressure

all right the next one I want to talk

about is Poshmark it is pretty popular

so you might have heard of it before or

you might already be on it Poshmark

is free to list on you can list as many

items as you want not pay as' diamond

fees unless you sell an item so when you

do sell an item the fee is 20% for most

items if it's $15 or less the fee is to

95 and now Poshmark actually also takes

out sales tax which some people don't

like but I actually personally love

because I pay sales tax and I have to

calculate it myself for my eBay sales

and it is not fun

so if Poshmark can take that out and pay

for me that's great I'll take it next is

Macari they also don't turns you any

upfront fees you unless as many items as

you want you can sell a lot more items

on your car a minted and Poshmark are

both fashion platforms but mark are you

can pretty much sell whatever you want

although it was sidenote Poshmark didn't

just add home goods to their what am i

mean--you to what you're allowed to sell

but there are some restrictions but on

our car you can pretty much sell

anything with a reason I'm sure you go

to their website and see an exact list

of stuff that you can can't sell but you

can sell pretty much anything on record

I've sold coffee I've sold shoes I've

sold decorations I've sold a lot of

different things on my car so definitely

check my car out if you want to sell

kind of a wider range of things it's

kind of more like an app version of eBay

to me because you can sell pretty much

anything on there

but their fee is 10% one

your item is sold again no upfront fees

just 10% once your item has sold all

right so if you have electronics to sell

you can try website called swap ax I've

never used this website before but I did

find it in my research and it is free to

list their fees come out after the item

is sold and it's kind of built into the

price of the item so their fee structure

goes from $0 I think on items that sell

for 50 or less and then all the way up

to $250 for like really expensive

electronics you can check out their

website for an exact list of fees

because it varies per price but you can

list there for free so that's why it's

on this list all right this one is new

to me in a way offer up offer up I have

used for local sales but now you can

actually shift stuff to people I've

never used it for that purpose yet but I

keep seeing whenever I log in I keep

seeing that you can ship stuff you can

purchase stuff to be shipped to you you

can list up and select for it to be

shipped and like offer up always it's

free list you can list as many items as

you want but there is a nine point nine

percent fee if you do sell something

that's when be shipped if you sell

something locally there's no fee it's

just if you sell something that

something give these that's getting

shipped to someone that you pay 99.9

percent fee one more option with no

upfront fees is thread up thread up is

kind of like an online thrift store and

it's a little bit different than all the

other ones that I have mentioned before

if you've never heard of it you

basically get a gigantic poly envelope

and you stuff it with clothes and you

ship it to them and everything's paid

for the labels paid for you don't have

to do anything upfront and then when

they get the items they sort them they

decide what they want to take and they

give you a commission of that I do want

to give you a fair warning about right

up though unless you have really nice

items the way they're payment structure

is set up you might get like a dollar

for things so if you have like mall

brand stuff like that I think at the

moment if you if something sells for a

forty nine or less you get like five

percent of that so the percentage goes

up with the width as the price of your

item goes up so if you have higher end

items like fifty bucks or more it it

just ends up being a better return on

the items that you're selling but you

just want to get rid of stuff

and get it out and not do any work then

it might be a good option for you so

definitely check that out I will put my

link or threat up in the description box

below along with all the other links

second category that I talked to you

about at the beginning was where you can

list completely 100% for free but you

can't actually sell these items online

you can list them online but then you

have to meet up with people or arrange

shipping or something through email or

whatever so Craigslist is like the

old-school original way that I've sold

things locally but now there's also a

Facebook marketplace there's opera it's

let go and there I know that there are

other ones garage sale I think so I'll

link a couple of them in the description

box below they all basically work the

same what works best for me is Facebook

marketplace because people are already

on Facebook so a lot of people are on

there and they'll end up scrolling

through marketplace to see what is for


second is offer up and then Craigslist I

haven't really tried any of any of the

other ones they don't seem very popular

where I live

but different locations have different

apps that are popular so those are

options for selling online for free I

know that there was really only one that

was truly free and it was really only

free for the seller the buyer is still

through minted is going to pay a fee so

that might be a turn-off for them but I

think that a lot of the apps were you

can list as many as you want without any

fees and then you just pay if something

sells I think those are great honestly

to get started eBay does have lots of

fees whether you sell the I don't know

eBay is where I sell almost all my stuff

I would say Oh 90% of our income is from

eBay but there are fees upfront so if

you list something that doesn't sell you

still pay a fee so I would if you're

just getting started trying Poshmark try

Macari try vented and see how comes oh

and don't forget I actually have a free

eBay beginner course so if you want to

check that out I'll leave the link down

below it's just a five-day course every

day for five days you get a little email

kind of going over how to begin selling

on eBay if you're interested in learning

how to do that so you can check that out

in description box below so thank you

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