Yudala Online Retails Store Launch

you dolla the e-commerce startup

launched two stores in Lagos over the

weekend the twenty fifth of July 2015 on

a Saturday to much fanfare I name is

Stanley jose china the vice president

retail you dolla limited guys keep

watching pause TV because if anything

matters is going to be on pause TV

these two stores and lagers are located

at the computer village on 21 medical

road EKG and at the Palms more leaky the

company's management revealed that their

stores online and offline will provide

ICT products as well as lifestyle and

healthy living goods with competitive

pricing also payments on the online

platform will be made on delivery or

prepaid via debit or credit cards with

brick-and-mortar retail chains across

Nigeria and other African countries

speaking to press the launch of the you

dollar branch at computer village the

vice president retail mr. Stanley is

Regina had this to say number one you

dolla is is the answer to a meet that is

the first thing that measurements need

you dalla that we have a system of

little that is not very structured so

first utilize bring in structure into

retail by revolutionising the landscape

the retail landscape what is your dollar

about your dollar is first of all about

peace of mind you know to bring a

situation where if you buy a device or

you buy anything a product on your

dollar you can go to sleep knowing that

you're getting the best quality from the

best manufacturers globally utilize a

global brand say what class brand it's

not just struggling written it's a

world-class brand and it's a composite

company that is bringing 360 degrees

experience by combining online retail

which is eaten globally people from our

works of life attended the grand opening

of the event at both locations from the

CEO of access van group mr. Herbert week

way to rap star nhoc to celebrity chef

eros R&B crooner and Yaya was also on

hand to mingle he also gave a brief

performance of the official you dollar

song which he composed and spoke to

Paul's about the concept

I don't learn what's going on is you

gotta man is it's good times is

prosperity's growth is happiness

everything good that you wish everybody

that's what represents so like I must

confess I heard the song when you

dropped it like two months ago you have

the video to it oh yeah yeah yeah I

loved it it was goes yo it was my boss's

idea yeah asking me how the song yes

today I told you right there but you

know yeah I is a phenomena oh yes yes

yes yes yes what I produced it what I

air is something else in one second okay

this music was like what's also don't

tell me tell me more about your now I've

never had a boss in my life I would

think I'm the best boss until I met him

I suppose recent monster boss she's a

map yeah he's a brain behind everything

good Annie I telling me is also massive

producer on the beach easy all you guys

take know what's the Falls yeah yeah


please uncle

I loved it mr. week we also shared his

thoughts and the emergence of you dalla

into the Nigerian market and shared his

optimism for the future of e-commerce in

Nigeria some customers also shared their

experience from shopping at the U dollar

store most important thing is very sure

that when people order for things online

they get them delivered otherwise they

get their money back alright what we're

doing is to work with the lives of you

dolla all right to ensure that will

issue guarantees and indemnities to

people if you order anything online you

will get your goods delivered you will

get to good delivered with the

appropriate time frame otherwise you get

your money back in snuggling and it's

very important once the consumer knows

that he will get his goods or he will

get this money delivered better still if

against is good I think you know you'll

find out it's a lot more efficient and

they are the great demand for most of

these products nick is the answer I

think the reason is first of all what

that means is that people get the goods

in record time so for instance if you

live in lekki and your order for your

dollar store what it means is that the

goods you get you in 10 minutes and so

that problem around trust and ability to

get your goods is taken out now as you

roll out across the whole country all

right it gets better what does this do

the transportation system of delivery

sometimes is a problem now it is cutting

out a lot of the inefficiencies in the

system so i think it is actually the way

to go until we get better in terms of

infrastructure all right this must be

the way to go and I think it's amazing I

think the plan they were a plan is

fantastic you know being able to connect

online and offline richer together to

give them the customers one I one

solution on one great fantastic

experience I think it's amazing and of

course bringing them various brands

together I would HP being one of the

number one branch and I've been actually

come on Brandon Nigeria I think we are

really positioned to be able to provide

the best and products the best solutions

to a new data customers and that's all

we head to the support is an opening

yeah I think you'd allies a beautiful

thing it's a riddle is the infant right

now and

everybody is going into retail and so

you'd add a comment on board right now

it's like what's in the future happening

now and I know that you'd allies going

to bring for customers the best in class

products and we are happy to be

supporting them HP because we know that

we you della will be able to showcase

our top products and our consumers you

know Nigerians will be able to see what

HP hasn't stopped for them you dollar

plans to open up to 512 stores within

three years while it aims to employ

50,000 Nigerians within its first 18

months and from the looks of it you

dolla is prepared to give nigerians a

shopping experience to remember well

well we know the dress will pick it up

for the first thing being that nigerians

are very sensitive and very conscious

people number one and oma to you dies

not just an arbitrary our concept it is

actually responds to a neat you know so

the need is there nigerians knit this

and we know that nigel has did it and

you just know that they need it and the

car recognize this answer when they see

it so you'd allies that answer that

modulus I've been waiting for so we know

that they're going to embrace it so go

on down to the nearest you dollar store

and check out what they have to offer

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