How To Sell Concert Tickets Easy And Fast

hey it's been thought how you doing

today in this video I want to talk to

you about how to guarantee you only ever

play sold-out concerts okay so if you

want to learn that stick around

also if you wait till the end of this

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watching to the end of this video so

make sure you stick around and don't

miss it and so basically it's kind of

simple all you do to play sold-out gigs

every time is that you work with three

other bands or two other bands who

already have a big audience and what you

do is you say to them look we're going

to arrange all the venue and the PA

system and all that kind of stuff but

you get basically say to the other bands

you get all the money from all the

tickets yourself so what they get is a

gig where and they're getting way more

than they would usually get which is all

the money from ticket sales and what

you're getting is the contact

information or basically you know when

someone buys a ticket you get their

email address so you're getting you're

getting contact information from people

who already like kind of music the

economy that you're making and one go to

gigs and stuff like that so these are

the most important and most sort of

active music fans and you're getting

context information from them so next

time you play a show you can basically

take your database of fans who came to

the last show and then tell them about

your next gig so it's kind of like a

really really easy way to sell out your

shows by working with bands who already

have a fanbase and then they get you get

to pay them all the money they make from

selling tickets and you get a database

of music fans that you can promote your

next show to okay so that the headline

is you only have a placeholder sold-out

shows by working with bands have already

got some buttons and fans and you're

from a really great skill to play the

show because you're giving them 100

percent of the tickets they sell and

what you're getting out of it is a

database of fans who like going to gigs

okay so like from now on every

will show you play it's going to be sold

out because this database you can

promote your show to anytime you need to

so hopefully that kind of makes sense

also I want to let you know that the

most important thing you have is your is

your database expand to go to gigs ok so

if you're if you're working if you're

putting on a show or you're playing a


don't let the ticket agent take all the

data of everyone who comes to the gig ok

don't let that stay with the ticket

agent that is the most important thing

you have and you should definitely 100%

make sure that all the whichever ticket

agency you're working with they give you

all the email addresses of everyone who

comes to the show because then you can

follow up and sell them albums and ask

them to come to your next gig and help

sell out your tour dates and all that

kind of stuff so I'm going to give you a

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every gig you play called sold-out gigs

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useful I'll see you in the next one