How to Sell Anything to Anyone Online (4 Key Steps to Successful Branding)

hi I am bubbly naboo Beluga I am a

Seminoles organizer coach and speaker

helping you unlock your true potential

and today I want to give you the four

main steps that you need to follow to

sell anything to anyone in today's

online world pay close attention here if

you're a person or a company offering

products or services that you promote

online on the online platform such as

social media because these four steps

will help you build a brand that people

will naturally want to buy from again

and again and if you miss any of these

four steps in building the relationship

with a client from the moment they

interact with you from for the first

time to the moment you ask them to buy

something from you your sales effort

would suffer this four step formula is

not mine I got it from an author called

Joel comm and I wanted to share it with

you because it represents everything

that makes online branding successful in

four simple steps so here it is like me

know me trust me

pay me step one is like me people need

to decide if there is something

interesting or fun or valuable about you

or your company so that they like you

enough to make the first connection and

want to find out more about what you do

so right now for example if you're

watching a video of me for the first

time or even the second or third time

but haven't had any other interaction

with my business or me you're trying to

decide if you like me enough to follow

me online and make that first connection

to like my page subscribe to my blog or

join one of my free webinars to get to

know me better

step two is knowmy once people like you

and make that first connection they

start following your work and getting to

know you or your company better through

the way you interact online that's why

you always need to be providing your

greatest value online and build

relationships with people without having


some examples of value you can offer so

that people get to know you could be in

the form of interesting articles videos

fun posts free vent live streaming where

you can start building relationships and

interacting with people

step 3 is trust me after people interact

with you for a while if you have done

your part in giving value and building a

relationship correctly people decide if

they trust you enough to buy something

from you and step 4 is payment if you

have built the relationship of trust by

adding value if you no trust me if I

have added value to you then you're

ready to pay me and make your first

purchase in my case for example would be

to attend one of the seminars I organize

or join one of my coaching programs I

know that people who come to my seminars

have been through a journey of getting

to like me know me and trust me before

making the decision to join the event

and most of them have interacted with me

or my team a few times before they make

a decision the main thing you need to

have in mind here in this process is

that today sales are made by building

relationships and giving great value

take time to build the relationship

seeking to offer the greatest value you

can and without having direct

expectations or asking people constantly

to buy something from you or pushing a

sale too early in the relationship the

biggest mistake people make in sales is

that they try to jump straight to step

four so their sales efforts fail and

they don't understand why if you're

skipping straight to step four you are

essentially operating somewhere in the

80s or 90s when aggressive selling

tactics used to work to some extent

however you need to learn to market

yourself in the year we live in

if you go on your social media profile

and all you post on your wall every day

is buy my stuff buy my stuff then you go

straight to step four to pay me skipping

all the other steps it's like meeting a

girl and as soon as you meet here two

minutes later you ask her to marry you

even if under different conditions you

might be the perfect match for each

other and she might be looking for a

husband who is exactly like you she is

probably going to run away and think

you're crazy

because you didn't take the time to

build a relationship before you ask her

to marry you I have clients that have

been following me online for more than a

year or two before that I started

trusting me enough to make the first

purchase and now they're my best clients

they keep buying again and again and

recommend me to others because I take

time to constantly build relationships

and give value without having

expectations in your marketing efforts

always remember that today people buy

from people they know like and trust if

you put in the time and the effort to

build relationships with people who know

like and trust you you can monetize that

any time over and over again if you got

value of this video let me know in the

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and if you would like to know more about

me and upcoming events you can join look

for a link somewhere around this video

and connect with me on my page and

youtube channel this is probably no

Beluga until next time make sure you add

value to people and take time to build

relationships so that people like you

know you and trust you and your brand

will naturally become attractive to the

right clients