How to make money selling books online

alright in this video we are gonna help you take these if you have any of these

laying around your house and turn them into this

if that's something that interest you

stick with us and we're gonna dive right in

alright so how do you do this you might ask well here's we do

let's do it first you grab your phone here this my phone it actually has a little microphone in here

this is how you you're hearing but what we're going to do is use it a little bit differently

so to get this process started what I did was I

just began selling off all of my books and so I had a whole bunch of books I

had I think 4 to 500 different books that I'd gathered over the years and it

really just wasn't going back and reading them so I figured I'm just going

to get rid of all of them other than the ones that I absolutely love and I go

back to regularly and this process could be really messy and not lucrative but I

found a way to do it to make it really quick and easy and help you maximize the

amount of money that you can make from your books

alright so now first thing you want to do is just go open the app store so just

go over here and when you get this popped open you can just go ahead and

hit the search box search for an app called Book Scouter it is we're gonna

install this app give that a minute to install and then click open alright now

that you over at the Book Scouter app this app what it allows you to do is

quickly find out for each of your books how much money you're gonna be able to

sell it for so what you can do is you can take the book and you can actually

type in the ISBN number which it's a long probably I don't know 12 digit

number or something on the back of the book or you can just grab the scan

barcode thing and then just quickly scan through all your books so you can go

through a whole bunch of books we're really really fast with this alright so

we will just grab our book flip over to the back side of it and just scan that

barcode alright now what you will see is all the different companies who are

willing to buy this book back and how much they're willing to pay and so

you'll see that you know it ranges from 550 all the way down to a bunch of these

companies don't want to buy it at all and to simplify this process the way I

did was I found a handful these companies who wanted to buy the book

back and I sent books only to a few of them I

think it was three or four different companies and for each of these

companies basically the way it works is you just fill up a big box of all of

these books that they've given you a quote for and then they pay for shipping

you just print off the shipping label mail the box back to them and then they

send you a check so it's not like you have to mail individual books to 25

different companies that's not a win for anybody so what I would do is just kind

of come here and then just click sell and then it'll add the book over to your

cart at this company and then you just come back over here to Book Scouter do a

new search and then we can just look up another book and we'll just go ahead and

tap scan barcode and something when you're looking at these barcodes you'll

notice here there are two different ones there and what you want to do is just

get the one on the left the one that's the actual ISBN sometimes the app has a

problem if you're scanning the whole thing so in this case this book yes this

book just does not look like it's worth much money so it's only worth 12 cents

so if I was sending something back to sell your book back or that company

there I would throw it in the box but I you know it's only 12 cents so I'm not

gonna read too much into that and you'll find that you'll find that some of the

books are just not worth anything and other ones are and so here's another

book we'll just scan- scan the barcode

and then here's another one for sell back your book so I'll just add that to

the cart there and then it'll just continue adding up all the ones you

added and then once you kind of get everything of value in there then you

can go to those companies that you've kind of added some to the cart you can

print off the shipping label with them and each one of them has is slightly

different but you can kind of print off the shipping label and then just ship it

off and then get paid not too bad so when I did this I ended up making about

a hundred and seventy nine dollars for all the books that I sold back to these

companies and and then all the rest I just took over to Goodwill and drop them

off over there all right so that's it one simple app you take a few minutes

scan the books you send them off and you get paid pretty simple way to kind of

turn your books into cash don't you think and a bonus tip here like you can

go to garage sales you could go to like goodwill and take that

app and just go in there like you go into Goodwill and pay a quarter for a

book they might be able to sell for five bucks I mean that's not a bad way to

make some extra cash as well so in this channel we help you make more money we

help you save more money and we help you to give generously and really just make

the most out of our money and using it in a good and wise way so if that's

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