How To Sell From Your Website

what's up guys I'm gonna walk you

through how to sell from your website

now this is how I personally also sell

every single website or marketing

service that I have so I'm gonna walk

you through how you can do it for your

contracting business it will change your

life I swear to God


hey everyone welcome back to contractor

growth Network and I am Logan chin

holster and today I'm talking about one

of my top two favorite topics of all

time selling from your website now my

other favorite thing is talking all

about how to use an leverage video to

not only generate work but also like

close sales that are on the fence but

right now websites and using them to

actively sell with it everybody that has

learned how to do this absolutely kills

it and here's why when you prequalify

somebody over the phone you're trying to

talk to them before you go out to their

house and before you go out there and

just do a bid and have no idea what

they're talking about you try to ask you

know a basic handful of questions to

understand are they the right fit for

you because if they're looking at a two

hundred thousand dollar project but

their budget is 20 grand it's not going

to be a good fit and you save your time

from going out there however what has

happened in the past is people say

things like well I got a couple small

rocks in my yard that will have to be

moved and then you go out there and they

end up under selling how large these

small rocks are they're their boulders

yes they're small boulders but they're

still boulders that take a lot so having

visuals to make sure that both parties

both the homeowner and you as the

contractor on the same page will help

you out immensely and your website can

do all that for you so I want to walk

you through two different clients that

we have and how they sell using their

website all right now these are both

websites that we've created and we've

built and they're set up that when we

build them with you I want to make sure

that you can ask somebody a prospect to

hop on your website and you can lead

them through the website and show them

exactly what you're talking about so

we'll go with premiere ponds first pond

company this works for ponds landscaping

anything outside they have a brochure

that's a pricing guide that we created

for them so if you come on over under

the about us and to the prospect they

would say first you know have you been

to my website and the prospects how

they're going to say yes or no and then

they're gonna say the contractors gonna

say would you be

to hop in front of a computer right now

so I could walk you through a couple

projects to make sure that I'm able to

do what you want me to do and if the

person says no way I'm Way too busy well

it's probably on a good prospect anyway

but when somebody can sit down in front

of their computer and they have their

laptop there they're not distracted they

also are able to pull their credit card

out because they're sitting down see how

that works so if you want to get a

deposit over the phone for whatever it

is or at least like a consultation fee

they're already sitting there they can

pull their credit card out so he would

say okay great

sit down pull up my website and I want

you to hover over it where it says about

us you see where it says Spring booklet

click on that all right and then the

next thing is now we have this book it

pulled up what this booklet has on it is

it has a handful of pictures not every

project they've ever done but just a

handful that show the size and what you

get with the with the pond but also the

price and what this does is this shows a

visual representation of what you can

get for what cost so if you notice this

first picture 60,000 dollars the second

pictures 30 the next one is 20 and the

last one is 15 okay that is how they

sell these so now when somebody pulls

this up and he goes ok great let's walk

through some of some of the the projects

that we've done they'll go through and

they go wow well the smallest one is 15

I'm looking at spending 3 and now you

don't have to be the bad guy salesman

that says oh we start at X amount now

the pictures do it in the person the

prospect disqualifies themselves so now

they're no longer mad at you they're mad

at these pictures this whole thing is

all about going third-party and blaming

the pictures for everything so when

somebody says oh wow that first one's

amazing I love that pun it looks


you can go great that pond right there

that's a $60,000 pond and then you get

quiet and what this does is the person

either goes okay I like that or they go

wow that's way too much money but the

difference is you're saying that pond is

sixty thousand instead of saying

Oh for that pond I'm gonna have to

charge you sixty thousand so the blame

is placed on this picture on this pond

instead of you as a salesman that is the

best part about selling with visuals is

it gives people a visual of what you're

talking about which sells way better

than just trying to describe it over the

phone and if you don't believe that that

works think about when you go out to

somebody's house you go out there you

probably have a brochure or a pamphlet

or something that shows your work well

it's the exact same thing but you're

doing this preemptively you're showing

them what you can do before you actually

go out there so in this case somebody

goes oh that's 60,000 that's amazing

they're gonna go oh man I love that pond

but I don't have $60,000 is there

anything you could deal for me on that

one and you're gonna go you know I wish

I could that pond is 60 grand though so

what you're doing is you're now

positioning yourself by saying I wish I

could because now you're on the same

page as them so you have the the

homeowner right here going can you do

anything for me and then you're on their

team saying I wish I could trust me I

really wish I could I could cut the

price down the part but the price of

this pond is actually 60 grand so now

