How to sell on YouTube - 3 Steps to a Successful Video

if you've got a message a channel a

product or a service then selling on

YouTube could possibly be the most

effective thing you've ever done I'm

being serious here but you're never

going to sell anybody unless you have a

great strategy in this video I'm going

to show you how to sell with YouTube

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teaching you how to sell with online

video and in this video we're going to

go through exactly what it means and

what it takes to sell on YouTube now if

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each new upload now if you're watching

this video right now chances are you've

got something that you want to sell and

you want to use YouTube to move that

product to move that service or to get

your message out in front of other

people the problem is most of us have

not been educated on what it takes and

what it means to actually sell something

to somebody tell me there's pain sell me

the pen back in the day when I first

started on YouTube people were making

sales videos all over the place and it

flooded the internet with some of your

basic you know car sales many type stuff

that's not the model that I'm going to

teach you guys here today the web viewer

the average YouTube viewer has been

refined they're looking for something

more sophisticated and I'm going to show

you a three-step model for making videos

that will actually convince people that

they want to buy from you so let's get

started with these three tips number one

you have to get found on YouTube I often

tell my clients nobody ever bought from

a video they didn't see and that's

absolutely the case when you want to

make sales on YouTube your first

objective is to get found to do this you

want to implement some keyword research

into your channel now keyword research

is the process of finding keyword

phrases that's one two or maybe even

four words that people would actually

type into a search engine in some cases

you can even find

what's called a longtail keyword and a

longtail keyword is actually more of a

full sentence something that somebody

might type in into a search engine on

YouTube in order to find something now

this is a really important thing because

you're going to title your video using

the keyword phrases that you found

during your keyword research phase

similarly on YouTube you can upload your

video with tags now what tags are our

keyword phrases that are similar to or

like your video for example if you want

to rank for the keyword term best

plumber in Ohio then you might also put

tags in your video that are similar to

that keyword phrase like cheap plumber

in Ohio or fastest plumber in Ohio what

your tags do is help to create relevancy

with your title so when you start

selling on YouTube it's so important

that you start with keyword research you

find great keywords and then use those

keywords in your title and in your tags

I use a tool called to buddy to help me

do my keyword research and I put a link

to that in the description box below

okay that was a good information step

number two is you have to get watched

this is the part that creator's all over

YouTube are leaving to the end you're

making videos based on what you want to

say rather than what your audience

actually wants to hear and so what

happens is you might rank for number one

on your keyword search term but then as

soon as somebody watches your video

they're super bored and they log out in

order to avoid this you have to use a

format and a format is a step by step

process that we use to move your viewer

from the beginning to the middle to the

end of your video this is how you get

people to stay on long enough to hear

your call to action we basically teach

our clients a six point format snappy

headline branded bumper introduction

problem/solution body copy that's it if

you follow this process all the way

through it's highly likely that your

viewer will watch a good majority of

your video and when that happens

you're more likely to get them to take

action and call you or do business with

you at the end of the video I'm

furiously scribbling this down finally

step three is getting clicked you've got

to get clicked it does no good to have a

video that ranks and have a video that

people will watch and then by the end of

the video there's nowhere to click or

you forgot your link and nobody even

knows where to go you have to give

people a clear pathway for buying from

you and the best way to do that is

knowing which features are built into

YouTube so that you can actually get

your viewers to take action so let's

review a couple of those so number one

is you can put a link in the description

box and you can basically put any HTML

link here as long as you put the prefix

HTTP semi colon slash slash in front of

the website name if you put the website

just as it is then it won't be clickable

you've got to use that prefix to make it

a blue clickable link now here's a

little hack you can put the link in the

first five lines of your description box

and when someone searches for your video

that link will appear in the search

engine results on YouTube you can also

put your link in the iCard system right

up here the iCard system is an

annotation like system that goes on top

of your video after you upload KC you

would add these inside of YouTube so as

long as YouTube has approved the link

that you're using you can drive your

viewers attention to click that link and

they'll as soon as they click it they'll

go to your website and take action now

another way to drive clicks is a little

bit of a hack and this is probably going

to work better for local advertisers or

local business owners you can put your

phone number in the title of your video

now I don't necessarily recommend this

for everybody but I have seen some of my

clients be very successful by adding

their business phone number into the

title area that way when the video

appears on search whether it's in Google

or on YouTube a viewer can use their

skype system or whatever online digital

phone system they're using to simply

click the phone number and make a phone


similarly for some of our older viewers

they're not necessarily gonna click on a

bunch of links they might feel that it's

spammy but hey they're more than happy

to bust out the Jitterbug phone and dial

a few phone numbers so if you're a local

business making advertising videos to

get local clients it might be helpful to

put the phone number in the title oh

well this is some pretty nerdy stuff hey

have you made sales with YouTube before

what are your suggestions for how we can

sell better with YouTube videos let us

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