For Sale by Owner - How to Sell your House on Zillow [ 2019 ] Step by Step Tutorial

first things first let's go to the best and easiest way to

start listing your home for sale by

owner its first to find out on the site

type your address in the address bar

close your eyes

cuz I'm actually it in my address and

here what Zillah does it will actually

do an auto fill feature so if you start

typing your home address it'll likely

guide you to the correct spelling and

formatting of your address so first

things first you see your house on the

page what Zillow does really well shows

you what your home's Worth gives you

some features but we're trying to sell

your home so go to the top and find the

more button it'll open up a drop-down

menu and look at this post your home for

sale by owner for free let's click the

link here you'll be prompted to I guess

I'm already logged in here you would be

prompted to log in so if you haven't

already create a Zilla login create it

with with an email account that you

access frequently because you're gonna

get notifications and requests from

buyers through this email the first

thing it's going to ask you to do is set

your price guys this is probably the

most important thing to consider when

you're marketing and selling your home

is price I'll have another video after

this on how to properly price your home

to sell let's pick a price 1 million


the next thing it'll ask for is a 3d

home when you're not on a desktop and

you're on your app or on your phone

it'll also prompt you for a Zillo

walkthrough video these are hidden gems

that I'll talk about in another video

that help boost and increase your

visibility on the site and help you get

more buyers the next thing you'll be

prompted for is to upload photos guys I

highly recommend

hiring a professional for all of my real

estate photography I hire professional

who focuses in specifically real estate

photography if you can't find someone in

your area

try your best with either your your home

camera or your cell phone but the

quality here is gonna matter

next the Zillow is gonna ask you about

your home fax I feel like I'm a little

ATD and I probably would get stuck or

need to take a break in the middle of

this but it is super super important for

you guys to complete the entire list

check every box that applies to your

home if you don't you might be missing

out on a buyer the next section is on an

open house you don't have to pick one

today right as you're starting but I

would recommend if you're trying to sell

your house on your own take a couple

days to do an open house Zillow uses an

algorithm that boosts your your internet

activity and helps people find you more

easily if you schedule an open house

last things last the most important

thing to selling your own one Zillow is

give accurate information it's asking

for your phone number yes your real

phone number buyers are gonna call you

putting your information in here is

intended for buyers obviously but you're

gonna get the occasional agent who calls

you trainer in your business

I got another video on how to deal with

them we'll talk about that later

and that wraps up our video for today

you now have the basic tools on how to

list your home for sale by owner on

Zillow if you want a little bit more

expert tips watch the next video on how

to have your home beat the number one

listing on Zillow every time and as

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more tips and tricks on how to properly

and effectively market and sell your

home online