How I Turned A BOOK Into $26 Million In Sales!

all right so I want to share with you

exactly how you can write a book in a

matter of days listen you don't even

have to write it I'll give you the

secret to getting a book written for you

and then turn it into a full-blown

business into millions you see this book

right here this was what I call my happy

five-day accident I'm gonna reveal to

you my four-step model that I used to

write this book write this book in five

days turned into twenty-six million

dollars and it's still going up every

day here's the best part even my

smallest books are turning into hundreds

and hundreds of leads a day so let me

show you another book I wrote now this

this book is very thin I don't even

write it again using my model I'll share

with you exactly how I got someone else

to put the whole thing together 500 plus

leads a day coming from just this book I

could keep so I could keep pulling out

more and more books that I'm doing this

with it's all using a model I call the I

CSS model we're gonna go over it in this

video so stay tuned because it's gonna

be pretty awesome you're gonna love what

what I'm about to share so I'm gonna

share with you how you could get a book

done in as little it listen let's be

realistic okay I don't want you to

necessarily have a five-day goal but if

I could do it in five days again and

again okay I've written three books in

five days each could you do it in 10 15

20 25 30 45 how amazing would it be to

be able to launch an entire business on

the back of an amazing little book

that's been put together very easily

using our model that builds you instant

Authority in any niche any space

anywhere you want so okay so we're gonna

talk about that then I'm gonna reveal to

you the exact funnel I'm using again and

again every day to turn a little book

that you're gonna put together with us

if you want to team up with us we'll

help you do it into hundreds of leads

and millions of dollars there's just one

simple funnel we'll go over it right

here in this video and then of course my

ICSS model that's coming up in just a

minute where I'm gonna reveal to you the

four step process to getting a book from

idea all the way to actually production

and listen this is how this is gonna

help you get your message out to the

world make an impact bill you know Bill

instant Authority status in any space

any niche but the best part is most

authors don't know how to turn that into

millions of dollars into a full-blown

business and that's what we're gonna

share with you in this video I've done

it again and again and again I'm not

currently writing three books right now

and I Stu mate all three of them to turn

into probably eight figures and sales

using what I teach in this very video

and then of course listen at the very

end of this you get a chance to book an


100% free strategy session with my team

we will strategize with you on how to

get your book done out and turning into

a full blown business it's absolutely

free no catch but you have to watch this

entire video that's the only catch all

right so the two diagrams that you need

that you need to literally memorize and

we're gonna break this one down into

pieces into small little chunks the I

see SS I'm gonna show you exactly what

each acronym letter stands for you're

gonna need to ingrain this in your mind

and what I want to do is I actually

would love to partner with you and just

show you how to go through I love love

to hold your hand and just walk you

through the whole model but you rinse

and repeat this your whole life you can

pump out many books I'm telling you

right now I promise you want 10 we get

done with you you'll probably discover

you have 10 20 30 maybe a hundred books

inside of you that could come out like

this but you don't have to write a

single word to get a book out that's the

best part people are so scared of

writer's block not if you follow our

model the number two funnel that you

need to understand or the number two

diagram is right here my number one

favorite funnel now I actually have

three funnels I love but this one right

here I'm using again and again and again

and again every single day and it's

turning like for example this book right

here this book is even thinner than the

other ones it's four chapters and have

turned this book into over 2.2 million

dollars using a funnel like exactly this

one so I'm going to reveal that funnel

to you today guys I'm seriously I things

like magic trick keep pulling out books

they're not that difficult to do but if

you follow my model if you do it the way

most people think about book writing

you're gonna you're gonna be nervous

you're gonna be gonna have anxiety you

have writer's block and it's gonna take

you years maybe you've even tried to

write a book it's taken you years will

unlock you out of that in just a second

now look these are you know the four

books that I've put together

circular profit email live flying

passionate profit and then escape this

book circle profit I even got Robert

Kiyosaki to write the foreword to it

will reveal exactly how to do that too

it's part of our it's part of our RSL

launch it's part of our our strategy to

launching your book we help you get

celebrities escape the the foreword

written by Daymond John from shark tank

so we'll share with you exactly how to

do that all of these books were put

together using the same four-step

process you're gonna learn right now

check that out right there my books have

been downloaded now over 1.78

a million times notice that word

downloaded oh yeah that's that's right I

have a secret all of these books have an

ISBN number and there are official books

but I have a better system to getting

them out there that's better than

selling them a lot of authors think that

they need to write a book and sell them

what if I told you there's a better way

and I'm gonna share that with you in

this video right now I've had over 148

thousand books sold also so I don't just

give away my books for download but what

I do is I use the download as a way to

