A day in the life of a ZALORA intern | feat Nia Atasha

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coming hi I'm Nia I'm your new intern I

see me Huey

take a page okay so one of my first

tasks was to Stoke forest I want you to

take over our internet story everything

can you do that I love Instagram that's


what's so hard about having social media

I will do you a good job do not worry so

being the fashion industry you have to

dress up do you usually dress this whole

thing you like how do she was giving my

look you know I just got to make sure I

look good every day so okay um I really

have to go right now just go to Elle

Elle yeah okay she didn't explain much

oh wait okay she just left me


a little distracted okay your spec has

clothes everywhere here this building to

look for now and you know what

interesting for you today in the piano

needing you to sing our guests with

Mariah Fashion Show system in front row

and then a second row and so on so forth

you know is from so Diane and I are

really good friends would be fun for

them to sit together

yeah okay I'll check back in behalf now

and awesome Natalie I love you I put