🎈How Did Natalie Make $1Million Selling Ebooks? Help Me Make Money Online?

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hang on this is Christie and I've

actually turned my camera off because I

wanted to show you how Natalie made a

million bucks with her ebook okay so

about every about once a week for

motivation for my own mind sake because

you know you could talk yourself in or

out of anything online you can actually

talk yourself out of doing something

online before you even get started

because you think it's not gonna work

why should I try it

everything doesn't work and this this

I'm going to talk about is Natalie

Hudson's in a program a course called

one fell away and this is just one of 30

people who said this is what I do have

had to start over this what I did okay

and it's my affiliate link I'm gonna

affiliate for clickfunnels and because I

use it myself and it works if you work

it not everything works but when you get

something to work like Natalie did you

want to pay attention okay it's so so

important now inside of this challenge

you gonna find Natalie over here on the

left hand side she's down here and

there's lots of people all of these

people are saying I lost everything what

would I do start over okay a lot of