get people to buy the book too it's a

really cool little trick in a cool way

we do it as a matter of fact we can

discuss it with you on the free strategy

session that you get a chance to book

with us at the end of this video but

148,000 over 45 countries my books have

been delivered - can you believe that so

I have established international

authority around whatever topic I want

and I can help you do the exact same

thing and they're all using the same

three funnels now of the same three

funnels I only want to share with the

one with you today because it's that

powerful if you just kneel I want to

keep things very simple for you okay if

you want to turn a book into a full

blown business be able to get tons of

leads for any niche any type of business

you have I want you to keep it simple I

want the part where you write the book

super simple the part where you publish

the book even simpler and then the part

where you monetize the book I want you

to use just one of my three photos we'll

keep it very simple so let's talk about

kind of how I built my entire empire

just so you know currently I run six

companies that have a collective revenue

of over thirty million dollars a year

and in all six of them in one way or the

other we've deployed books now in some

of those companies it's not my book I'm

not even the face of the company so I've

been using this formula again and again

and again and again for multiple people

and it's working really powerfully so if

you look at just circle a profit I wrote

this book literally my happy accident in

five days or less it was a complete

fluke and never even minted that's how I

discovered this whole model the best

accident I've ever had in my life has

gone on to make me deca millions of

dollars from what I learned a hundred

and six thousand sold and shipped but

who cares about that 1.6 million

downloaded worldwide that's where I made

the big bucks so that's what I share

with you that's what I share with every

author how to make that happen and I

used to I used to all three of my

funnels on it but you know what I'll let

you in on a secret a majority of my


majority came from one funnel the one

fun dollar share with you today I used

all sources of traffic but I really for

you when you when you work with

especially when we talk to you in the

free strategy session there's really

only two traffic sources you have to

even worry about now they're fully in

your control they're easy to estimate I

love them I that's all I use now every

single day that's all I use

alright so now what's my second project

email lifeline a very thin book on a

very very specific topic do you know

there's thousands of topics out there

even something as Tiny as just email

I've been able to do some crazy things I

never wrote a single word in the book I

never wrote a single word I'll share

with you how you can write books like

left and right without ever ever writing

or typing the word 106,000 downloads

that goes up every day pot by about six

seven hundred a day alright two

different funnels used so notice how I'm

starting to kind of use less and less of

my funnels because I only really like

that one and then you know I did some

Facebook did some Google traffic did

some email list again you just don't eat

all that I'm gonna give you to you pick

one of the two and you can do multiple

seven figures in business my third book

passion a profit never wrote a single

word sixty one thousand plus downloads

only use my one funnel and then of

course the latest book escape again over

forty two thousand books sold I haven't

even started my download funnel yet

that's starting soon this book escape is

gonna surpass circle profit guaranteed

only use my one funnel other ones may be

coming up but man listen the model has

been the same I CSS that I've done

throughout the whole thing now if you're

saying they're wondering I like I don't

know if books are for me listen look at

some statistics in 2017 run two million

plus books were self-published that was

up 23% from the year prior everyone's

starting to figure it out but it's still

a very underplayed market I would tell

you ninety-eight percent of marketers

are not even looking at this and it's a

huge opportunity 72 percent of the

authors who make seven hundred thousand

dollars or more you ready for this

72 percent of the authors out there that

make a hundred thousand dollars or more

from their book that's a lot of money

from a little teeny book that I'll teach

you how to write in as little as five

days self-published you don't need to

rely on publishers publishers actually

make things worse I'll show you how you

can get yourself published recognized on

Amazon within literally within 48 hours

you don't have to chase publishers you

don't need agents you don't need any of

that nonsense you can go direct to

consumer cut the middle guy out and you

actually make more money doing it most

of the successful authors are

self-publishing and that's what we're

gonna show you to do and then of course

40% of all book sold self-published that

number is skyrocketing every year so

let's get ahead of it

two hundred and thirty two billion

dollars in sales on Amazon and books was

like a massive massive part of that

books are they're alive and kickin but

you got to get in on the digital book

age and that's what we share with you

how to do but one thing that most

authors never learned what you are now

gonna learn is that the money is not in

the book the money's actually in

everything that happens after the book

that's the part I've mastered that's why

I'm turning books into eight figures

seven figures regularly not just for

myself but for all of my partners as

well so let's talk about the ICSS model

the model that basically writes your

book for you it's pretty cool all right

so number one okay and I CSS is what we

call initiate okay I is for initiate now

in this one we want to hammer in your

niche we exactly what niche you're gonna

be and now we can go to Amazon right now

I'll tell you something there's

thousands of niches out there listen if

I could write a book on a topic like

