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telling me that retail arbitrage is dead

tell me they can't find me any deals and

I've been doing this for 45 days and I

already have more deals than I can spend

money on I don't have enough money to

buy all the deals I want to buy I'm out

of money

that's all in inventory and so I was I

was thinking hey I need a fight let's

get a YouTube video for together for the

people let's go look for a deal you know

we'll show them how to find deals so I

get on woot con my favorite my favorite

categories on here our home kitchen

electronics tools and garden sports and

outdoors stay away from computers

whatever the hell you do get out of stay

out of computers okay so I see tools and

garden oh look at that some faucets I

bought some faucets before I've made

money on some faucets I made money on

some showerheads I made money on you

know very similar products so let's take

a look at them this is absolutely the

first product that I looked at mm-hmm so

sell it for $99 hundred bucks let's go

take a look at it on and now

I know this product is a great deal okay

when you see how good a deal is product

is you're going to I gonna go see here's

the thing about this is why what's so

good these things are on sale for

another ten hours okay once they're gone

they're gone okay so you're not gonna

have competition you're not gonna have

it like winners on some products some

products when they're on sale Best Buy

you have a million people trying to buy

them you're not getting that because

when they're gone they're gone and they

sell out hell they're sold out so let's

take a look at this product flow let's

just copy and paste it in so this is

literally what you need to do copy and

paste crap in from whoo go over to

Amazon paste it in your grandma can do

this scroll down find it okay I see

yours flow a plus flow okay we're good

there let's stop let's double check and

make sure it's the right product so

let's take a look at these pictures here

we got let's look at description single

handle pulldown faucet hands-free motion


single hands down pull down faucet

mm-hmm hands-free motion sensor looks

good to me let's check out the picture

so we've got this faucet here it's got a

little thing here and it's got a little

thing here let's make sure this one's

got okay

looks very that's the same freakin thing

it's got a little sensor here it's got

some kind of button here same product no

doubt about that okay this is the same

product and you can see this is what I

love about this is what I love about

with 2checkout 173 reviews come over

here I can find the damn reviews where

the hell is that good plate a hundred

seventy-three customer reviews it's the

same product wow it's incredible so what

else do we need to know man because it's

all for 250 hey first of all we need to

check and make sure it's actually

selling so let's go here check out my

jungle scout make sure this product is

selling selling 80 sales a month oh man

that is it's gold it's gold perfect

nothing wrong with that it'd be a little

different it might be different if this

product was the best buy product here

and I have a thousand people trying to

flip it but that's not gonna happen so

let's go we can see that we can sell it

here so then let's go ahead and check

the key book graph because let's not

make an amateur mistake buy the product

think we're gonna sell for 250 and

realize that the price drops four days

after we purchased it that's a stupid

mistake I've made it and you're gonna

make it if you don't if you don't know

what you're doing so let's take a look

at the kippah graph you can see right

now the price for the buy box is at 250

bucks okay you see them 250 oh wait holy

crap the price of the buy box for most

of its resistance has been down here at

$1.99 $1.99 the lowest price it looks

like ever was 187 39 that's the lowest

buy box price Amazon was in stock for

like two and a half weeks maybe

so we should assume that this is a

product we are gonna have to sell we

might have to sell for two hundred four

hundred and eighty seven bucks man we

got to prepare for the worst

let's not be let's not be stupid here so

and you can see that the sales rank is

kind of on and off here but it looks

like yeah just it looks like recently

it's been pretty hot at one point here

the price went holy crap sales rank

eighteen your kid this was the 18th best

selling product did you see that sales

rank 37 the 18th best selling product

holy crap uh sell the thousands of units

there you must look at the price was on

sale was on 130 but what I'm saying is

we should be able to sell this product

for 180 so let's put in 187 here done ok

149 bucks that's the worst case scenario

what would happen if we actually sold

some units at 250 because it looks like

this guy has sold a couple so it's 249

249 putting a couple more zeros here 249

no points more zeros 249 totally crap

man I can't get the same thing to work

too for 9.00 200 bucks ok let's put it

on by cost a hundred dollars man I

really can't use this thing today 100

point zero zero one hundred and two

percent return on my money if I actually

sell it for 249 but let's be realistic


let's not pull some dumb stuff and hope

for the best

187 buy price we're making 49 percent on

our money in five minutes and oh wait on

what you can normally only by three

units of most products you can buy ten

of this so that means 500 bucks profit

at least if we sell for the minimum

price that also means 50 plus returns

that return my money in five minutes

guys if you're not finding the products

I don't know what I don't know what I

know why I really don't get elongated

about this

so there you go good product one last

thing you need to know you see this

Ebates right here oh I should guess we

should actually adjust one thing here

because they are gonna charge me sales

tax ship into this so activate my 2%

cashback so I'm buying the product for

100 I'm gonna get 2% cashback from eBay

so I'm gonna get two dollars back that's

probably it's gonna cost me that or less

to shipped Amazon so let's not even

include shipping costs in there but we

are gonna have to pay sales tax and

sales tax for me is six bucks so it's

gonna be six percent just ship to Iowa

so there we go

so now I'm making 41 percent of my money

ten units four hundred and ten dollars

in ten minutes

done I wanna buy some of these products

I'm gonna buy them not on video because

I see look at this one percent bought

three and more you know there's no

wholesale nobody's doing this this

nobody's buying this product buying more

of these you're gonna be the only one

who found this product on woo give me

the only one willing Amazon and you

would be the only one who made 400 bucks

four hundred dollars guys and you're

gonna spend a thousand simple money

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