How To Sell OneCoin On The Exchange

deal we're going to look at how to sell

someone coin what's important to know

first is that based on your membership

you're going to be limited to a certain

number of one coins being sold per day

and this is actually governed by the

number of euros that the coins are worth

not a specific number of coins there's

actually a percentage of coins that

you're able to sell as well but is the

lesser of the two and people wonder why

there's a limit right now in corporate

America a company a startup company will

limit the number of common stock an

employee can share when the company goes

public and this this creates a more

solid foundation for the company to

launch and then as they go public and

then as it time goes by they're going to

have enough cash flow and and stability

to allow a more free open trade of that

common stock that was issued to the

original core people but back to this so

what we do here first is we're going to

want to make sure that your kyc approved

there's another video on the channel

about that and i'm going to put a link

to it in the description below so if you

need to be kyc approved you can look for

that video there but once you rky is the

approved you just need to go to the

exchange here on the left hand menu and

then you go over here to trading and

once you're in your trading account

you're going to just go to this ask

button now if you don't have an ask

button that means that you have to get

kyc approved but once you do have an ask

button you'll click on that

so then this window comes up which is

the cell window and what you want to do

is choose market here and then you what

you want to do is a number of coins and

let's just say we want to sell three

coins the current sale price is five

point five for which you'll see that the

buy price is five point six four so this

is one indication of a revenue stream

for the company which is extremely

important to know that the company does

make revenue based on these transactions

so our transaction value is going to be

16 euros that's the value of the three

coins and one coin is going to also have

a little transaction fee now there's an

expiration date when you put a sell out

there if it is not accepted by April

11th in this case which is one week from

the day that I'm selling then it will

just go back into your account or come

up for another sell so then you're going

to enter your transaction password and

you'll place the order and that's all

you do to sell your one coin some days

you'll have a sell some days you have no