How To Build A Profitable Single-Product Shopify Store!

can one product stores be successful a

store with only one product on it just

one can that be successful yes yes done

it yes

Jacob it's good it's good all right a

follow-up question off of that what is a

better structure like if you were to do

a one product so right now I'm gonna use

this to lead off into this YouTube video

I make them cuz a lot of people were

asking me is it even still possible of

course you can sell one product on a

store if you were to do that how would

you do it now with the marketing or

anything but how would you set up a

store because normally for me if I go

through and do the research there's more

than one product I want to I want to put

on the store one product is all you need

yes depends on the marketing most people

only stay on the product page about 70%

don't browse around they stand that one

one product and filler products ok

faunal click funnels get multiple

products that are in the niche one

product plus upsell similar products ok


are you guys a frequently asked question

and yes I'm still crippled for those

asking I will be for quite some time

very frequently asked question Hayden

can you still do one product stores do

they work did they ever work how do you

structure that how do you make sure it's

effective well that is exactly what

we're going to talk about inside of this

video and I want to start off by saying

everything is situational and I know

this is probably the answer you want to

hate I'm gonna get very practical inside

of here just explain how I do it because

what's interesting to me whether it's

making YouTube videos or teaching

someone directly or whether I'm just

running something for them or building

some in a store that's my way the terms

are my terms are no terms you know like

I can only show what I do I can only

explain tell and teach what I do so two

other people do different things yes

here's what I do with one product stores

I've ran multiple not one of my stores

ever has only had one product forever it

started with one multiple times actually

my second ever store after the very

successful fidgets spinner store they

didn't do all that well I like a few

hundred dollars in sales that kind of

ride away off the bat that was only one

product in the beginning but here's what

I do and this is going to be how I

explain the structure is a trending

product you know again

don't look for Anisha look for a product

first and then I find ads based around

that so what I do with all my store is

not even really all of them because now

I start with multiple products but I'll

take one product and I'm more than fine

with putting just one product literally

just one on a website and marketing that

because guess what happened have you

guys ever used a heat-seeking app from

inside the Shopify store there's

probably 20 of them where basically

tracks where your customer goes I would

recommend you do the free trial for any

of them just just pick one do the free

trial just to see where they're going

because what I found is about 70% of

your customers don't actually leave that

single product page you send them to so

what does that mean for you 30% of the

people which never neglect the minority

so for example the people who they have

the shop five payments but they don't

have PayPal on their store

you're gonna lose twenty to thirty

percent of your customers and don't take

that for granted that is twenty to

thirty percent of your customers like

that right there could eat up your

margin so when it comes to something

like having other products that's what's

called a filler product so every single

time it only happened twice where I

actually launched a store and start an

ad where there's physically only one

product on the store very shortly

thereafter I'm adding in others and the

thing you want to focus on is it's

totally fine to build a one product

store it's gonna take you less time it's

gonna be very easy it's very easy to

make it look good too but if it starts

working you're gonna want to very

quickly build it out into a full store

and even into a brand which means adding

those other products here's my biggest

con you know kind of the negative piece

that I see on people who do this because

I don't do this anymore it takes almost

no extra effort to go find other

products and when I launch a store and I

bring people to it like I start my first

app but say I'm running a freaking

traffic or engagement ad and people come

to this store I want them to see

something that's legit I want them to

look at the name of my brand and say hey

that's cool like they have all this

stuff it looks good its laid out you

can't really do that with one product

but if you want to do that this is gonna

be a very simple video because so many

people keep asking if you want to do

that I would highly recommend having the

one main product and then if it starts

selling immediately at least at an

upsell you know it doesn't have to be

public on the store but have an upsell

with like smart upsell there's

sort of upsell app where your upselling

them because you want to increase your

average order value K your aov that's

the whole point especially if you're

doing a tripwire offer if you have just

one product on your store and it's a

free plus shipping you can make money

I'll tell you that you can make money

but to what extent you know I would

recommend building it out it doesn't

take that much effort if you're saying

hey can I quickly start a one product

store yes but don't be lazy

most people who ask that just based on

