How To Sell OneCoins On The New Xcoinx Platform

in this video we're gonna go over

selling your won coins now if you have

not transferred any one coins over to

your ex coin X account you'll have to do

that first and there's another video

here on the channel which shows moving

funds over and it's the same process for

any of your data here we have the

available balances in this account we've

already moved over enough one coin but

if you wanted to move over one coin or

needed to you simply go to the one coin

account here you will

transfer 2x coin X you'll enter the

amount of one coin you want to move over

use your transaction password and then

make the transfer in this case we're

just going to use the one coins that we

currently have in this account and what

we're gonna do is set up an ask in order

to make a sale so what we'll do is we're

going to use the market value or you can

use a limited value the market value

will simply use the six point eight

seven three if you switch this to limit

you'll see that this field becomes

editable and then you could reduce that

to five euros for euros whatever you're

comfortable with selling now remember

this is a competitive marketplace like

any exchange and so the lower you're

willing to sell for the more likely you

will sell in this case let's just go

ahead and use the market value now I'm

not looking to sell any one coin but for

the purpose of this video we're gonna

run through selling one one coin so

we're going to use the market value

we're going to use quantity of one and

we're going to enter our transaction


and click place order now if we scroll

down we'll see that we have one one coin

that has been placed for sale and again

it's pending until it either expires or

completes the transaction