Sell Products Directly On Facebook with a Facebook Shop

and welcome I'm Katherine Sullivan CEO

and founder of marketing solved and I

just want to say thank you so much for

spending a couple minutes with me today

I'm going to show you how to set up a

shop on your Facebook page now this is

very very cool it's a recently rolled

out feature and what it does is it

allows your customers your future

customers to make purchases from your

company on Facebook directly on Facebook

and this is really really cool because

there's a couple of reasons one

obviously is because Facebook is where a

lot of people are spending their time

and so if you're in business and you're

struggling to get traffic to your

website well Facebook has billions of

people on their website they have tons

and tons of traffic so you could

essentially set up a shop directly on

Facebook to start taking advantage of

the traffic that Facebook already has so

so so cool another thing is there's some

really cool ways the way they set it up

to really help you do business on the

platform and I will walk you through

setting this up and we'll go over some

of the different options so you can see

all of the different benefits that come

with this now before I dive in I just

want to let you know that this feature

is rolling out so there's a possibility

that your Facebook page doesn't have it

yet and if you don't that's okay just

hang in there and it will be available

to everyone soon it's just one of those

things that comes out slowly so before I

dive in let's take a peek at a shop

setup and I wanted to show you a great

page it's 3 bird nest and they are

actually really really good at their

marketing their clothing brand they sell

clothing and different accessories and

things like that and you can see that

their page is set up for you to make

purchases the first thing you see is

shop now and the second thing you see

here is a featured for you so they've

got some featured stuff up here some

different featured posts and videos

but before you even get to the content

before you even see what they've posted

on their page they have the shop okay so

this is the shop section right here so

the reason this is so beneficial is

because let's say someone is checking

you out for the first time they're

looking at your Facebook page which we

know a lot of people are doing before

they make a purchase from you and before

they can even see the content that

you've got on your page they can see

what's in your Facebook shop so very

cool Facebook set this up to make it

prominent on your page to encourage more

sales for you and I think that's really

really awesome so let's look at what the

shop looks like and then we'll set it up

so you can see here you can add in some

different images of your product again

you can do this for products or services

I saw online courses and workshops and

so there's different ways that you can

set this up you can look directly here

you can click on additional items here

they all pull up in a new window so if

you pull up multiple different products

I'll show you what happens you'll close

them out and it'll go through all of the

ones that you've opened so again it just

reinforces to people it gives them the

opportunity again to buy your product

you can also scroll through here so if

you click see all what happens is a shop

tab page actually pulls up and you can

do a search for products and you can

just kind of go through here so they've

got different categories they've got

tops and tunics dresses and layers

bottoms and skirts so you can navigate

through here and see all the different

products that they have it is so so cool

so making checkout really easy again

there's a couple of different ways you

can set this up you can do purchases

direct on Facebook or you can direct

them to your website where they can

complete the checkout process but you

can see here all you do is you would

click Add to Cart and then it'll double

check the information that they have now

remember this is space

books information Facebook has the

information on you they've got whatever

shipping information you added when you

set up your account

they've got your contact information

whatever you're using and then they've

got your payment info now it's possible

that if you've never made a purchase on

Facebook before they don't have any of

your billing information so at that

point you would want to go in and edit

it or add it but I do Facebook ads a lot

so they've already got some payment

information for me so from here all I

would do is hit place order and on my

order would be placed I literally could

buy three bird nest products directly on

Facebook I never even had to click off

of Facebook how stinkin cool is that so

now let's look at how you can set this

up for your business that's what you're

here for so to get you started I'm going

to close this out I'm going to go back

to our Facebook page here you've got to

make sure that the setting is enabled

and to do that you'll go to your page go

ahead and make sure you're logged in you

hit settings and then you're going to

come down over here to edit page now

when you click Edit Page there's some

really cool stuff that you can do but I

want you to ignore everything and just

scroll down here and look at these tabs

okay because what's going to happen is

you're going to see all these different

tabs and if you have the shop option

available on your page you'll see a shop

tab and then you can go ahead and click

on the settings and make sure that

you've got it on so you have the ability

to turn this on or turn this off as you

please so in order to turn this function

on you're going to go ahead and enable

it and make sure that it's got this on

section then what's going to happen is

you're going to get a URL you'll have a

specific URL that you can be sharing on

Facebook right you can share it anywhere

but if you share it on Facebook again it

keeps traffic on Facebook Facebook loves

that so you'll get a direct URL as well

for your shop so

once you've got it to on you'll go ahead

and hit save and then what's going to

happen is when you go back to your page

on this left-hand side here you'll see

now that you've got the shop enabled so

what we're going to do is we're going to

now set the shop up and add some

products so when you click on shop it's

going to say set up your shop section so

to add this make sure that you go ahead

and agree to our merchants terms and

policies before you agree to the terms

please make sure you look at them

because sometimes people get set up and

they're going so fast and they don't

want to see what the rules are but I

highly recommend you go over the rules

make sure your products are allowed to

be sold on Facebook they do have some

specific things that they won't let you

do so make sure that you look so we're

going to go ahead and click OK here and

then we're going to hit continue now

this is where you get to decide do you

want people to be able to checkout

directly on Facebook like we just saw

with three bird nest you can make a

purchase direct from Facebook well I

don't actually have the capabilities to

process a check out on Facebook because

I do digital courses so I need people to

make the purchase on my website because

then they'll get a user login and that

way they can access their content in our

members area so again depending on what

you want to do if you're a product based

business let's say you sell candles or

maybe you sell journals your planners or

whatever it might be you might be able

to process this the same way you do if

you use Etsy or Shopify right the order

comes in and then you're manually

processing the shipping and the product

I don't have that capabilities because

I'm an online business so I'm going to

