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Damien is from marketing to food online

and in this video I'm going to dive into

a handful of my subscribers questions

then we're gonna jump into that right

now I mentioned in the introduction I'm

gonna dive into I got my laptop open a

whole bunch of questions excuse me I

haven't uploaded a lot of videos we've

been extremely busy over the last couple

of months actually the food business

online e-commerce food business for us

has been skyrocketing and it's been very

very busy just really quick tip if

you're looking to get into selling food

you really really need to have some type

of presence online or 100% of a presence

online if you've got a food product if

you've got a subscription business food

subscription business whatever it is the

over the next few months there's going

to be a huge amount of new businesses

that are gonna be getting a lot of

business online in regards to food any

type of food if it's snacks if it's

gluten-free if it's baked goods if it's

candies whatever it is if you want to

resell food if you want to start a

wholesale food business online I highly

recommend that you dive into a bunch of

our videos get some information or ask

me a bunch of questions if you're not

really sure about what you're looking to

do or what to do because the food

business has been very very good online

because a lot of people are now ordering

foods to have it delivered instead of

shopping or some of their local stores

may be out of certain products but you

can always go online and find somebody

selling it so with that being said let's

hop right into these questions so I had

a really good question from and I

apologize if I get this wrong trauma or

Treme she was asking a question about

the rules and regulations about

nutritional fact labels is it 100%

required always no it's not here's why

because if you start a food business

from home

you actually would fall under the

cottage food laws most cottage food laws

which are regulated by state and

individual states unto themselves they

do not require a nutritional analysis to

be put on to a food product they do

require ingredients of course in an

allergen label but that is not a

nutritional label so one of the biggest

benefits for cost purposes is if you

start a food business from home the

amount of information on the label is

much smaller and much minimal compared

to what scurry

in a retail store setting and in order

for you to get a nutritional analysis

done it costs quite a bit of money

initially upfront okay so is it always

required by law no it's gonna be

dependent upon how your business is set

up and where you're actually making the

products now with that being said you

were kind of limited as to where you

could sell a product when you make it

from home that's the only drawback but

if you're looking to getting nutritional

analysis it could be about eight nine

hundred dollars and up just to have that

done okay now the other thing is is that

the FDA has a label exemption program so

if you have a product that you're

looking to sell in retail online or

anywhere else other than just from your

home they do have a label exemption

which if you sell a certain amount of

products and I believe it's a hundred

thousand units a year or less of a

certain product and you have I believe

it's 50 to 100 full-time employees or

less you can actually get an exemption

for that one particular product that you

have to renew every year and register

with the FDA but they do not require the

nutritional analysis to be put on it and

it's to benefit small businesses in

order to help them get up off the ground

but they don't require that so I hope

that helps you answer the question

not always no you do not always have to

have it on there now next up I had a

great question about licensing selling

super foods so if you're not familiar

with super foods and this is from 33

miles healing so super foods do you have

to have a special certain type of


no you do not it is a food product you

do have to have a license to sell food

now if you're manufacturing and are

making it yourself again you'd have to

have certain license or permits for

manufacturing food product and of course

following guidelines in regards to

labeling which the guidance is set up by

the FDA but is there a special type of

license your question no not necessarily

no now when you apply for the license

wherever it is in your county or city

make sure that you specify a lot of

times they're going to ask you what type

of food you're producing and how are you

doing it are you producing it as a

manufacturer and selling it as a

wholesaler are you going to produce it

and then sell it as a retailer your own

products and selling it retail or are

you just going to create it produce it

and then sell it to others to then

resell now that specifics those details

about your licensing your

business license yes you do have to

specify certain things on there but is

there a specific one for the superfoods

no no not that I've ever heard of you

just need to make sure that you have the

right food producing license and based

upon your city county in your state so

make sure that you have that specified

okay the next one up that we've got I'm

looking to sell okay so I've started a

food business from home and I'm looking

to sell it on Amazon okay

probably know the reason being is again

if you are creating a food product from

home and you're doing an e-commerce

business 99.9 percent of the time that's

not allowed okay most states don't allow

you to produce it from your home and

then go online and sell it now with that

being said too though there's a lot of

states that do offer online sales of

your home-based food product but you

have to deliver it or bring it to the

customer yourself or have them come to

your home or somewhere ever place

bottom line is you can't ship it outside

of the state when you sell it online

that transaction has to take place

between you and the buyer you can't ship

it so next one up I had a question I

believe from loves and again I apologize

if I said that wrong Lowe's was asking

great information thank you do you have

anything about selling cryo skincare or

frozen skincare in Amazon to be honest

with you Liz I'm not very sure or

educated about regulations in regards to

cosmetics or skincare products or

anything of that sort can you sell

frozen items on Amazon based upon the

information that they have on their

website because we've been on Amazon for

about six years now seven years now that

you can't sell frozen items but is it

they do have to show what they call the

chill chain which is the the process

from you shipping a product to the

customer you have to show them how

you're going to maintain the temperature

of the product if it has to stay frozen

okay so there is a bit of some hoops you

got to jump through to sell the frozen

items and some things that you have to

present the Amazon in order to do that

when it comes to skincare I really can't

speak on that and I don't want to only

because I'm not really familiar with

skincare products basically food but yes


can be sold but there are some specific

steps that you have to take which if you

can that it sounds like it's frozen the

skincare products it might be something

that could be very catchy and very

trendy online I'm just never honestly

never done it myself so the next moment

we've got meals gets so what about

selling actual meals from the kitchen is

that possible - and not just a product

so this was a question I did a video

about restaurants right now in the

middle of the situation that we're in a

lot of restaurants obviously are clothes

for in dining but a lot of them are

doing pickup or drive-by or call it in

and you can pick it up the food from

restaurants or local cafes so trying to

use your kitchen to create other streams

of Revenue I did a video about producing

a food product which is a great idea and

then creating some type of website a

website or online presence or e-commerce

selling products from your commercially

licensed kitchen which is loud but again

this one was about actual meals from the

kitchen is that possible - yes you could

yes yes just make sure that you have the

proper regulated regulation in regards

to proper permits in regards to the

regulations licensing of course and of

insurance so if you've got a kitchen

commercial kitchen and you want to

utilize that and you want to sell those

pre-made meals online yes you can just

make sure that you're following the

guidance of your city in their County in

regards to the specific regulations

having the permits license and maybe

even insurances set up specifically for

shipping food if that's what you're

looking to do so if you're looking to

create some type of meal subscription

business from your existing kitchen that

is a great idea because you're not

relying upon local traffic to come to

your restaurant or cafe to pick up the

food or diet drive-through and all that

you can use that kitchen and ship the

food out but also keep in mind - how you

ship it you need to make sure that you

kind of experiment with the process so

you can ship the food properly in and

arrives with the right temperature so it

doesn't get spoiled most these of these

meals that are now being shipped are

being shipped with dry ice which can

regulate and keep the temperatures well

below freezing in most of the time and

that's going to kind of keep to keep the

temperature of the food suitable so when

it arrives it is definitely something

that's edible and it's not expired so

with that

said I'll wrap up this session of your

subscriber questions please if you've

got any questions please continue to ask

me I'm chopping trying to get to and hop

on them as quick as possible we've been

super busy here in the shop and as I do

this video I'm actually headed back over

to the kitchen to get all started so

I'll see you guys on the next video

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