How To Sell A Physical Product Through Paypal

hey there so I'm gonna show you in this

video how to set up a physical product

using your PayPal account now for this

tutorial you're definitely going to want

to have a business account so first of

all if you don't have the business

account or you don't have a PayPal

account in general you want to go to and you want to sign up for

the business account and you want to go

through that entire process I'll

probably record a different video

showing that whole process and a

different video but for the purpose of

this video to make it faster I'm just

going to go ahead and I'm just going to

go ahead and log in to PayPal so you

want to log in once you've created your

business account and I'm gonna click

Next and so I already have my

information set up and as it's logging

me in

okay so the first thing that you want to

do is you want to hover over tools to go

to your PayPal buttons so what we're

doing here is essentially we're gonna be

selling a product through PayPal and so

when you have a PayPal standard business

account you can sell and set up your own

buttons to sell your own products so

make sure that when you either upgrade

your account to a business account or

you sign up for a business account that

you either choose PayPal standard or the

PayPal the other extra I think it's

PayPal Pro or something that includes a

monthly fee you don't really need the

monthly one to do this process PayPal

standards is totally fine it doesn't

include a monthly fee it's totally free

so you can go ahead and then click hover

over tools at the top of your screen and

then click PayPal buttons now you're

going to choose by the Buy Now button so

you want to go ahead and because we're

selling a product which this is the best

thing for you because you're going to be

able to include inventory tracking and

item description options which is great

for you now if you're selling multiple

items you can choose the Add to Cart

button but for the purposes of this

tutorial I'm going to assume that you're

just selling one product so you're going

to choose select the Buy Now button

and then PayPal is going to walk you

through the whole process of creating

your product so then you basically you

can read the instructions make sure you

read the instructions so you know what

you're doing and it's already chosen

that you've created a Buy Now button now

you're gonna want to name your product

so you're gonna say product name the

name of your product you can give an

item ID this is helpful if you're

setting up multiple items or basically

it's this unique identifier to make

tracking easier so this is really

helpful for you know if you're selling

multiple items for the purpose of this

you can leave that blank let's say that

your product is going to be $15 USD make

sure that it's in the currency that you

need it to be in now you can add a

drop-down menu with a price option

that's helpful if you you can utilize

this in a number of ways let's say that

you're a shipping someone out of the

United States and you want to

automatically include like a shipping

fee in there

you can say option one u.s. people $15

or you say option two

everyone else $25 or whatever you could

do it that way and I'm going to show you

a different way that you can do this or

you can automatically select your

shipping fee here right so if you have a

specific shipping amount that you want

to include in the your product no matter

where shipping to you can include that

amount here so let's say that you're

going to include a $5 shipping fee and

that you're going to include let's say a

3% tax rate right so let's say that is

what you have so far and then for your

merchant account you want to make sure

that you choose your secure merchant

account ID because this is basically a

business transaction and you want to

treat it as such now let's go to step

number two and step number two is where

you are going to be in

lamenting information about your product

so definitely you want to leave that

checked now let's say that you have you

know a box of your inventory at home and

you want to track your inventory I would

say definitely go ahead and put that

here and you can also select track

profit and losses the profit and loss

reports by the product and service these

are useful things to keep track of just

you know as a business owner so you can

definitely leave that selected so let's

say you know you've selected you know

let's say you did include a product ID

in this first step and say it was zero

zero one one okay and then in this one

you're going to say it's the same ID

how many quantity let's say you have

three hundred and now let's say four

hundred you have four hundred of your

product in stock you want to make sure

that when you're selling because now

PayPal is tracking your inventory for

you so let's say that you're selling

pigs or something right like you make

homemade bibs and you have four hundred

in stock right so let's say you know

once you fall in below let's say twenty

five bibs less left and your stock you

want PayPal to go ahead and send you an

email alert to alert you that your

inventory is falling below your minimum

so you want to make sure that you keep

your inventory stocked well and so let's

say you have your price set at $15 and

then say can't customer buy can

customers buy an item when it is sold

out I would say select this is according

to you like it depends on what your

products and service is so make sure

that you select the option that is best

for you I'm gonna leave this checked no

and then here you want to select the

page that you want to take customers to

when your item is sold out so let's say

it's you know your website

slash sold-out or whatever you know and

just letting people that you know and

that page you'll want to let people know

hey my item

so doubt we're gonna be in the process

of getting more inventory stay tuned

I'll email you when it's back in soccer

whatever and now that you've done with

this page you now go to step number

three and you customize your checkout

pages so do you want to let your

customer change order quantities now

since you're selling a physical product

I would say yes let's say you know the

customer wants to buy five bigs one for

themselves and four for their friends

then you can select let them change the

quantity can your customer add specific

instructions or messages I would say yes

let's say they want you to ship you know

one book to them and another book to

another person or add a gift card or

whatever you can allow them to do that

do you need your customer shipping

address of course you do because you're

selling a physical product so you want

to leave that checked and now you

definitely want to check both these

boxes and so here you're gonna take your

customers to this URL when they cancel

their checkout and then of course you

choose you know basically you're gonna

choose what URL you need to take them to

if they cancel usually I just choose

this to be like this sales page again or

you can you know offer them something

else instead if they chose not to

process so let's say you they didn't

want the bid but instead they wanted the

baby bottle you can take them to a baby

bottle page or you can take them back to

the bid page or you can take them to

your home page it's up to you how you

want that set up and then here you're

gonna take your customers to your URL

when they finish your checkout so here

you want it to be like you know your

Thank You page thanks for you know

purchasing we your purchase will be you

know sent to you and like you know

however long five five business days or

whatever your policy is you want to take

them to a thank you page that shows them

there that their success their purchase

was successful and that you'll be

getting right to them right back to them

and you know you can even include some

things about helping them get excited

more about your products you can do a

tutorial thing on this page like you

know look forward to getting this

product and you know when you get your

product you can do this and you can

make this as detailed or less detailed

as you want it to me

I say the more detailed you are the

higher customer service and the higher

perceived value so people don't have

that kind of buyer's remorse and they

also feel like you care about them so

you know when you receive great customer

service you feel the best personally so

I would say be mindful of that when

you're creating your PayPal

your business PayPal button as well in

this whole process and so you're just

gonna leave this blank you don't need to

add add variables and now you're done

and so you just create the button and

once you've created this button oh what

did it say invalid okay okay so saying

that one of mmm saying my this link is

incorrect so I'm just going to put there

that link there mmm just for the sake of

this video let's see if it goes through

okay so now you'll land on this page

once all your information is correct and

now you can add the button code to your

page now you can use this button

directly as it is and it will look like

this on your web page I don't really

suggest that because you know you can

customize your page as you want so what

you really want here is the email link

and what you'll do is copy and paste

this link into the button that's going

to be used on your landing page now if

you have someone else designing your

site or designing your sales page you

would copy this exact link and paste it

in stand them this link so that they can

link your product your PayPal button to

your product on your sales page so that

is all that you need to know if you have

any questions feel free to send them

over and as far as anything else feel

free to shoot me an email let's support

tech Indigo Rae creative comm again my

name is rachel alexander of indigo ray

creative comm I look forward to helping

you thrive in your business and thank

you for watching p7 light