Working with zulily 101

working with you Lily whether you're a

small boutique or a global manufacturer

you Lily can showcase your brand and

products to millions of female shoppers

from teens to moms - aunt - grandma in

just days we can have your product

selling our site no traditional channel

works this fast and selling you through

Lily is completely free why do you want

to start small or go big right away

we're here to help you succeed our team

will bring your story to life with

custom photography copywriting and

design plus we'll connect you with our

4.5 million loyal shoppers actively

seeking amazing products and great

values after working with your Zulily

buyer we can start selling in five easy

steps first send us a list of your

products queues and inventory quantity

next send us product images with samples

you'd like us to photograph soon after

your events will launch and typically

run for three days with real time sales

reporting will send purchase orders on

the first day of your event and when it

ends and you won't receive any non

defective products returned after you

get the purchase order simply ship your

goods to our warehouse whatever you want

to sell do Lily can help launch a new

brand or pot of line

selling season products or sell excess

inventory over 50% of our sales are

through mobile devices meaning we can

reach customers where and when they shop

and our sophisticated analytics ensures

that the customers most likely to buy

your product will student as a vendor

you'll have full access to our vendor

portal a powerful self-service tool that

lets you manage your your Lily event

from your computer or mobile device

including product info shipping billing

and more you can even access real-time

failed info and detailed Geographic and

product sales reporting

new Lily's already helped more than

15,000 vendors sell more fill faster and

reach new audiences we'd love to help

you too

to get started email us today at new

vendor at doolally calm