How to sell on Zazzle! What you need and What to avoid with this (print on demand) Zazzle tutorial.

okay how to sell on zazzle a quick


um that's exactly what it is i'm going

to show you how easy it is to sell on

zazzle this is crossing seas and i want

to help you adventure from employee to

employer and so that's what we're all


uh for this uh for this to actually to

set up for

zazzle all you're really gonna need is

an actual email and for me the easiest


to sign up for zazzle is through a gmail

account they have an option for that

and it's super simple super easy just a

few clicks all you really need to do is

verify your

email address they'll send you email you

click on it you verify it and you're

able to set up your store

you're able to create products and

you're able to start selling

right away it needs to be your design

your template in order to sell you have

a lot of options to pick from

and also you need to make sure you get

the right percentage for each sale

i'm gonna show you my store and how to


uh products that sell on your store this

one i can't actually sell

and i'll tell you the reason why

reason why i can't sell this one but i

can sell the banana

and i can sell other things so one of

the things you want to do

first you just want to sign into your

account i'm already signed in but it's

super easy if you have a gmail if you

have a facebook you sign in with those

those things as well and then you want

to open up a new store

you come over here my stores come over


edit store information phone products

go to my stores


and then you click so you see i have one

store already

and then you go over here and then you

click open store

now the only thing you need is about

email you validate your email and

they're like okay good to go

and then you put in your store name do

that and uh

that's it create a store but since i've

already did that

let's go to my store and let's check it


so this is what i have right now this is

a save design this one

i actually can't sell because of the

background right here

there's someone else designed this

background so i can't sell it for a


but i can sell this one because that i

put this design

on a handkerchief and i also have

um let's see let's take a look at some

of my products

my products shoe design and so i have a

shirt a tank top somewhere tank top


um under remove revised and resubmitted

my products my collection

okay so let's just go to crate

let's make some uh a new design so i

could edit designs i already have

deck of cards this let's i'll show you

let's start my new design

you know just i just go to download

because i don't want it in my way that

goes on here whatever

um let's see so there's templates that

you can do

um one thing i wouldn't do with these

templates because if you put these

templates on there you can't sell to

other people and the whole point of this

is to sell to other people you could add


this is great yeah not these but you

could add your own text and put it in


own font icons you can't really use


uh recently used back uh background


these ones not so much you can upload

your own files

let's do this be boom

not offensive and also you can gear it


your social media platform that you want

to upload it to

right so we can pick products we got

t-shirts here we got facial masks coffee


we got cloth face mask with slot

we got bumper stickers let's do bumper

sticker today

boom perfect slide them over a little


let's see boom right there

what i wanted

bumper sticker

move them over again

i went into the wrong slot i supposed to

do texts

add text sorry about that go


la and now

we just make it bigger

all right almost done all right that's

the color

i like the color like the font okay

uh settings is not what i want i want

all changes

saved okay let's wait for it to load

let's see okay lottie dot there's my

bumper sticker

all right let's click on it

waiting waiting okay so this is

la ti da you can go through you can see

all the different

mockups and once it loads you can see it

says sell it

all the different ways that you'd mock

up and then you just click

sell it now all you have to do from this


on is just put your title in let's see


that's gonna be the title of it uh where

do i want what department

i'll pick

all right from there just write a

description fun

little sticker

all right this is where you show the

mock-up of what you want it to look like

on your store

all right tags all right sticker

fun happy

bee oh spelled happy wrong

let's go back

p two peas add tags

all right i got four tags on that over

here is just um things not to do

g this is for everybody i want to make

it public

uh yeah let's have a customize button on

it and this is my percentage

earlier in the slides i said make sure

your percentage is good

let's go to post it oh missed something

i thought i did this

all right nope we'll go to i'll do this

top one

okay let's go back down

all right there posted i forgot this one

more right here yes

the rest publish it to post it and it

takes about 24 hours to

post to your store so that's pretty much

it that's how you

add items to your store that's how you

set up your store

and you just these are all the ways you

could share it you could

copy it to your store you could um

paste your website anything you want to


and let's see you could create it from

here you can create another bumper

sticker or

see it on my store

that's it this is uh how you sell on

uh zazzle and so you can even from here

you can edit the design

all right i hope you learned some things

from this video uh

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