email can you imagine and I'm right now

Google tells me that on the topic of

email they can send me over two thousand

leads a day on such a tiny topic just

email marketing there is a wealth of

opportunity out there that authors

aren't tapping into and if you don't

have a business right now you need to do

it the other way around you need to

start the book first because it

establishes your authority right off the

gate dot thousands of niches okay

biggest cool I'll ever give you go to

magazines calm if there's a magazine on

the topic you can write a book about it

and do some crazy crazy amounts of

business we're gonna show you exactly

how to research so we get in there we

look at Amazon did you know that you can

check the table of contents of every

single book ever published on

to give you ideas and and to trigger

things for you for the table of contents

we actually will write that with you

will create the whole outline with you

it's super easy will give you a title

the title is like ninety percent of the

battle get a good title and boom the

books just gonna start going by itself

and you can turn that book into millions

of dollars so step one is initiate all

right we can talk more about it that's


want to offer you that free strategy

session at the end of the video but

initiate write that down we want to pick

your niche we want to do your research

we want to pick your outline and we want

to pick a title we do all of that

together as a matter of fact here let's

have some fun all right so let's go into

Amazon right now so let's do it give me

a topic

all right weightlifting Stewart says

weightlifting so let's go look up

weightlifting all right what we want to

do is actually change it here to books

all right and let's search again all

right so we're gonna look at well our

Norton Eggers book but let's just let's

look at this one so check this book out

bigger leaner stronger the simple

science of building the ultimate male

bodies 3,600 reviews books is a big time

seller that's not what I care I don't

want to compete with this book I don't

need to compete with this but how many

people in the world do you think are

looking for muscle building so I'm just

gonna go ahead right here and I'm gonna

click into the book because I want to

share with you if you were doing your

research if you were doing stuff how

quickly you could figure out what to do

check this button out right here look

inside alright look at that now let's

just scroll down a little bit and we can

start to see more information about this

book we can literally start to see boom


I'll see exactly what chapters what

they're about I never ever never want

you to copy someone I never want you to

do any of that but listen we can do a

lot of amazing research then let's go to

magazines calm alright now listen

there's a categories of books so if you

want to start thinking about hey I

wonder if there's you know right here

you can do bestsellers and more and you

can just start to just start to click

around and you are gonna see all the

different categories that you can get

into right here you could start to

literally go into different categories

or go to magazines calm and check this

out boom if there's a magazine about it

you could write a book about it and you

can do some killer stuff so we combine

all of this so that before you even

start the book you know you are

absolutely on fire you know you

what is better you'll have something

that's amazing so a lot of people get

stuck at this stage I can knock out this

stage in a matter of a few hours okay so

let's keep moving for now we'll kind of

come back but that's initiate some of

people think like that's easy part I can

do that all right well let's let's move

to the part where you get really stuck

and get get prepared to have your mind

blown a little bit here all right let's

move on to step number two create now

this is pretty powerful this is where

people say onic I you know I want to

write you got writer's block you'll sit

there for days just try and figure out

like the first page all right here's

what I do I'm gonna give you a little

secret out this right here will make

this whole video worth your time I

record I put a bluetooth on all right

little $20 bluetooth from Best Buy I put

a bluetooth on I use my cell phone

almost all set well not almost all cell

phones now have a recording app for free

I put it on and I literally pace around

the room because I take my outline

that'll be created right when we did

that core research we looked at all the

other books out there we found great

ideas made a little chapter titles and I

just paced around and I talked about the

topic alright I talked about it I just

talked openly I don't have to write

anything I just talk openly now you're

wondering on ik where's this going

here's what's going you're gonna take

that audio and you're gonna transcribe

it using a service called Tammy te mi 10

cents a word okay 10 cents a word that

that is awesome it's ten cents a minute

sorry 10 cents a word that would be

ridiculously expensive 10 cents a minute

a minute of audio alright that is

powerful stuff right there so now

without what I'll do that is I'm then

gonna go to one of a few sites that I

recommend I recommend a few different

sites to our incubator members again you

know you can book a call with us to talk

about whether you qualify to be a part

of our incubator program we're getting

our students published left right front

and center like all the time but what we

do is we recommend by two or three with

different web sites where you can go

post a project and because we have a

global market now you can get people for

sometimes hundreds of dollars that'll

actually take your audio transcriptions

and they do the writing they'll turn it

into a

beautiful piece of writing and then you

take another couple hundred dollars and

you use the same websites I give you and

you hire an editor to go through the

writers edited writing and just edit

grammatically I suck at grammar I'm

gonna do any of that so I completely

bypass writer's block using my

