How to sell with the whatsapp business Feature


what's our business is like whatsapp

messenger but with extra business

features that make Riesling easy and

make your business look professional

here you can add business profile see

business performance statistics create

automatic greetings and away messages

and quick replies our top resellers use

whatsapp business to build a strong

brand with their customers once you open

the app proceed by tapping on agree and

continue enter your phone number

to verify it and tap next you will see a

message that says that you cannot use

whatsapp messenger and whatsapp business

on the same number tap continue to allow

your number to become a whatsapp

business number do not worry

all your whatsapp messenger contacts and

chats will automatically be moved to

your watch our business account enter

your watch our verification code sent to

you move all your whatsapp messenger

contacts and chats to what's our

business then tap next

now create an attractive business name

choose your business category depending

on what kind of products you will be

selling here you will see all your

whatsapp messenger contacts and chats

have been moved here


now create your business profile by

tapping on top right corner of the

screen go to settings tap on business

settings tap on business profile add a

profile picture for your business


to add more information about your

business tap on the Edit icon on the top

right now you can enter business address

and location business category

description business ARS email and

website go back to business settings tap

on the statistics this feature helps you

see the number of messages sent

delivered read and received this gives

you an idea about how many messages are

actually being seen by your customers

and how many inquiries have you received

in the business settings section you

also see a short link option from here

you can share your whatsapp business

link with your customers on any other

app like Facebook or Instagram when your

customers tap on this link they can

start a direct whatsapp chat with you to

ensure that your customers get a quick

response to their every message even

when you are busy you can set an

automatic away message for example if

you do not Li sell after 10 p.m. you can

set up an automatic reply that will let

your customers know that you will get

back to them as soon as you can this

will give a very professional impression

to your customers you can choose from

the existing messages or create your own

in the same way you can create an

automatic greeting message this message

is shown to the customers who message

you after 14 days of their last message

you can choose the default message or

write your own


so that you don't have to type the same

message again and again you can create

standard replies with the quick replies

feature for example when a customer buys

from you you can create and save a

standard thank you message and create a

keyboard shortcut like thanks when you

want to send this message to a customer

open personal chat and simply type

thanks this will copy your saved message

similarly you can create messages for

regular offers and promotions product

review requests payment reminders and so

on you can separate your customers by

order status payment status delivery

status and more this will help you

create an uninterrupted relationship

with your customer to create a new label

tap on the three dots on the top right

corner of the screen and select labels

tap on the Add icon create a label and


now to label a customer open the chat

box with this customer tap on the three

dots on the top right corner of the

screen and tap on label chat if this

customer has placed a new order with you

label this customer's chat as new order

you can now immediately share a first

order discount offer with them or any

promotional message that will give them

a memorable first buying experience you

can see all your customers with a new

order by tapping on the top right corner

of the screen to do that tap on labels

and then on the new orders label this

creates a broadcast list of customers

under this label now you can send your

first order promotion to all customers

in this list by tapping on the top right

corner and selecting the message

customers option with all these feature

you can offer personalized prompt and

professional buying experience to your

customers and keep them coming back to