what I've seen in my DM as people have

worked with they're typically lazy and

when it comes to something like this

your customers want options if you've

ever read the book the paradox of choice

by Barry Schwartz I'll throw up a

picture of it of course it's not my book

so I'm not getting money off that

there's a lot of other marketing and

psychology books there giving people

that is kind of more so like in the

marketing sense with information

products giving them multiple price

points but then just giving them options

so if someone goes to your website and

there's your one man product and then as

a couple of recommended ones and you

have 30 other ones in your store that's

options that's giving them the freedom

to choose whatever offer that they saw

is just the tripwire to not even get

them to buy necessarily but just to get

them in your door so in that case since

this is the online version of like a

retail store they're getting to your

website they're now browsing around

maybe to enter their information maybe

they added a few products to their cart

even if they have no intention of buying

you're getting them familiar with you so

if you're gonna do a one product store I

would highly recommend that you be very

careful just with how you structure it

and what I mean by that one page you can

put the product if you only have one on

the home page you don't need like all

these collections you don't have

collections you only have two one

product so I would highly recommend

doing that it would literally take you

five minutes to go find ten other random

products on Aliexpress they just have

high orders in that same niche and put

them on make the most basic description

get rid of any photos that have

watermarks that is exactly what I would

recommend to you because if you're

trying to start something with just one

product you can make money I was about

to say you will make money you can make

money with pretty much anything you do

in any single structure but the thing is

why would you want to make $1000 a day

when you can make 1300 why would you

make $1000 a day when you can make 1500

2005 - you know it's like why are you

kind of limiting yourself with that I

personally believe that one product

stores only have a kind of a cap you

know there's like a certain potential

because what happens when someone buys

that you know the whole goal with the

one product store in my opinion is to

figure out if that products actually a

winner and there's an audience if you're

starting to see that you're getting

orders immediately build out the rest of

the store because what happens when

someone buys the product there's nothing

left for them to buy you can't upsell

them on anything else there's nothing

else to offer them over email unless

it's like Russell Brunson selling all

these supplements through all these

funnels you can't just keep up selling

them on more and more of the same you

know necklace or freaking fidget spin or

whatever it may be you know so you're

gonna want to make sure that you have

that structured correctly if anyone has

any one product stores I'm gonna go

through and probably do a review video

on a couple of those versus really well

built top brands so nothing with like

ten to thirty you know like either a

on a product or just one I want to

kind of break that down for you guys

show you the differences and show you

why both can work extremely well I'm not

downplaying or pushing negative you know

information on the one product store

because actually that can be very good

it's less time okay if there's a lot

less time that's pretty much it it's

just less time so if you have that one

main product you want to test you could

make the argument that it doesn't make

sense to add fifteen others you know

write basic descriptions cuz you gotta

take you thirty minutes to an hour to

get all that set up the pricey and maybe

some shipping if you're using an app for

that you know so maybe just test that

one if it works then go build it out so

it's really kind of mitigating that

front-end potential risk even though it

might not be a financial risk it's still

that time so if you guys have your

stores anyone has a one product store or

a massive store with a lot ideally not a

general store but you know we'll go

through and break it down anyways drop

that down below and please I'm not gonna

review your store if you only drop a

link can't just be the link to your

store and say review it give information

what are you doing what's your main

product how did you find that why do you

pick that why you actually believe that

to be a winner why'd you set up your

price points the way you did you have

filler products are they're all really

good based on your research what is your

situation if you actually want to review

it I cannot possibly like I can go

through and tell you if it looks good

and this is what a lot of people make

the mistake on nobody can review your

store with just a link because I don't

know your thought process of why you did

what you did so I can't criticize it

negatively because I could

making an incorrect statement which I

won't ever want to do so with that being

said if you guys want that I'd be more

than happy to go through make the video

kind of breaking that down and comparing

the two different styles of stores again

both positive everything's positive it

has its pros and cons drop that in the

comments down below other than that if

you guys have any more questions you

know where to leave it down below as

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