methodology all four of my books have

been written this way and last but not

least we show you a couple of different

sites to go to being at a beautiful

cover design done you know what how

about this there's a site we use where

you can actually see the cover design

yourself by many people you don't have

to put a penny down you can see other

people do the work and then you pick

your favorite one so he could get

literally hundreds of designers to do

the work pick your favorite one it's

powerful stuff all for a matter of just

hundreds of dollars your entire book can

be done

instant authority in any niche instant

lead generation tool in any niche

instant revenue in any niche not to

mention the backend profits you can set

up because you're generating all these

leads so right here this is the core

step where we get rid of the ability

that they need to write alright and then

now it's up it's running by the way

we'll share with you how never ever talk

to publishers there's no need okay we'll

show we'll show you exactly how to get

your book published on Amazon get a

proper ISBN number it takes seconds and

you just get it formatted using on

formatting service you can even use the

guy that we use your format your book

make it look beautiful put it right up

on Kindle get you publish on Amazon you

are officially a published author no

need to wait around for publishers to

soak up all your profits it's gonna be

awesome alright but now your book is up

and running and you're sitting there

wondering what do I do now

I got to get people to download my book

I got to get leads from this book right

when we share with you the a completely

free way of doing it you don't have to

come out balls out with tons of money

and ad spend and all of that we call it

the RSL the Roadshow launched how to do

a virtual Roadshow now you ever seen a

movie that's launching and the the key

actor from the movie starts going to all

the talk shows and radio shows and

they're on the road right there doing

the show but you could do it right from

your living room you can do it right

from your home office you can do it from

wherever you want we show you how to tap

into YouTube how to tap into Instagram

how to tap into podcasts how to top in a

tap into Facebook into all the social

influencers to get omnipresent


you're booked out for next to nothing

all right literally you could do this

for free and then of course we're also

going to show you how to use one of the

most powerful platforms to date right


and that is Amazon Amazon's got maybe

the easiest advertising system I'm

telling you clicks for eight cents I get

clicks from Amazon to my books for eight

cents how can you go wrong with that

eight cents and usually have a

ridiculous conversion a ridiculous

conversion so you can do you know you

could do the Roadshow launch follow it

with Amazon and then add your funnel in

this funnel right here that's how you're

gonna turn a book into seven figures or

eight figures like I have so literally

we can show you how to sell and then

keep moving forward and turning it into

a multi-million dollar complete business

but you got to follow the system exactly

right and that's why we take our

students who are in our incubator

program we work with them to the tee

every single day we work with them every

single day all right now

the biggest open network out there in

the world is Amazon and there's

basically three amazing ways to tap

Amazon for for book sales for leads for

everything one is organic we share with

you how to get let me just actually show

you this part right here so what we

share with you how to do is how to pick

the perfect category so let me share any

book you see you can actually go down

and man they have got quite the

description alright right here do you

see right here it's interesting that he

shows up in number four in sports

training kindle store how do they choose

these did you know that you can choose

which categories you want your book

listed in and that that alone is a huge

part of the secret to tapping Amazon for

organic results

that's massive that comes from one of my

friends Adam hoagie Thank You Adam for

sharing that with me so we will of

course teach you actually I'll get Adam

to come on and teach you how to very

strategically choose which way how you

list how you write your description how

you let your bullet points how you title

it where you show up how you show up

there who you partner with who you who

you can tag when you publish your book

next is social proof using the RF cell

the biggest thing we like to do is get

you a ton of book reviews we actually

help our students do this part of our

incubator we all help one another so

when our students launched our book

we're talking ten

20 different book reviews within a

matter of a day or two some of our

students go up past a hundred book

reviews within a matter of just days

that's because we show them the social

proof mechanisms and systems to use

listen when's the last time you buy a

book on Amazon didn't you look at the

reviews didn't you look at the number of

reviews and the reviews itself makes a

huge part we'll show you how Amazon

actually uses social proof as part of

their their optimising algorithms and

last but not least guys eight cents a

click nine ten twelve fifteen cents a

click come on Amazon Marketing System

I'm so shocked

advertisers are completely missing out

so many people are out there chasing

Facebook and Google I am too but what

happens is they're missing out on Amazon

system because Amazon you can only

advertise if you have a product or a

book inside Amazon so they're just

ignoring it cuz they don't want to write

a book but I'm telling you you can do it

so easily so quickly it's not

complicated at all actually matter of

fact will help you do it so if you get

that done now elves and you can tap into

the billions of users on Amazon that no

one else is tapping for nickels

literally on the dollar it's so crazy so

let's talk about the funnel because this

funnel is what takes you into really

that next level of multi Multi multi

