How to Sell on Amazon Australia 2019

when I first started selling on Amazon

in the u.s. back in 2015 some of our

mates genuinely thought I was joking

jump ahead four years later with the

continued growth and success of Amazon

the e-commerce giant has made its way to

my own home turf Down Under

entering at the end of 2017 Amazon now

has two warehouses in the country they

offer prime as well as FBA making it a

solid opportunity that sellers should

consider I'm gonna show you exactly how

you can sell on Amazon Australia too and

why this Marketplace is prime real

estate first things first

why should you consider selling on

Amazon Australia while online shopping

is big in the u.s. it is still somewhat

establishing itself in Australia in the

u.s. Amazon accounts for 50% of all

online shopping whereas online shopping

in Australia makes up just 9% of total

retail sales so is it worth selling on

Amazon Australia now or should you wait

for things to develop from my point of

view the Australian marketplace is a

great opportunity to get in on the

ground floor and build a solid

foundation for long term sales for

instance think about the goldmine of

reviews waiting to be acquired over time

on multiple products and how this can

help distinguish yourself as a reputable

seller and defend the competition once

it does set in obviously this won't

happen overnight and make you an instant

millionaire but with a carefully planned

strategy and some smart product research

you're bound to make your mark early and

reach success in the years to come

another reason why you should consider

selling on the Australian marketplace is

diversification Eric if you want to

build a strong long term business then

selling across a number of Amazon

marketplaces can be another important

component of reaching long term

financial goals while minimizing risk

now if we look at the patterns with

brand registry in the u.s. right now

there's a big push for third-party

sellers to become brand registered not

only does this allow sellers access to

advanced features such as enhanced

content and better defense against

counterfeiters there seems to be more

support from Amazon towards registered

sellers in general not to mention more

and more shoppers these days are looking

to brands that they can trust and

continue to buy from Struve you don't

need a trademark on day one but I would

add it to your plan as soon as it makes

sense for you so he can sell on the

Amazon Australia marketplace well any

man and his dog really from established

international sellers looking for

another marketplace to assad's ease it's

an open playing field

there are now two fulfillment centers

placed in two of its most populated

cities one situated in Melbourne and the

other in Sydney at this stage the main

delivery partner for Amazon Australia is

the government-run Australia Post okay

so you're most likely curious by now how

much does it cost to sell an Amazon

Australia well first up they charge 4995

for their monthly subscription fee this

is in Australian dollars as well and is

the standard fee for sellers across the


Amazon Australia will charge your

referral fee every time you sell a

product the same as the US this fee

varies depending on what type of product

you're going to sell but usually it's

six to 15% same as the u.s. to begin

with you need to register a seller

account through Amazon services

Australia the signup process is very

similar to registering an account in the

US you'll need usual details such as

identification business name address

phone number and a chargeable credit

card and your tax information like any

Amazon Marketplace the money you earned

from sales needs to be deposited into a

bank account in the currency of the

country that you're selling in so

instead of going through the hassle and

worry of setting up an Aussie bank

account you can use a digital payment

service such as Payoneer and transfer

wise this is an easy way to receive

money from your sales in Australian

dollars and convert them back into US

dollars just quickly Amazon Australia

charges all fees and pays you in

Australian dollars real quick if you're

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immediately thank you so much you know

