How To Sell Digital Marketing Services To Local Businesses - Skill Up & Sell Services!

hey miles here miles Becca calm in this

video you're gonna learn more about

selling your services and skills to the

local business owners in your area so

I'm following along with that three-step

or the free three phases to wealth

program where I was teaching you that

selling a skill and a digital marketing

skill to the local businesses in your

area is one of the fastest ways to grow

income to hit that 10k per mark month so

you can then invest in a business and

ultimately invest in assets that can

cash flow for you get your money making

money for you but the first step is

really to skill up through digital

marketing and then sell that to local

businesses if you don't already have a

marketable skill so this video

specifically is about how to actually

sell your services right not what to do

but how to sell them how to get business

owners excited about hiring you to help

them grow their businesses and right

there I've already laid down the biggest

key for you to remember see all of these

business owners are getting spammed

regularly through kind of virtual

assistants who are bombarding their

email address' saying hello sir I want

to help you SEO rank better in Google

right they're getting these terrible

pitches one after another they're

probably seeing several per week if not

multiple per day and so they already are

feeling overwhelmed and they're already

feeling like this whole world might very

well be a scam but that same business

owner will acknowledge that every single

person who walks into their store has a

smartphone in their purse handbag or in

their pocket and most of the consumers

who purchased their services and

products do rely on that smartphone for

the kind of advice on where to go to buy

the things that they want whether it's

products or services so how do you as an

individual who can help them with

digital marketing help the business

owner realize you are the person to

assist them in the process of ranking

higher on Google generating more leads

and sales from the web it's a little bit

of a nuanced answer and the real trick

is to not approach them trying to sell

something I do suggest that you learn

and study sales right Tom Hopkins is a

tried-and-true old school sales teacher

who you can get some Tom Hopkins books

and go through his content his audio

courses to kind of understand the basics

but the real trick if there's a trick is

to prove to the business owner

first and foremost that you can help

them you can do this in two ways the

first way is through showing them some

sort of case studies or testimonials of

people you've helped in the past now

this could actually be data and

statistics from your own niche Authority

website that you're growing you could

say hey look I started this brand new

WordPress site six months ago and I'm

already getting 4,000 visits per month

I'm getting six new leads per day this

is what's going on and you can actually

base what you base your kind of results

that you're getting for yourself and let

that paint the picture of how you could

help that business owner the other way

of going about it right is so there's

the testimony of the case studies of

yourself people you've helped now when I

first got started I definitely did free

work I worked on a few websites for free

- number one move them onto WordPress to

prove that I could do that and number

two got them ranking well for some

target keywords so I when I sat down

with a business owner I will I was able

to say go to Google and search this

phrase right now and it was in the local

market it was a local business owner

they had heard of all of a sudden that

website pops up on the number one spot

and I would say you know what before I

started working with them they weren't

even found on the first page they were

on the third page and I've helped them

get that up to the first page that's the

result I want to get to you

but sometimes for business owners that's

still a leap they don't fully get yet

that showing up on the first page of

Google for their most valuable keyword

phrases is actually the goal and this is

where I would sell a keyword research

package as my first initial sale I

usually priced it about $49 I sometimes

sold it for 69 sometimes for $99 but

essentially the conversation with a

business owner would literally be me

asking them do you know what your most

valuable keyword phrases are they would

always say no I have no idea what you're

talking about

I would explain that Google and the

whole world wide web works on keywords

and relevance and there's some keyword

phrases that people are searching that

mean they're ready to buy from you

pretty much right away these phrases

have buyer intent and ultimately you can

see how many searches per month these

are getting and you can see where you

rank if you're ranking for them and

there's ways to use content to kind of

raise your website up in the rankings

for those target keyword phrases helping

you rank better for your most valuable

keyword phrases if you're in

just said I'd be happy to do a full

report it takes me about four or five

hours to do I'll do it for $50 it's a

keyword research report and I'll come

back in a few days with all of the data

for you if you're interested that was an

easy sell for me to sell to a business

owner because it was very inexpensive

for them it gave them it was kind of

that that trip wire offer right it gave

them the ability to see that I show up I

deliver all my results I bring a nice

report that it's gonna really lay out

the plan and it's gonna give them an