seven-figure status right so you have

all these people that you can bring to

your website whether they come from

Amazon Google Facebook I love Google and

Facebook I generate hundreds of leads a

day they come straight to a page where

you offer a digital version of your book

so let's say like I have this book here

I offer a digital version of this book

for free no credit card no money in your

who Manik how could you possibly do that

why would you would lose money well hold

on a second this is this is the secret

this is why authors are not making money

because I'll give my book away for free

in exchange if you attend my workshop I

have a webinar or something to watch

online if you come to that I'll give you

my book for free if you give me an hour

of your time come on an hour of

someone's time is worth way more than

seven or eight dollars you're gonna make

from a book an hour of their time you'll

get the book plus I'll get an

opportunity to present an offer to you

that's probably a thousand two thousand

dollars this is the key now you're

already wondering onic I don't have a

thousand dollar offer I don't have a two

thousand dollar offer I don't care it's

fine that's the best part you don't have

to have your own offer we'll share with

you how to actually be an affiliate

other people's offers all you were doing

is just sending themselves in collecting

50 60 70 percent of the sale for doing

nothing no work no product creation no

payment processing nothing but that's so

much better than collecting seven bucks

trying slaving away traveling doing book

signings and all that nonsense just to

collect seven or eight dollars per book

how about make the process of writing

the book easier make the process of

publishing the book within a 48-hour

window make the process of getting your

first reviews easy and then getting your

book into the hands of tens of thousands

more people but in exchange asking for

an hour of their time and you make a ton

more money you impact a ton more people

you get your book out there you build an

email list at the same time and that

email list will continue to make you

money for literally years to come that's

exactly how I built this beautiful

company learn that's exactly how I built

every business of mine I'm building an

audience that is mine forever you know

that if you sell books if you sell a

book you're not allowed to have the name

and information of the buyer your

publisher won't give it to you what's

the point work that hard and you don't

even get the lead so I use this model so

I control the lead and it's powerful all

right last but not least this is where

I'm telling you right now step number

four scale you want to scale with us

we'll show you the three funnels that

matter I'll show you how I use books to

build email lists left right front and

back I mean again and again all day I

don't have a funnel online that doesn't

use a book I'll show you my favorite

three traffic sources out of which I'll

tell you right now - right Amazon

already told you it's one of my favorite

traffic sources for books but the two

that really scale to millions is

Facebook and Google I'll just tell you

right now and we share and we train our

students how to do it and I'll teach you

how to turn any book any book into a

million dollar business but what I want

you to do right now if you're interested

if what I've shared with you today

you're like man I can do this I like

this I've been wanting to do a book I've

been wanting to start my own business

and I'm wanting to use a book to start

my business now what I want to challenge

you to do is book your free strategy

session with us right now

all right just book your free strategy

session right now on this screen there

should be your URL or right below the

video there should be a link look below

the video or look right on the video

open a new browser type it in if you're

watching on mobile then you need to stop

the video take that URL you know post it

into a new browser or

better yet head over to your computer

what's gonna happen is on the next page

you will see the ability to pick a date

and time I hope they're still available

we run out all the time but we actually

have author experts here we have

advisors here at the Learn offices that

will give you a completely free call for

30 minutes to talk to you about your

book to talk to you about your dreams to

talk to about your mission and how to

get there and how to scale there all

right we actually have a program if you

get into our incubator 12 weeks you get

hand-holding community and coaching will

get your book written it's not free all

right listen I have to put my best

coaches in it you have to invest a

little bit but I'm telling you it's

nickels on the dollar for the results

that you get back but first you have to

qualify to see if you even get in then

you get to join what we call our cross

community this is where you plug you in

with other authors we support one


we literally review each other's books

boost each other's books to share each

other's books we help one another

through the Roadshow launch we help each

other get the books to being becoming

top sellers and of course have our team

help you build your book and scale it

into a million dollar business that's my

goal all of my books have become a multi

multi-million dollar venture all of them

the worst of them even alright my best

ones turned into multi eighth bigger

venture I want to share with you how to

force that process I CSS can turn into a

seven-figure business for you so right

now go to the URL you see on the screen

do it right now don't skip this if you

miss out then you're gonna miss out open

this up it's gonna take you exactly 30

seconds pick a date and time that works

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that call make sure you show up for the

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ASAP or you can go to the link right

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click that link go to the next page pick

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