A day in the life of a ZALORA intern | feat Nia Atasha

coming hi I'm Nia I'm your new intern I

see me Huey

take a page okay so one of my first

tasks was to Stoke forest I want you to

take over our internet story everything

can you do that I love Instagram that's


what's so hard about having social media

I will do you a good job do not worry so

being the fashion industry you have to

dress up do you usually dress this whole

thing you like how do she was giving my

look you know I just got to make sure I

look good every day so okay um I really

have to go right now just go to Elle

Elle yeah okay she didn't explain much

oh wait okay she just left me


a little distracted okay your spec has

clothes everywhere here this building to

look for now and you know what

interesting for you today in the piano

needing you to sing our guests with

Mariah Fashion Show system in front row

and then a second row and so on so forth

you know is from so Diane and I are

really good friends would be fun for

them to sit together

yeah okay I'll check back in behalf now

and awesome Natalie I love you I put

it's a perfect front row guest put that

baby in a second no but she's my friend

and she will forgive me hi hi I'm Jaime

- I'm the editor-in-chief for thread

manager magazine Bob this is how a site

looks like

Wow how do you come up with like content

and ideas well sometimes we do research

that's not a word you know what

notice tonight else oh please it me

oh wait oh okay so then I'm at the

person in charge of production

production is really interesting because

usually as a model I am usually involved

with production but because I'm not my

latest has to say things a whole lot I

mean yeah I mean reduction and all right

so for your first class in production

today I'll meet your help to cost a

couple of girls from a local model

agency okay before you get here I need

your help to you um get together a

couple of outfits for me so just

remember to write it down so I get the

outfit that is sportswear modest you can

wear casual wear casually uh-huh okay

wait the shoes swimwear just to be sure

was this what's way okay right Pena

minor so here's your rack and the

inventories over that once you are ready

then just pull the clothes over here to

the studio rack and venturi studio got

it got it

cool thank you for your trust me I swear

my TAS way or - wait you're so cute

doesn't hurt to try to you one here oh

this is cute

and murmured is gonna treasure

okay back to work sequin shorts this is

easy styling my things

oh my god

okay let's go put this one so cute

okay they've got a work wear casual

wears sportswear and salon work Oh scuse

me well we think this is a studio

okay we are the normal outfit okay and I

will need your help to dress in these

outfits okay that's all of my Nita's

right simple cool huh

so this is how a casting looks like okay

cool okay okay

no problem I got this


982 where is

I forgot do I wait Lisa I'm so sorry I

don't need to be like stupid okay don't

mind me

wait how do you learn this again do you

know how to wear this yeah they're so

soft yes you're at the beach nothing to

succeed run into the inventory and grant

me a pair of white shoes for my size

means everything's my size

I'm model size okay most I'm looking for


Swiss shoes right cheap sports shoes are

these minis oh that's more here okay

thanks over there okay you know what it

doesn't matter as long as it's white

okay Mon oh boy kasi all right yes yeah

I have some recent photos here that I do

here helps put up unto our soul our

model custom bar inside a female model

these are a female local model so I need

you to stick up yeah

I have a meeting now so I'm gonna run

off but you'll be okay girl no problem I

got this okay okay ready

look at this all my favourite boys up

here female model time wish local female

models that I put in here

it's how many Manos my need we need to

put everyone and of course you see

yourself why have five models when you

can just act me the dazzle that up a

little sparse right here little brown

over here me okay I'm done

it was easy now I'm gonna wait for

Stefan hey yeah what happens to the rest

of the local female girl no here I just

saw a lot of guy for OHS and Mike and

then I saw my knees okay have to put

them up all of them fine by putting my

favorite models person is idle if that

soon am I missing anyone and still after

she's done colleges need your help to

put back all the clothes into the

inventory along his shoes no problem

that's tiring

snowing around know what that means


you know sometimes we

hi okay I might have been a little bit

yeah okay great

oh yeah okay that's the bring you up to


this is Lola so we're gonna fit the role

of uh-huh okay sleeve of course sleep I

know can I borrow a pen so sleep sleep

everything's fine okay right so else

I'll measure this start with the thief

yeah I'll be convincing I think you'd be

more volume

yeah more body but no I suppose you can

I stick with something simple no sleep

about sleep too expensive should be like

this okay maybe which making my future

yeah but you know what's your opinion on

that my opinion yes I I think I should

try it on let me just let see maybe

place should I try this or do you have

another sample okay I'll try that

sorry yeah you ready

Rose half an hour ago

right I get X today in a second I

was my job




oh yeah baby come on do it just right