opportunity to become a customer of mine

because it's easier to sell a customer

on another product than it is to sell

somebody who's not yet a customer so I

would start with a $50 sale ultimately

working towards that $1500 month or

$2,500 a month content marketing package

but they don't even need to know what

content marketing is at that point that

might very well confuse them I just want

to help them identify the most valuable

real estate on Google for their business

because they're not showing up there

they're not getting the foot traffic

because everybody searching on their

phones isn't finding them that made

sense to business owners so then I would

go deliver the results of the report I

would do a keyword research report I

would try to find their top 10 to 20

keyword phrases and then I would go look

at what the potential is right how many

possible search volumes are there which

you can then find out how much traffic

is possible about 45% of the search

volume goes to the number one spot so

you just run some basic numbers and show

them hey look if you were number one for

all twenty of these phrases you would

probably be getting thirty or fifty or a

hundred or three hundred thousand more

visits per month and then you ask them

the question how do you think your

business would be doing if you got 300

thousand visits more per month from

people searching these phrases and they

instantly business owners are like aha

they get it they know that that search

phrase would result in foot traffic

would result in leads would result in

more money because that's all those

business owners actually care about yes

they want to provide a great service in

the kind of in their community right but

that business owner can go volunteer

their time to give service in their

community they ultimately as a business

owner need that business to generate a

profit and they need to see that you can

help them achieve that goal so that was

kind of my sales cycle right I started

with education and I even ran a free

meetup group in my local market you can

go to you can start a group I

think it was about 50 bucks then I think

it's maybe about $75 for the year and


you gotta find a venue and you just

start teaching digital marketing to your

local business owners and then you get

to market that and that becomes your

free offer right so if you notice what

I'm doing here in the real world when I

was selling this I was applying the

exact same path and ideas that I've been

leveraging through my digital funnels

right through my marketing funnels I was

just doing that in person so the first

step was get them a free piece of

information to help demonstrate how good

I understand this world of digital

marketing helped build that relationship

right that's the attention and the

interest phase that was what I was able

to create for them through the meetup

group and then I would mark up market

the meetup group so I'm able to talk to

a business owner and I'd ask him lots of

questions where to get your traffic from

where'd you get your visitors from how

how are you mailing your lists how BIG's

your email is due haven't even have you

mailed your past customers I'd ask a lot

of questions and when they kind of

realize I understood the world digital

marketing I'd have a little flyer or I

would tell them I host a weekly meetup

group if you'd like to come talk about

digital marketing with other local

business owners come down to this

location this date and time and we can

talk about it from my local meetup group

all I'm doing is offering them something

for free they show up just like my free

opt-in on miles Becker com gives you a

free course on how to go from side

hustle to million dollar business it's

free you don't have to pay me anything

to obtain that information then you get

exposure to my teaching style in the

real world that was through the meetup

group and from there the first sale was

my tripwire which was the keyword

research package and then the follow-up

sale once there like I want to rank for

all those keyword phrases I say great we

need to do content marketing I would

explain how that works for them and I

would let them know that it's a long

process it takes three to six months to

start to see good results and it

requires consistency over long periods

of time when you use your example of

look how much traffic I've grown with my

website you get to explain to them a

part of why you've driven that much

traffic is because you're publishing to

your blog three times a week every week

for the last twenty six weeks and that's

why you've been able to grow such a

reach and such traffic is through the

content that you're producing because

Google indexes the content then they're

like okay cool I now get it I see the

possibility the desire so we did a

Einaudi this is a ID a the attention

interest does

action so you did attention and interest

through the kind of meetup group through

meeting them and talking to them asking

them questions learning about the

business there now kind of curious about

you about digital marketing and about

how well they can rank then the desire

comes from them getting back that

keyword research report from you when

they see that those numbers and they

realize there is a mathematical

statistical probability of them getting

XYZ new visits to their website which

will result in leads and sales for them

they now have the desire to do better

with their digital marketing and you by

default since you've explained this

world to them and you've shown them the

possibility you are the de facto person

to help them solve that problem at that

moment you go to action phase and that's