there are more than 20 categories to

sell in Amazon Australia and like any

other marketplace this is likely to

expand over time as I mentioned earlier

jungle sky isn't available yet for

Amazon Australia but having said that

there are a number of smart ways you can

still do product research if you're

willing to put in the work let's look at

a couple of examples

first up why don't look at patterns from

the US market on long-standing products

and see how this might work on the

Australian market for example let's head

over to and search for water

bottle immediately we can see the best

selling water bottle has in excess of

3000 reviews and others over the 2000

review mark if we click the jungle Scout

extension we see this is a product with

high demand and high competition this is

not a product you would think about

selling immediately on the flipside

there are an average of 4,000 monthly

sales and over a hundred and fifty

thousand dollars in monthly revenue if

we head over to Amazon Australia and

type in water bottle we see Amazon's

choice for this search has only 44

reviews and the other items are well

under the 20 review mark just remember

what I was saying earlier in this video

there's a goldmine of reviews waiting to

be racked up over time on Amazon

Australia secondly viewing what's

trending on Amazon Australia can give

you a heads up on what potentially could

be a good product to sell if we click on

the bestsellers tab and click on Movers

& Shakers and then choose kitchen and

dining category we see what products

have been gaining traction over the past

24 hours

for example this knife that's not a

knife that's a knife again we're just

focusing on finding products that have a

lot of demand but this time they've been

validated on the Australian market

itself now this strategy wouldn't work

in the US as these movers and shakers

and best seller lists would be too

saturated there however many of these

still have very few reviews and low

competition meaning they are amazing

opportunities in Australia thirdly

another way to find potential products

to sell is by scanning the

competition on other popular Australian

platforms such as eBay search for

tablecloths on eBay and filter down your

search settings to format Buy It Now

condition new item location Australia

only if you scroll through the search

results you'll see the number of units

sold in bold red writing under the price

of the item let's look at this wedding

party table cover for instance after

choosing the listing we can see that

more than 20,000 units have been sold

clicking into the purchase history

reveals the items sales quantity and

dates of purchase again this is some

valuable data that you can use to choose

your next Amazon product another great

place to source product ideas is

Kickstarter for example just simply

search for design projects from

Australia and sort by most funded here

you'll find countless funded projects

that are highly sought after by

Australians which are sure to get your

idea juices flowing websites such as

Kmart Australia's online store have a

neat little tab that shows you what

products are popular sellers with their

Australian customers check out what

popular items are selling in the kids

wooden toys category or here in the bed

and linen category who wants to buy a

bill is that overall it's a good idea to

start with product ideas that you're

passionate about and then callate a list

using the product research ideas I

mentioned throughout this process

you should begin to niche down the ideas

and get a good understanding of what

will sell and what will not conducting

product research in Australia is a

little bit of an open playing field

simply put you want to look at what

product sell in other markets be

prepared to do the research and make

sure it will sell in Australia is it

harder to do in Australia heck yes is it

a bad thing not at all

the easier it is to do means you get a

lot more seller competition the people

who are willing to put in a little bit

of elbow grease at the start are gonna

get leaps and bounds ahead of the rest

that's why I see this as a good thing to

strengthen the product research phase

you can also go that extra step and send

in three or four smaller products at a

lower quantity to see

well they sell sourcing smaller amounts

can help you test the viability of the

products you choose and reduce any risk

of selling a potential dud

as for sourcing Aliexpress is a great

place to purchase smaller units for this

purpose when it comes to tax Australia

works on a unified tax system which is a

lot less complex to deal with then say

the US they charge what is called a

goods and services tax

good-old GST GST applies to any product

that is imported into Australia as well

as when purchased by a customer as for

customs duties when importing into

Australia it's usually 5% of the value

of goods however this is dependent on

the tariff clarification of those goods

so as a quick overview 10% GST is

charged on the value of the goods you

are importing the value of the imported

goods is worked out by combining the

costs of the goods value plus GT fees

and any freight and insurance costs now

once your goods are selling in Australia

there's also a 10 percent GST charged

when a customer buys your product we

recommend checking the Australian Tax

Office and the Australian customs Border

Protection Service for any further

information on taxes and customs duties

this is especially useful if you're

selling from a country outside of

Australia advertising features on Amazon

Australia pretty limited compared to the

u.s. marketplace having said that there

are enough features at the moment to

support sellers as well as entice

customers as the Australian platform

grows so will these features promotional

features such as free shipping and

offering a percentage off and even

Lightning Deals are available Plus in

June 2019 sponsored ads or PPC was

released to Australian sellers although

in its infancy it has been reported that

some sellers have been seeing cost per

clicks of just two cents Australian how

cheap and easy does that sound you can

make your products to the top of the

search results by spending next to

nothing well there you have it made I

hope today's video has given you

valuable insight into the promising

marketplace of Amazon Australia I'm

really excited to see what new features

and selling categories

we'll be added in the years to come as

Amazon grows in Australia if you're

thinking about selling on the Australian

platform be sure to do enough research

into local requirements and what is the

best way to minimize your costs now it's

over to you

have you considered selling on Amazon

Australia or are you already doing so

let me know in the comment section below

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