it's you in the homeowner against the

picture of that pond because the picture

in the pond is 60 grand you're not the

one charging that so that's the first

way to do any of this stuff is to really

as far as pricing this will weed out a

lot of people because when you have

pricing up front or if you don't have

pricing on these pictures you can still

use the images on your website to now

still go and they go wow this this Oasis

pond I love that what does that cost and

you go that pond is $20,000 you're going

third party you're no longer the bad guy

this pond is the bad guy all right and

the reason that we only have four of

these on here for images for the ponds

is because we just want to show them a

range we don't want to show them every

single feature because the more that you

show them the the more it kind of

creates a paralysis by analysis and the

homeowners eyes so we just showed four

over the course of like the the whole

range of pricing so high-end

60 low-end 15 and that's really how we

did all this there's a couple other

options for other things but it's really

more of just like a gut check to make

sure that the prospects on the same page

as far as a the beauty that you're able

to put in their yard and be what

something like that may cost ballpark

figures all right so that is gonna be

you're using the the pond stuff now if

you're a builder or a remodeler greg

Dempsey Stone Hill builders somebody

comes in to his website he goes great go

to my website click on portfolio now you

see all these the does the exterior of

any of these home stain out to you Oh

Middleburg great go ahead and click on

the middle for one and let's talk about

this this this actual home itself so

he's gonna lead people through it come

on down

and now here's all the pictures of the

home and they're gonna go in ok got it

and then Greg can say this is exactly

what I say he goes I'm just curious

what's your initial gut reaction on the

interior of this home and that is your

way of inadvertently saying tell me how

beautiful this home is without saying

tell me how beautiful this home is so

you're going hey I'm just curious what's

your gut reaction on this home you're

gonna go I love it looks gorgeous

ok great specifically what's gorgeous

about this like what stands out to you

well I love the colors of the ceiling in

the wall is how it's the green and like

you have like the the square patterns on

the on the ceiling looks gorgeous also I

really like how the bathroom has a

standalone bathtub that's

super-important to me because we need to

do this this and this and you go oh ok

great so you're saying we in this in

this instance who else is gonna be

getting excited about this standalone

bathroom oh well actually it's my wife

and then opened up a whole other set of

doors for you because now what you're

doing is again is you're using your

website to let people tell you how great

your work is and when people tell you

how great your work is it's way easier

to then sell yourself for this project

because now they know that you can do

this instead of saying oh okay great

yeah I can come out there and give you a

bid or they go oh I've been your web

I've seen your work I want to get a

quote but you don't know what they want

to get a quote on or what it costs so

Greg could very easily go yeah you see

this house right here depending on the

plot of land I mean this this could be a

you know high-end 1.1 million dollar

home and then it gets quiet and they go

oh wow that's way more than I wanted to

spend or they go yeah that's actually

right on where we thought what we wanted

and then now Greg knows ok great I'm

good I have a high quality prospect that

I can walk them through this home

to make sure that if they want this

exact home I've already done it before

and when they don't customize all this

extra stuff the home goes up faster and

more efficiently which means higher

gross profit margin using the visuals of

the site you can sell your work and let

the work do the talking to you and the

work is the bad guys so make sure you

guys have a website that you can sell

from because you can pull up galleries

or images or something that when you

brink it will to your website the work

will do the the hard work for you all


I hope all that makes sense this is

exactly how I sell so if you come to me

and you say Logan I want a new website

I'm gonna go okay great I can do that

for you can you be in front of a

computer next time we talk because I

want to walk you through a few of the

websites that I've done because I want

to make sure I can do a website that you

want done because at the end of the day

if I can't do that this would be a very

quick conversation and they go yep no

problem I can do that and if they go no

I can't or they go oh you know I can't

get in front of a computer because I'm

working all day until 10:00 p.m.

how serious are they about getting a new

website they're not so if they can't

take the time to schedule in 15 minutes

at some point during the day to be in

front of a computer they're not a client

of mine and I just I weed them out

all right so use the laptop use your

website to sell and make sure people are

sitting down for because if you can get

them to take time out of their day to

sit down fist it shows you that they're

serious plus they can pull their credit

card out and give you a deposit a design

fee whatever you want right there in the

spot because they're not driving and

talking to you they're sitting down

ready to go I hope that helps do me a

favor if you like this stuff drop down

below do

more sales videos because this visual

selling if you learn how to do this

correctly this this will change the

sales cycle of your business forever

alright I won't do sales without having

people sit down and me walk them through

the stuff that I can do because visuals

play that much more comment below make

sure your website is set up like this

trust me you're gonna love it

I'll see you guys