when you create some sort of a product

beyond that first sale of the keyword

research report that's when you sell the

content marketing package you could have

a one post a week package a two post per

week package a four post per week

package that could cost I don't know a

thousand twenty-five hundred and five

thousand dollars per month obviously you

need to figure out what those numbers

are because you would be hiring writers

you would be hiring editors you'd have

to do some WordPress layout work you'd

have to do the SEO on each post maybe

you're the one doing all of that work

yourself and you can handle for clients

at twenty-five hundred dollars a month

boom there's your ten grand per month

maybe you want to run a team and you

need to get ten clients at twenty-five

hundred dollars per month it costs you

fifteen hundred dollars per month per

client to manage through outsourcing

everything and then you make the

thousand dollars a month profit boom

there ten clients and you're at that ten

grand per month mark it really actually

is a relatively simple path it's not

easy it takes a lot of courage to go

cold knock and walk in and talk to

business owners but if you're always

focused on top asking the business owner

question you can get people to open up

about everything in their lives when

people have challenges how's your

business going how are you getting a lot

of people from Google how do you rank on

Google they will pour their hearts and

souls out to you if they have time I was

often known to be able to I would go sit

down with them and buy him a cup of

coffee and I would go find an hour when

we could sit down and just talk about

digital marketing no money needed to

exchange I just wanted to sit down and

talk and I would ask lots and lots of

questions I would get them to admit that

there's a problem that they're not

really showing up on Google they're not

really doing enough on the web

and then when they had that aha moment

of man if I don't really get my digital

marketing world together I'm probably

not gonna be showing I'm probably not

gonna get any customers man my business

might fail at that moment you're able to

step in as the trusted advisor well let

me help you I can do a keyword research

before it takes me five or six hours to

do I'll do it for you for 50 bucks I

normally sell it for 150 bucks but I'll

do it for you for 50 bucks takes me

about three days four days to put the

report together and I'll get all the

data and we can sit down again and talk

about all the data oh man that'd be

great I'd love to work with you on that

then you walk them deeper and deeper

into the process because ultimately the

game for them is identify the best

keyword phrases for their business go

create epic content that's gonna rank

and make sure that you've got all the

little bits and pieces that I've talked

about on this channel done right you

need your site map upload it I've got a

video on that you need to make sure

you're on WordPress I've got videos

teaching you how to do that make sure

everything's kind of loading quickly

I've got PageSpeed video like all the

information you need even how to do

keyword research there's a keyword

research playlist on this channel that

will teach you in about an hour and a

half everything I know about keyword

research exactly how I've applied it for

dozens and dozens and dozens of

customers clients and even still the

process my wife and I use today process

I'm using for this video here and my

wife's using for her video that she's

about to cut today that's really it you

have to always position yourself as the

helpful trusted adviser if you go into a

business trying to sell them and you

don't have a relationship you haven't

proven that you can help them you're

gonna get the door shut in your face

you're gonna get disheartened it's gonna

be extra challenging if you go in as hey

on the helpful dude in your area or gal

I'm helpful lady in your area and I'm

really into this digital marketing stuff

I love talking about it you want to come

to my meetup group and talk with a

couple other business owners who are

doing a local meetup group we all get

together it's 100% for free man that can

be your free offer to get people in you

teach one idea for 30 minutes could be

email marketing could be opt-in pages

could be Google my business optimization

it could be anything you show them how

to do it these business owners are too

busy to do it themselves they were

barely able to chisel out 30 minutes to

come to your meetup group but they saw

the value in it so they did they just

want to know you know what you're

talking about so you need to find that

opportunity to prove yourself all the

while building your case studies

building your testimonials if that's

your work that's your niche

that's great that's how I started I was

just showing on Facebook I was uploading

pictures of my month-over-month graph

and like wow our traffics up 30 percent

this month Wow

traffic's up 42% this month Wow traffic

up 300 percent year-over-year and people

just reply friends and friends of

friends on Facebook was it miles

I need your help or my cousin Sarah's

got this this business and she's not

getting any traffic she needs your help

cool let's get together I'll buy him a

cup of coffee let's talk about how the

game works I love this stuff when you

approach it from that angle of being

willing to give of yourself first you

become the trusted advisor when you're

the trusted advisor you're the only

person they'll ever consider hiring and

then you got to structure your offerings

in a way that that first sale is very

easy I would have them pay with PayPal I