go ahead and select check out on another

website and that's going to send that

traffic to my website where they can

then complete their purchase so I'll go

ahead and hit continue setting up your

shop what kind of currency do you want

this is going to be what you decide

obviously based on where your

selling now I know there's some

conversion issues when you're doing

different purchases so pick whichever

currency is going to be most relevant to

you and then hit save okay so now we've

got a couple of different things here so

we can describe what marketing solved

sells so I'll go ahead and put just a

quick description in here and there we


save that okay so let's see here's the

direct link again improve your shop

pretty cool you can even go in and

delete it if you wanted to so now we're

going to add products so you just click

on this and now here's something really

cool you can do a photo or you can do a

video so would be really really cool if

you again like I said if you do journals

or planners for example and you had a

really nice video like a commercial you

could essentially share that commercial

with people and that would help them

want to buy your product you could do

the same thing with online courses just

be creative guys so I'm going to hit add

photo because at this moment I don't

have any really cool videos but now what

I'm going to do is I'm going to pull a

picture so just a select your your image

some select the file and I want this one

add in the facebook sales system you can

add multiple photos if you wanted to as

well so if you have maybe one you've got

a snapshot of what's on the inside of

the course maybe if you're doing

products you can have some different

images of the products the front-to-back

decide whatever you want and then you

just go ahead and fill out the prompts

okay so the price on the facebook sales

system we've got $49

and this product is not on sale but

let's take a peek okay that's cool so

you could run a sale if you wanted to do

an offer on a product that's very cool

I'm going to toggle that off then add

some details I'll just grab this quick

little see how much I've got might be

too long so I might have to edit it and

then what's the checkout URL okay so for

me what I do is each product that we

have has a purchase page so this is the

registration page right it's register

right here and I need them to make their

purchase here so that's the URL that I

am going to use so if you've got Shopify

if you're using Sam cart whatever it is

you want to send them where they can

check out I would not send them to a

sales page if they're already looking at

your product I would not send them to a

sales page because that's another click

they have to take in order to make the

purchase I would leave this up to you

entirely and it might even be best to

test it out but definitely think about

whether or not you want to send them

directly to the checkout page or if you

want to send them to a sales page where

they can then look at everything that's

included so let's do feature this

product why not and then share this

product on your page I'm not going to do

that at this moment because I want to

see what it looks like we're setting

this up together here so let's go ahead

and hit save and see what we've got all

right it's pretty cool so all products

and then we've got featured products got

it so when we edited when we added this

we had said let's make sure this one is

a featured one so for the moment I'm

going to actually turn that off because

I want to add a couple more products in

here let's see if we can do a refresh

maybe it'll go away

okay cool so there's our shop I like

this this is really fun so I'm going to

add another product here let's add see

here we love our 20k in twenty days

training so let's add that one okay

20 K in 20 days price point is 59

actually it's 99 but it's on sale so

let's do it like this

check out URL I just grabbed save that

and then let me go back and get this

little description pop that in here

we're going to just hit save

oops add a photo sorry guys

let me add this photo real fast and you

see which one I have can't tell which

ones are which they're so small here we


and them so this is super cool

I'm loving this I think this is really

really going to be easy for business

owners so let's add one more and then

what I want to do is I want to share it

to the page and just see what that looks

like so let's add one more product let

me see what else I've got here I've got

through the canva master class we scroll

down and grab that this is one of our $7

products so I'm going to call this the

complete canva master class $7 add in

the description grab our check out URL

and let's hit share your product will be

shared as soon as it's approved okay

cool so I don't know what this is going

to look like when they share it because

this is brand spanking new so I'll be

curious to see what it looks like but if

we give it a second it's going to load

again and then we can see here do a

quick refresh make sure it's there cool

so now we've got three different

products so let's see we can share the

different products on our pages that's

cool so it's going to share them like

that that could be something that you do

and then run as an ad right so if you're

thinking a little bit further you could

say all of our you could do a featured

products that are all on sale for

example and say our 20k in 20 days was

99 now it's on sale make sure you grab

yours or here's six products that we

have that are on sale right now

something that incentivizes people to

take a peek and then you can go ahead

and run an ad behind that

I'm loving this you guys loving loving

loving this so let's take a peek at the

front page and see what it looks like

now that's on the page so you see if we

got it up there so we've got photos

upcoming events posts so I'm not seeing

our shop up there it is okay so ours is

a little bit underneath our recent post

so I wonder why that is

let me see we're going to unpin this pin

where's unpin there we go

right at the top alright let's see here

I bet you it has to do with our tabs so

let me take a quick second to look

through here to figure out how to get it

up to the top so that it is prominent on

the page and I know it has to do with

moving these around so I'm going to go

into settings and I'm going to go back

to edit page let me see can I move these

I sure can so let's see it

these up here and I bet you that does it

I wonder if I had to hit save

oh cool so that pumps it all the way up

to the top so very very cool you can

delete what you don't want to show on

the front I love love love this so I'm

going to go back to my settings and it


hope I'm moving too fast for you guys

I'm going to turn this off because I'm

not using events for it now I'm going to

move my videos actually I'll tell you

what I'm going to do okay you can't turn

off your videos but you can move them

very awesome I love this guys I'm loving

this okay so let's go back into the cool

so now let's look at it as so see all

okay so it'll take it to the shop I can

click on this I can say check out on

website cool people can ask questions

and leave comments they can even look at

this you can see how many people are

viewing and clicking tons of great stuff

you can save it you can share it you can

check it out so make sure it goes to the

right link oh boy I love this guy so

very very cool all right so now it is

your turn I want you to take a couple

minutes on your facebook business page

and set up a shop set up your products

your services for sale and let me know

how it goes do you think this is cool do

you like this feature give me some

feedback and I'm really looking forward

to seeing how you take this and run with

it I'll talk to you guys soon bye