Pokemon GO - How To Get FREE Ultra Boxes!


what's wrong guys mr. Kloster here

welcome back to another Pokemon go video

guys in today's video guys I'll be

talking about the new special limited

edition anniversary kind of box

not that kind of inertia like we got it

the one year but it's a special box the

great box and the ultra bucks a limited

time only so but all of these guys are

amazing deal like each of them has

really really good offer so the very

first one has six premium grade passes

and ten pine nut berries for only 480

coins guys now 6 premium grade passes

worth 600 coins so you're already saving

120 coins blast you get it you know

another 10 pine nut berries so

definitely a really really good deal but

before I get to the next one guys right

now the Chicago pest is going on and a

lot of people are capturing a lot of

Pokemon so I was watching the live

stream and it's super duper fun they

have what mystic 7 trainer tips reversal

other channels you know in Chicago fest

and it's really really awesome so I

really hope we do complete the challenge

guys because I'll know a lot of people

have to complete different type of

catching different types of Pokemon so

hopefully we complete the challenge and

get the mysteries you know the mystery

challenge now there was also rumors that

players are able to switch teams because

Niantic will probably make a 4th gym

which will be team harmony which would

be the Liguilla pokemon die blue one so

I'm not exactly sure when my friends

texted me this morning so I'm not

exactly sure what's going on if there's

going to be a whole team like a new team

that you can switch on or maybe I don't

know I don't know how it's going to work

guys but it's going to be really really

interesting so anyway that is the

special block 6 premium rate asus you

already saved 120 coins bless you get

additional 10 PI net berries so that is

pretty nice now let's go to the 980

coins now this grey box is amazing

you're already saving a crapload of

money guys because 12 premium raid

passes 1200 coins you're already saving

a load of coins there then you get an

additional 20 pine M berries this

even a bigger deal because getting 20

minor berries takes a super long time so

definitely that's a big big thing and

then Cantler modules guys and now

they're huge I mean this is just insane

guys like the grade box is amazing and

then we have the ultra box which it

pretty much has 4 in cents 16 premium

rate passes which is already sixteen

hundred coins then twenty lower module I

mean this is just insane for incense and

thirty pie net berries so if you have

the coins I would definitely buy one of

these boxes now I don't guys I'm pretty

closed but the reason I've been you know

spending my coins on is because I need

to have the bag upgrade because I need

my you know items to be I guess more

filled up so instead of like 450 items I

wanted to be 500 550 definitely need a

bag upgrade for sure but if I didn't

actually do it I would have enough for

actually the special box so I don't know

if I'll have enough coins I mean I have

a Pokemon in a gym which I'll get 50

coins from let me see how long has it

defended let's see 15 hours so if it

does 24 then I'll get 50 more coins but

honestly guys I don't know because I did

have 3 or 4 a Pokemon the other day in

the gym but one by one people took it

down so you know it's a shame that I

couldn't get all those 50 coins but it's

all good anyway guys how do you you know

get iTunes cards so how do you get

Google you know play store cards how do

you get a cat like it's pretty simple so

you just go to grab points guys and look

at this I've 18000 point I haven't

download an app in like probably weeks

at least I mean this is just insane guys

so if you go to these guys can see

there's how-to offers to go to the menu

there's so many things you can do you

can get points for completing surveys

downloading apps completed offers and

then you can also get points from

actually promoting grab points which is

actually pretty nice thing so if you

guys have Twitter or something or

Instagram definitely go to the promote

grab point section but download apps is

your best shot guys so you know you get

points by downloading these apps make

sure you guys do read how long you're

supposed to play this game you know if

it says 30 seconds or a minute

definitely read before you actually you

know download the app but anyway also

guys together the rewards store will go

to popular section you guys can get

pretty much any card you wanted and with

80,000 points guys I can grab a $15

iTunes gift card or pretty much anything

under 50 you know under obviously 80,000

points but a lot of the stuff I can get

like the Starbucks gift card the Google

Play which you guys can get if you guys

are an Android

now you may seem a lot of 10,000 500

points to get a $10 Google Play card but

honestly guys it's really not only takes

is completing surveys downloading a few

apps you'll definitely get a card within

probably a couple days if you grind

that's pretty easy so if we go back to

Pokemon go with a $10 card so let's see

so if we go on the shop guys let's see

how much a $10 google card will give you

so for 10 bucks you will actually get

1200 coins and with 1200 coins you

almost have enough to bind ultra blocks

now if I actually you know had oh

actually I would almost have enough I

just need to get 50 more coins but after

the 50 coins guys I would have enough to

buy the ultra bus now with 1200 coins

you can obviously buy what let's see a

couple special boxes a great box as well

so it's your call but if it's $15 iTunes

gift card guys you can get let's see how

much once you can get you can get 1200

plus 550 so you can get 1,750 coins

which is you know easily enough to get

an ultra bucks and possibly if you have

leftover coins two to three hundred

coins you can get a special box as well

so there's different ways you can

actually get you know if you buy the $10

a google play card there's definitely

different options you can you know go

through and see which box fits you but

anyway hope you guys did enjoy the video

guys did go ahead leave a like guys that

would be amazing and it's always I'll

see you o on the next video