would send them a PayPal link they would

click pay with PayPal and boom I was

done some people wanted to pay with

check cool you pay with the check I get

the check I go put it in my bank it

cashes then I do the work for you same

with the monthly ongoing packages I

would set up a PayPal button so they

could set up a PayPal subscription some

people wanted to pay with check cool you

pay before the month starts I then take

that money and go deploy it to get the

work done

they don't pay they don't get the work

done I would never get the paid after I

would get paid before I did all of the

work so then the first of the month I go

around to all my little businesses and

if they were on PayPal just make sure

that went through but I would just go

get the check for the month and then we

would start to work and I would always

give them a report showing everything

that we did the last month and what the

growth is etc etc the one other thing I

just want to reinforce is setting their

expectations from the get-go

nothing happens quickly in the world of

SEO or if it does happen quickly it's

you drop off of the rankings very

quickly which is terrible but if you're

using content marketing and you're

applying keyword research and you're

laying out the post as I've shown in my

SEO posts and you're taking your time to

really build great content this isn't

just content mill content you need to

put out the best content on the web on

the topic for that keyword phrase you

will create positive results for them

over time you just need to apply that

effort over a long enough period of time

for them to get the results that they

desire so setting their expectations

that it's a six month plan a 1 year plan

is really where they're gonna get the

momentum it's like the freight train

that from a dead stop it takes a ton of

energy to get up to 1 2 miles per hour

it's a ton of energy to get to 5 miles

an hour for once they're rolling and

they've got that momentum on their side

they can drive a lot

traffic and they go into maintenance

mode and at that point they're making a

whole lot more return from that same

price that they're paying every single

month that's really a game plan I wanted

to kind of take this video series all

the way to the point where I'm giving

you some tactical things that you can

use to actually go apply so you can

start giving goodwill and giving value

to the marketplace whether it's sitting

down with business owners one-on-one

going and asking them questions or

inviting them to a local meetup group

then there's that trip wire that that

inexpensive sale I normally sell this

for $199 or 149 dollars but for you I'll

do it for 50 bucks because you're a

local business owner I got a special for

locals because I just want to help local

business owners make sure they protect

themselves from the Walmarts and the

Amazons of the world oh you say those

words you're gonna be their Savior my

friend and then once that's done you

show the report and you make a nice

pretty report that's gonna show where

they're at now generally they're getting

zero traffic from these keyword phrases

they're not on page one for any of their

most valuable phrases and the path to

getting them on to the top of Google for

their most valuable phrases is lots and

lots of content you break it up to where

you do a post per week it's gonna take

you 20 weeks 30 weeks to get through all

of these different posts because each

one needs one or two supporting posts

whatever that is you lay out a plan

that's a six month to a one year plan

they will fall in love with you then you

need to just get them going give a

monthly reports make sure they pay

before you actually do the work so

you're not going out of pocket for your

clients stuff my friend that is how you

build a digital agency today for very

little money out of pocket and really

it's kind of a quick path to get to that

10k per month whether you're doing all

the work for clients at twenty-five

hundred bucks a month or you're

outsourcing all the work ten clients at

twenty-five hundred dollars a month you

pay fifteen hundred dollars to get

everything managed and done and you get

that thousand dollars per month per

client ten clients that's ten grand a

month right there

either way you go about it it's possible

for you I hope this has been helpful if

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what you do engage how you want I

appreciate you I hope this has been

helpful for you this whole process of

building a little digital agency for me

is what floated me for four years before

my information business with my wife

really took off my wife worked at a

local shop and she worked every day and

I did this kind of agency work every day

day and night all day all night that's

what I did for four years and it really

floated me it got me the point where I

could pay off my student loans over

fifty grand

this is a great business model and you

could grow to a million dollar business

no doubt I friends one friend who runs

an agency he's done like six million

dollars with his agency essentially

doing analytics and and some PPC stuff

so find a little niche in the world move

forward go be helpful to those business

owners remember that they're getting

bombarded with sales messages don't just

go try to sell them something give them

value be sure you're giving value build

the reciprocity first you'll be amazed

at how well that works it's exactly why

this channel is still growing my list is

growing but alas I have talked for too

long on this video I'll catch you on the

next one thank you very much for your


be well until the next video I'll see

you then